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Yavapai County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Yavapai County

Place USGS Topo Map
A D Wash Garfias Mountain
Alkali Wash Bismarck Mesa
Ally Wash Hillside
Alum Creek Bagdad
Antelope Creek Flores
Antelope Creek Cleator
Antelope Wash Wineglass Ranch
Apache Creek Indian Peak
Arrastra Creek Battle Flat
Arrastre Creek Black Canyon City
Arrastre Creek Wagoner
Ash Creek Columbia
Ash Creek Cordes Junction
Ash Creek Bismarck Mesa
Ash Creek Negro Ed
Ash Creek Battleship Butte
Ash Creek Minnehaha
Ash Spring Creek Rover Peak
Aspen Creek Prescott
Badger Spring Wash Joes Hill
Banning Creek Prescott
Banty Creek Copperopolis
Bear Creek Table Mountain
Bear Creek Battle Flat
Bear Creek Mohon Peak
Beaver Creek Camp Verde
Big Bug Creek Cordes Junction
Big Chino Wash Paulden
Big Shipp Wash Big Shipp Mountain
Bill Arp Creek Bumble Bee
Bishop Creek Joes Hill
Bitter Creek Governors Peak
Bitter Creek Clarkdale
Black Butte Wash Copperopolis
Black Canyon Creek Black Canyon City
Black Canyon Wash Ives Peak
Black Hill Wash Cordes Junction
Black Mesa Wash Malpais Mesa
Blackwater Creek Wagoner
Bland Creek Hillside
Blind Indian Creek Wagoner
Blowout Creek Cottonwood
Board Creek Wilhoit
Bottleneck Wash Chino Valley South
Boulder Creek New River
Boulder Creek Grayback Mountains
Bridle Creek Thorn Peak
Brushy Creek Bloody Basin
Brushy Prong Hackberry Mountain
Brushy Wash Mayer
Buckbed Wash Cherry
Buckhorn Creek Copperopolis
Bull Creek Burro Mesa
Bull Run Creek Horner Mountain
Bull Spring Wash Bozarth Mesa
Bumble Bee Creek Bumble Bee
Burnt Wash Skull Valley
Butte Creek Bagdad
Butte Creek Prescott
Buzzard Roost Creek Copperopolis
Buzzard Roost Wash Wilhoit
Castle Creek Governors Peak
Castle Creek Bumble Bee
Cedar Creek Cleator
Cellar Springs Creek Wagoner
Chasm Creek Horner Mountain
Cherry Creek Cornville
Cherry Creek Wagoner
Chino Wash Seligman West
Cienega Creek Estler Peak
Cimarron Creek Hackberry Mountain
Clipper Wash Humboldt
Coffee Creek Page Springs
Cold Water Creek Horner Mountain
Coles Wash Governors Peak
Conger Creek Burro Mesa
Contreras Wash Bozarth Mesa
Cooper Wash Sullivan Buttes
Copper Basin Wash Kirkland
Copper Creek Bagdad
Copper Creek Columbia
Copper Creek Joes Hill
Copper Creek Wilhoit
Copperopolis Creek Copperopolis
Cottonwood Creek Big Shipp Mountain
Cottonwood Creek Horner Mountain
Cottonwood Creek Date
Cottonwood Creek Wagoner
Cottonwood Creek Governors Peak
Cottonwood Creek Governors Peak
Cottonwood Creek Black Canyon City
Cottonwood Wash Sheridan Mountain
Cow Creek Governors Peak
Cow Creek Devils Hump
Cowboy Wash Thorn Peak
Coyote Wash Prescott Valley South
Crazy Basin Creek Bumble Bee
Cypress Creek Burro Mesa
Dead Mexican Creek Wagoner
Deadman Creek Chalk Mountain
Dillon Wash Sullivan Buttes
Dry Beaver Creek Lake Montezuma
Dry Creek Cordes Junction
Dry Creek Page Springs
Dry Creek Dugas
Dry Creek Sheridan Mountain
Dry Wash Governors Peak
Dry Wash Chalk Mountain
Dugan Wash Copperopolis
East Antelope Creek Yarnell
East Boulder Creek Bumble Bee
East Branch Squaw Creek Brooklyn Peak
East Fork Castle Creek Copperopolis
