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Pinal County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Pinal County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Wash Peppersauce Wash
Antelope Wash Indian Butte
Aravaipa Creek Lookout Mountain
Arnett Creek Picketpost Mountain
Ash Creek Christmas
Bachman Wash Oracle
Bear Thicket Creek Haunted Canyon
Big Bertha Wash Fortified Peak
Big Wash Clark Ranch
Bitter Well Wash North Komelik
Bloodsucker Wash Putnam Wash
Bloodsucker Wash North of Oracle
Bogard Wash Picacho Pass
Bogart Wash Florence
Bowl Creek Oracle Junction
Box O Wash North Butte
Brady Wash Picacho Reservoir
Brandenburg Wash Brandenburg Mountain
Browns Wash Fortified Peak
Capgage Wash Lookout Mountain
Carpas Wash Oracle Junction
Catalina Wash Peppersauce Wash
Cedar Creek Hot Tamale Peak
Cherry Valley Wash Mammoth
China Wash Florence SE
Chirreon Wash Oracle Junction
Cienega Wash Peppersauce Wash
Circle S Wash Crozier Peak
Clark Wash Clark Ranch
Comstock Wash Superior
Conley Spring Wash Superior
Copper Creek Clark Ranch
Copper Creek Oracle Junction
Copper Hill Wash Oracle
Coronado Wash Picacho Pass
Cottonwood Creek Magma
Cottonwood Wash Clark Ranch
Cottonwood Wash Ninetysix Hills NE
Cronley Wash Lookout Mountain
Cruz Wash Oracle Junction
Deer Creek Christmas
Deer Creek Booger Canyon
Dodge Wash Oracle
Dodson Wash Dudleyville
Donnelly Wash North Butte
Drew Wash Putnam Wash
Durham Wash Picacho Pass
Eagle Wash Crozier Peak
Eskiminzin Wash Dudleyville
Faraway Wash Oracle Junction
Flag Wash Campo Bonito
Forman Wash Chief Butte
Fortuna Wash Superior
Geesaman Wash Peppersauce Wash
Green Lantern Wash Dudleyville
Greene Canal Greene Reservoir
Greene Wash Stanfield
Guild Wash Desert Peak
Gust James Wash Clark Ranch
Hackberry Creek Superior
Hackberry Wash Kearny
Holy Joe Wash Holy Joe Peak
Horse Foot Wash North of Oracle
Hot Tamale Wash Hot Tamale Peak
Indian Camp Wash Kearny
Indian Well Wash Oracle Junction
Irene Wash Oracle
Jerky Wash Black Mountain
Jim Thomas Wash Kearny
Kannally Wash Mammoth
Kohatk Wash Vaiva Vo
Lambing Camp Wash Ninetysix Hills NE
Little Ash Creek Christmas
Little Gila River Blackwater
Little Gust James Wash Peppersauce Wash
Little Rock Creek Christmas
Los Robles Wash Samaniego Hills
Lyons Fork Pinal Ranch
Mammoth Wash Mammoth
Margaret Wash Oracle
McClellan Wash Sacaton
McClellan Wash Coolidge
McClellan Wash Eloy North
McDougal Wash Coolidge Dam
Mesa Wash Vaiva Vo
Meyer Wash Winkelman
Milk Ranch Creek Florence Junction
Mill Creek Hot Tamale Peak
Miller Wash Chief Butte
Mineral Creek Kearny
Mulberry Wash Clark Ranch
North Branch Santa Cruz Wash Stanfield
North Fork Clark Wash Rhodes Peak
Oak Creek Superior
Olsen Wash Chief Butte
Paisano Wash Cactus Forest
Palmer Wash Putnam Wash
Parker Wash Red Rock
Peachville Wash Superior
Peppersauce Wash Peppersauce Wash
Peters Wash Kielberg Canyon
Piper Springs Wash Winkelman
Potters Wash Hot Tamale Peak
Power Line Wash Chief Butte
Putnam Wash Lookout Mountain
Rainbows End Wash Oracle Junction
Rancho Rio Creek Superior
Ray Spring Wash Campo Bonito
Reymert Wash Picketpost Mountain
Ripsey Wash Grayback
Roach Wash Winkelman
Rock Creek Christmas
Rock Creek Haunted Canyon
Romero Wash Winkelman
Sample Wash Winkelman
San Pedro River Winkelman
Santa Cruz River Eloy South
Santa Rosa Wash Stanfield
Scanlon Wash Clark Ranch
Silver King Wash Picketpost Mountain
Silver Reef Wash Silver Reef Mountains
Silverado Wash Superior
Smelter Wash Clark Ranch
Smith Wash Hayden
South Fork Clark Wash Rhodes Peak
Spencer Spring Creek Haunted Canyon
Steamboat Wash Kearny
Stratton Wash Peppersauce Wash
Suffering Wash Durham Hills
Suizo Wash Red Rock
Swingle Wash Dudleyville
Tar Wash Mammoth
Tat Momoli Wash Silver Reef Mountains
Threeway Wash Oracle Junction
Tillmans Wash Hot Tamale Peak
Tipperary Wash Chief Butte
Tom Mix Wash Picacho Reservoir SE
Tucson Wash Mammoth
Twentynine Wash Oracle Junction
Vekol Wash Montezuma Peak
Weekes Wash Desert Well
West Fork Pinto Creek Haunted Canyon
Whitlock Wash Peppersauce Wash
Wood Creek Haunted Canyon
Yellowjack Wash Superior
Zapata Wash Lookout Mountain
Zelleweger Wash Grayback

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Pinal County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Pinal County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.