El Dorado County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in El Dorado County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alta Morris Lake Rockbound Valley
American Lake Pyramid Peak
Angora Lakes Echo Lake
Avalanche Lake Echo Lake
Azure Lake Emerald Bay
Barrett Lake Rockbound Valley
Bass Lake Clarksville
Beauty Lake Pyramid Peak
Berts Lake Loon Lake
Big Canyon Reservoir Shingle Springs
Big Reservoir Omo Ranch
Blakeley Reservoir Camino
Bloodsucker Lake Pyramid Peak
Boomerang Lake Pyramid Peak
Brush Creek Reservoir Pollock Pines
Buck Island Lake Wentworth Springs
Bugle Lake Wentworth Springs
Cagwin Lake Echo Lake
Cameron Park Lake Shingle Springs
Camino Reservoir Pollock Pines
Carson Creek Watershed Reservoir Clarksville
Cascade Lake Emerald Bay
Cathedral Lake Emerald Bay
Channel Lake Pyramid Peak
Chiquita Lake Tunnel Hill
Cliff Lake Rockbound Valley
Clyde Lake Rockbound Valley
Cody Lake Pyramid Peak
Crag Lake Rockbound Valley
Cup Lake Echo Lake
D’Agostini Reservoir Aukum
Dardanelles Lake Echo Lake
Dark Lake Pyramid Peak
Depot Lake Placerville
Desolation Lake Pyramid Peak
Dicks Lake Rockbound Valley
Dry Lake Pyramid Peak
Dry Lakes Robbs Peak
Duck Lake Homewood
Eagle Lake Emerald Bay
Elbert Lake Echo Lake
Fallen Leaf Lake Emerald Bay
Fallen Leaf Lake Emerald Bay
Fawn Lake Wentworth Springs
Finnon Reservoir Garden Valley
Floating Island Lake Emerald Bay
Folsom Lake Clarksville
Fontanillis Lake Rockbound Valley
Forni Lake Pyramid Peak
Forni Lake Loon Lake
Four Lakes Caples Lake
Four-Q Lakes Rockbound Valley
Fox Lake Rockbound Valley
Francis Lake Loon Lake
Frata Lake Echo Lake
Gefo Lake Pyramid Peak
Gerle Creek Divide Reservoir Robbs Peak
Gertrude Lake Rockbound Valley
Gilmore Lake Emerald Bay
Granite Lake Emerald Bay
Grass Lake Echo Lake
Grass Lake Freel Peak
Grouse Lake Pyramid Peak
Grouse Lakes Rockbound Valley
Hagen Pond Placerville
Half Moon Lake Rockbound Valley
Heather Lake Rockbound Valley
Hemlock Lake Pyramid Peak
Hidden Lake Wentworth Springs
Hidden Lake Rockbound Valley
Highland Lake Rockbound Valley
Horseshoe Lake Rockbound Valley
Ice House Reservoir Kyburz
Indian Creek Reservoir Shingle Springs
Island Lake Rockbound Valley
Jabu Lake Echo Lake
Jenkinson Lake Sly Park
Junction Reservoir Riverton
Kalmia Lake Rockbound Valley
Lake Aloha Pyramid Peak
Lake Audrian Echo Lake
Lake Christopher South Lake Tahoe
Lake Doris Rockbound Valley
Lake Genevieve Rockbound Valley
Lake Le Conte Pyramid Peak
Lake Lois Rockbound Valley
Lake Lucille Echo Lake
Lake Margaret Caples Lake
Lake Margery Echo Lake
Lake Number Five Rockbound Valley
Lake Number Nine Rockbound Valley
Lake Number Three Rockbound Valley
Lake of the Woods Echo Lake
Lake Schmidell Rockbound Valley
Lake Sylvia Pyramid Peak
Lake Walton Georgetown
Lake Winifred Wentworth Springs
Lake Zitella Rockbound Valley
Larsen Reservoir Slate Mountain
Lawrence Lake Rockbound Valley
Leland Lakes Rockbound Valley
Lily Lake Emerald Bay
Lily Pond Homewood
Little Reservoir Omo Ranch
Long Canyon Forebay Pollock Pines
Loon Lake Loon Lake
Lost Lake Homewood
Lost Lake Rockbound Valley
Lost Lake Echo Lake
Lower Echo Lake Echo Lake
Lower Velma Lake Rockbound Valley
Lyons Lake Pyramid Peak
Maude Lake Rockbound Valley
McConnell Lake Rockbound Valley
Middle Velma Lake Rockbound Valley
Mill Pond Slate Mountain
Mud Lake Wentworth Springs
Mud Lakes Wentworth Springs
Oma 6 300 Reservoir Garden Valley
Osma Lake Pyramid Peak
Patterson Lake Placerville
Pearl Lake Loon Lake
Perry Reservoir Aukum
Phipps Lake Rockbound Valley
Pitt Lake Pyramid Peak
Pyramid Lake Pyramid Peak
Ralston Lake Echo Lake
Richardson Lake Homewood
Rockbound Lake Rockbound Valley
Ropi Lake Pyramid Peak
Round Lake Echo Lake
Rubicon Lake Rockbound Valley
Rubicon Reservoir Rockbound Valley
Saucer Lake Echo Lake
Sawmill Pond Emerald Bay
Secret Lake Pyramid Peak
Shadow Lake Loon Lake
Shadow Lake Rockbound Valley
Shealor Lakes Tragedy Spring
Showers Lake Caples Lake
Slab Creek Reservoir Slate Mountain
Smith Lake Pyramid Peak
Snow Lake Emerald Bay
Spider Lake Wentworth Springs
Star Lake Freel Peak
Stony Ridge Lake Rockbound Valley
Stumpy Meadows Lake Devil Peak
Stumpy Meadows Reservoir Devil Peak
Susie Lake Rockbound Valley
Tallac Lake Emerald Bay
Tamarack Lake Echo Lake
Teal Pond Garden Valley
Toem Lake Pyramid Peak
Top Lake Rockbound Valley
Triangle Lake Echo Lake
Twin Lakes Pyramid Peak
Tyler Lake Rockbound Valley
Umpa Lake Pyramid Peak
Union Valley Reservoir Riverton
Upper Echo Lake Echo Lake
Upper Velma Lake Rockbound Valley
Waca Lake Pyramid Peak
Weber Reservoir Camino
Wrights Lake Pyramid Peak

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in El Dorado County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within El Dorado County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.