Eastwood Creek Hillside
Eddie Wash Red Picacho
Eightmile Creek Cathedral Caves
Eugenie Stream Poland Junction
Finch Wash Kirkland
Fork Rock Creek Devils Hump
Francis Creek Bozarth Mesa
French Creek Governors Peak
Gaddis Wash Middle Verde
Gap Creek Horner Mountain
Gardener Wash Skull Valley
Garfias Wash Governors Peak
Golden Aster Creek Copperopolis
Government Spring Wash Bumble Bee
Granite Creek Chino Valley North
Grapevine Creek Poland Junction
Graver Wash Indian Peak
Grief Hill Wash Middle Verde
Grindstone Wash Hell Point
Groom Creek Groom Creek
Hackberry Creek Cleator
Hackberry Wash Ives Peak
Hackberry Wash Joes Hill
Hackberry Wash Estler Peak
Hamlin Wash Sam Powell Peak
Hardscrabble Creek Verde Hot Springs
Hellzapoppin Creek Burro Mesa
Hitt Wash Simmons
Holmes Creek Rover Peak
Hop Creek Pilot Knob
Horse Creek Chalk Mountain
Horse Creek Garfias Mountain
Horse Wash Simmons
Horsethief Creek Crown King
Houston Creek Verde Hot Springs
Humbug Creek Governors Peak
Humphrey Wash Simmons
Hutch Gulch Creek Bloody Basin
Hyde Creek Seepage Mountain
Indian Creek Cordes Junction
Indian Creek Yarnell
Indian Creek Groom Creek
Indian Springs Creek Minnehaha
Indian Springs Wash Limestone Peak
Iron Spring Wash Big Shipp Mountain
Iron Springs Wash Iron Springs
Jim Creek Columbia
Johnson Wash Estler Peak
Kirkland Creek Muleshoe Ranch
Lancaster Creek Rawhide Wash
Larry Creek Joes Hill
Lawler Creek Date
Little Ash Creek Cordes Junction
Little Buckhorn Creek Copperopolis
Little Copper Creek Wilhoit
Little Cypress Creek Burro Mesa
Little Hackberry Wash Cherry
Little Lime Creek Rover Peak
Little Shipp Wash Malpais Mesa NE
Little Sycamore Creek Dugas
Little Sycamore Wash Big Shipp Mountain
Little Wolf Creek Battle Flat
Loco Creek Muleshoe Ranch
Logan Wash Skull Valley
Lynx Creek Humboldt
Mahoney Wash Morgan Butte
Mammoth Wash Grayback Mountains
Manzanita Creek Prescott
Martin Creek O'Neill Pass
Martinez Creek Flores
Mazatzal Wash Table Mountain
Meath Wash Meath Spring
Mescal Creek Walnut Grove
Middle Fork Squaw Creek Cooks Mesa
Middle Red Creek Bloody Basin
Middleton Creek Battle Flat
Middlewater Creek Walnut Grove
Milk Creek Wagoner
Miller Creek Peeples Valley
Miller Creek Prescott
Miller Wash Smith Peak NE
Mineral Creek Bagdad
Mineral Creek Cleator
Minnehaha Creek Wagoner
Mint Wash Simmons
Mitchell Wash Red Picacho
Model Creek Peeples Valley
Moonville Creek Bismarck Mesa
Mountain Spring Wash Thorn Peak
Mud Spring Creek Bloody Basin
Mud Tank Wash Wineglass Ranch
Muddy Creek Anvil Rock Ranch
Muddy Wash Anvil Rock
Mullen Wash Chalk Mountain
Niagara Creek Bagdad
North Fork Blind Indian Creek Battleship Butte
North Fork Cellar Springs Creek Minnehaha
North Fork Date Creek Date
North Fork Deadman Creek Table Mountain
North Fork Rock Creek Bumble Bee
North Fork Squaw Creek Joes Hill
North Fork Walnut Creek Juniper Mountains
North Pine Creek Battleship Butte
North Red Creek Bloody Basin
Oak Creek Wagoner
Oak Creek Cornville
Oak Wash Cottonwood
Orofino Wash Wilhoit
Osborne Spring Wash Estler Peak
Page Wash Hell Point
Park Creek Wagoner
Partridge Creek South Butte
Peeples Creek Arrastra Mountain SE
