Independence County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Independence County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alderbrook Branch Jamestown
Arnold Branch Bethesda
Bailey Creek Huff
Baker Branch Charlotte
Barnett Creek Cave City
Basket Creek Cave City
Bear Branch Pleasant Plains
Bear Wallow Slough Newark
Bee Tree Slough Cord
Betsey Gill Creek Concord
Big Bottom Slough Newark
Big Creek Salado
Blowing Cave Creek Mount Pleasant
Blue Creek Sulphur Rock
Blue Hole Branch Jamestown
Blue Spring Branch Bethesda
Brushy Branch Sandtown
Buffalo Creek Jamestown
Cache Fork Grange
Caney Creek Salado
Caney Slough Cord
Caney Slough Strawberry
Carter Branch Charlotte
Carter Creek Jacksonport
Cave Creek Batesville
Cedar Creek Salado
Chalk Branch Charlotte
Chapel Creek Bethesda
Chinquapin Creek Concord
Clubhouse Spring Branch Mount Pleasant
Coon Creek Sandtown
Cooper Cane Creek Sulphur Rock
Creek Slough Swifton West
Curia Creek Strawberry
Deep Slough Cord
Devils Fork Grange
Dishwater Branch Sandtown
Dodd Branch Pleasant Plains
Dog Lick Branch Huff
Dota Creek Jacksonport
Double Branch Jamestown
Dowdy Slough Swifton West
Dry Creek Sandtown
Dry Fork Dota Creek Charlotte
Dry Run Batesville
Duck River Bethesda
East Lafferty Creek Bethesda
Fallen Ash Creek Salado
Fife Slough Olyphant
Fivemile Creek Newark
Fletcher Branch Pleasant Plains
Foushee Slough Concord
Gibbs Creek Newark
Glenn Creek Bethesda
Goodie Creek Salado
Goodwin Slough Concord
Grassy Creek Jamestown
Gravel Creek Sulphur Rock
Greenbrier Creek Batesville
Hall Creek Olyphant
Harmon Creek Bethesda
Inman Creek Jamestown
Jackson Creek Cave City
Jamestown Creek Jamestown
Kyler Creek Salado
Ladd Branch Salado
Lafferty Creek Bethesda
Lick Creek Cord
Little Bayou Concord
Little Creek Strawberry
M R Branch Jacksonport
McCoy Branch Huff
Middle Old River Cord
Miller Creek Batesville
Miller Creek Sulphur Rock
Milligan Slough Cord
Mitchell Branch Pleasant Plains
Montgomery Branch Sandtown
Moorefield Creek Sulphur Rock
Mud Creek Newark
Muddy Branch Jamestown
O’Neal Creek Bethesda
Old Curia Creek Cord
Old River Salado
Persimmon Slough Swifton West
Pfeiffer Creek Sulphur Rock
Piney Creek Huff
Piney Log Creek Jamestown
Poke Bayou Batesville
Possum Creek Salado
Powers Creek Salado
Prairie Branch Batesville
Rocky Branch Bethesda
Rocky Branch Sandtown
Rocky Creek Jamestown
Rutherford Creek Salado
Salado Creek Salado
Saltwork Slough Cord
Sheriff Springs Branch Jamestown
Shoat Branch Huff
Simpson Slough Batesville
Spring Creek Batesville
Stillhouse Branch Newark
Stillhouse Branch Batesville
Strawberry River Strangers Home
Sugar Creek Huff
Sullivan Creek Batesville
Sulphur Springs Creek Newark
Swift Slough Cord
Taylor Branch Jamestown
Thompson Creek Newark
Turner Creek Mount Pleasant
Twomile Creek Newark
Village Creek Huff
Wagon Wheel Creek Pleasant Plains
Waldrip Branch Salado
Walnut Grove Branch Cord
Watson Creek Sulphur Rock
Webber Spring Branch Bethesda
West Lafferty Creek Bethesda
Whisnant Old River Jacksonport
Wilson Branch Batesville
Wright Creek Bethesda
Wright Cutoff Salado
Wycough Branch Salado
Yellow Branch Concord

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Independence County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Independence County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.