Pulaski County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Pulaski County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aldersgate Lake Alexander
Alneta Lake Ferndale
Baldwin Lake Ferndale
Beal Lake McAlmont
Big Dickinson Lake Little Rock
Big Lake Woodson
Big Rock Settling Pond Little Rock
Bredlow Reservoir Wright
Broadmoor Lake Little Rock
Brown Lake Olmstead
Camp Grundy Lake Pinnacle Mountain
Camp Robinson Lake Number One North Little Rock
Camp Robinson Lake Number Two North Little Rock
Cecil White Reservoir Alexander
Cook Lake Alexander
Coulter Lake Little Rock
Dailey Lake Alexander
David D Terry Lake Sweet Home
Davis Lake Olmstead
Devoe Lake Pinnacle Mountain
Dougan Lake Ferndale
Dupree Lake McAlmont
Eanes Minnow Farm Lake Number One Scott
Eanes Minnow Farm Lake Number Two Scott
Faulkner Lake Olmstead
Ferguson Lake Woodson
Fletcher Lake Congo
Foreman Lake North Little Rock
Fountain Head Lake Little Rock
Gardner Company Lake Alexander
Georgetown Lake Woodson
Ginger Hill Lake Ferndale
Ginhouse Lake Sweet Home
Glover Lake Congo
Grays Lake Ferndale
Green Bear Lake Alexander
Green Lake Alexander
Gribble Lake Olmstead
Gropper Lake Redfield
Harris Lake McAlmont
Hatcher Lake Number One Olmstead
Hatcher Lake Number Two Olmstead
Hills Lake Jacksonville
Horseshoe Lake Scott
Hudmans Lake Number One North Little Rock
Hudmans Lake Number Two North Little Rock
Indianhead Lake McAlmont
Jackson Lake Olmstead
Jackson Reservoir North Little Rock
Keener Lake Cabot
Kirk Lake Pinnacle Mountain
Koban Lake Alexander
L D Rogers Lake Mayflower
Lake Alpine Alexander
Lake Bendine Little Rock
Lake Cherrywood McAlmont
Lake Florence Alexander
Lake Kuykendall Woodson
Lake Maumelle Fourche
Lake Nixon Alexander
Lake Number One McAlmont
Lake Number Six North Little Rock
Lake Number Three McAlmont
Lake Number Two McAlmont
Lake Patricia Alexander
Lake Valencia Pinnacle Mountain
Lakewood Lake Number One McAlmont
Lakewood Lake Number Six North Little Rock
Lakewood Lake Number Three North Little Rock
Lakewood Lake Number Two McAlmont
Laman Lake Olmstead
Landmark Lake Spring Lake
Little Indian Lake Number One McAlmont
Little Indian Lake Number Two McAlmont
Lower Spring Lake Alexander
Matthews Lake McAlmont
McQuire Lake Spring Lake
Mills Valley Lake Olmstead
Montgomery Lake Ferndale
Nixon Lake Ferndale
Old River Lake Scott
Paradise Lake Olmstead
Peeler Lake McAlmont
Pine Crest Lake Congo
Pleasant Valley Country Club Lake Pinnacle Mountain
Rosenbaum Lake North Little Rock
Round Hole Woodson
Sadler Pond Olmstead
Sandpiper Lake Alexander
Second Edition Lake Alexander
Sessions Lake Olmstead
Sprick Lake Alexander
Spring Lake Alexander
Spring Valley Lake Number One Alexander
Spring Valley Lake Number Two Alexander
Sturgis Pond Pinnacle Mountain
Swan Lake Pinnacle Mountain
Tall Pine Lake Alexander
Tall Timber Lake Alexander
Thomas Lake Olmstead
Todd Lake Olmstead
Trammel Lake McAlmont
Transvaal Lake Olmstead
Twin Lakes Alexander
Waldron Lake Woodson
Walton Lake Woodson
Ward Lake Alexander
Watkins Pond McAlmont
Western Hills Lake Little Rock
Wilkins Lake Olmstead
Willastein Lake Pinnacle Mountain
Willow Beach Lake Sweet Home
Willow Beach Lake Sweet Home
Willow Springs Lake Little Rock
Wilson Lake Alexander
Wingate Lake North Little Rock

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Pulaski County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Pulaski County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.