Pigeon Creek Verde Hot Springs
Pine Creek Scratch Canyon
Pine Creek Wineglass Ranch
Pine Creek Simmons
Pine Creek Battle Flat
Pine Creek Minnehaha
Pineveta Wash Cathedral Caves
Placeritas Creek Thorn Peak
Poison Creek Bumble Bee
Poland Creek Bumble Bee
Poplar Wash Peeples Valley
Professor Creek Rover Peak
Quail Spring Wash Malpais Mesa NE
Quartz Lead Wash Limestone Peak
Racetrack Wash Estler Peak
Rattlesnake Wash Hell Point
Red Creek Vidal Junction
Red Creek Columbia
Ritter Creek Date
Rock Creek Bumble Bee
Rock Creek Copperopolis
Round Valley Wash Seepage Mountain
Ruby Wash Copperopolis
Russell Wash Lake Montezuma
Ryland Creek Copperopolis
Sally May Wash Hackberry Mountain
Sand Creek Columbia
Santa Maria River North Fork Ives Peak
Sheep Creek Sunrise Peak
Sheppard Wash Peeples Valley
Short Creek Mohon Peak
Silver Creek Joes Hill
Silver Creek Crown King
Skull Valley Wash Kirkland
Skull Valley Wash Skull Valley
Slate Creek Black Canyon City
Slate Creek Battleship Butte
Slim Jim Creek Morgan Butte
Soap Creek Black Canyon City
Soda Springs Creek Bloody Basin
Sour Water Wash Cherry
South Fork Cellar Springs Creek Minnehaha
South Fork Date Creek Date
South Fork Deadman Creek Table Mountain
South Fork Mud Spring Creek Bloody Basin
South Fork Rock Creek Bumble Bee
South Fork Santa Maria River Ives Peak
South Fork Spring Creek Wagoner
South Fork Squaw Creek Cooks Mesa
South Fork Walnut Creek Juniper Mountains
South Prong Sycamore Creek Dugas
Spence Creek Iron Springs
Spencer Creek Pilot Knob
Spring Creek Bagdad
Spring Creek Wagoner
Spring Creek Cornville
Spring Creek Copperopolis
Spring Creek Casner Butte
Spring Wash Chalk Mountain
Squaw Creek Squaw Creek Mesa
Squaw Creek Verde Hot Springs
Stinson Wash Camp Wood
Strickland Wash Simmons
Stringtown Wash Seepage Mountain
Sycamore Creek Chalk Mountain
Sycamore Creek Bumble Bee
Sycamore Creek Muleshoe Ranch
Sycamore Creek Cordes Junction
Sycamore Creek Clarkdale
Tangle Creek Chalk Mountain
Tank Creek Joes Hill
Tank Creek Muleshoe Ranch
Tank Wash Malpais Mesa NE
Tiger Creek Crown King
Tonto Wash Skull Valley
Towel Creek Horner Mountain
Towers Creek Battleship Butte
Tule Creek New River
Turkey Creek Juniper Mountains
Turkey Creek Bumble Bee
Turkey Creek Sedona
Tuscumbia Creek Battle Flat
Tussock Spring Creek Copperopolis
Wagon Tire Wash Hell Point
Walker Creek Casner Butte
Walnut Creek Wineglass Ranch
Warm Spring Creek Bozarth Mesa
Waterman Creek Malpais Mesa
Weaver Creek Flores
West Clear Creek Camp Verde
Westwater Wash Ives Peak
Wet Beaver Creek Lake Montezuma
Whipsaw Creek Copperopolis
White Spring Wash Bagdad
Wickiup Creek Camp Verde
Wilder Creek Bozarth Mesa
Williamson Valley Wash Paulden
Willow Creek Columbia
Willow Creek Mohon Peak
Willow Creek Prescott
Wolf Creek Battle Flat
Wolf Creek Groom Creek
Wood Creek Bismarck Mesa
Woolsey Wash Skull Valley
Yarber Wash Mayer
Yarnell Creek Yarnell
Yellow Jacket Creek Estler Peak

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Yavapai County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Yavapai County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.