El Dorado County Fishing Streams

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Streams in El Dorado County

Place USGS Topo Map
Acorn Creek Pilot Hill
Al Brass Creek Tunnel Hill
Alder Creek Riverton
Allegheny Creek Clarksville
Anderson Creek Pilot Hill
Angel Creek Robbs Peak
Angora Creek Echo Lake
Aspen Creek Echo Lake
Baltic Creek Sly Park
Barts Creek Bunker Hill
Bassi Fork Loon Lake
Beanville Creek Kyburz
Bear Creek Pollock Pines
Bear Creek Garden Valley
Bear Meadow Creek Old Iron Mountain
Big Canyon Creek Latrobe
Big Meadow Creek Echo Lake
Big Sailor Creek Garden Valley
Big Silver Creek Riverton
Bijou Creek South Lake Tahoe
Black Rock Creek Coloma
Blue Tent Creek Coloma
Brooks Creek Pollock Pines
Brownsville Creek Aukum
Brush Creek Coloma
Brush Creek Slate Mountain
Bryan Creek Echo Lake
Bull Creek Riverton
Burnt Shanty Creek Coloma
Butte Creek Camino
Cabin Creek Peddler Hill
Camp Creek Camino
Canyon Creek Greenwood
Canyon Creek Tunnel Hill
Caples Creek Tragedy Spring
Carpenter Creek Kyburz
Cascade Creek Emerald Bay
Cat Creek Peddler Hill
Cathedral Creek Emerald Bay
Cedar Creek Aukum
Charles Creek Bunker Hill
Cheese Camp Creek Loon Lake
China Creek Camino
Clark Creek Latrobe
Clark Creek Coloma
Clear Creek Camino
Clear Creek Omo Ranch
Cody Creek Pyramid Peak
Cold Creek South Lake Tahoe
Cold Springs Creek Placerville
Crocker Creek Clarksville
Dark Canyon Creek Omo Ranch
Davis Creek Pollock Pines
Deadman Creek Placerville
Deer Creek Robbs Peak
Diamond Creek Sly Park
Dogtown Creek Omo Ranch
Dry Creek Shingle Springs
Dutch Creek Coloma
East Big Canyon Creek Fiddletown
Empire Creek Garden Valley
Esmeralda Creek Riverton
Fanny Creek Latrobe
Farnham Creek Aukum
First Otter Creek Tunnel Hill
Flat Creek Fiddletown
Forni Creek Pyramid Peak
French Creek Latrobe
Fry Creek Kyburz
Gaddis Creek Slate Mountain
Gambler Creek Coloma
Gasparni Creek Pollock Pines
General Creek Meeks Bay
Georgetown Creek Greenwood
Gerle Creek Robbs Peak
Gilmore Creek Shingle Springs
Girard Creek Tragedy Spring
Glen Alpine Creek Emerald Bay
Granite Creek Coloma
Grass Lake Creek Echo Lake
Gray Horse Creek Riverton
Green Spring Creek Clarksville
Greenwood Creek Coloma
Grizzly Creek Sly Park
Hancock Creek Pilot Hill
Hangtown Creek Placerville
Hastings Creek Coloma
Hazel Creek Sly Park
Heavenly Valley Creek South Lake Tahoe
Hells Delight Creek Tragedy Spring
Honey Creek Robbs Peak
Incline Creek Pollock Pines
Indian Creek Omo Ranch
Indian Creek Folsom SE
Indian Creek Coloma
Indian Creek Coloma
Indian Creek Shingle Springs
Indian Springs Creek Pilot Hill
Irish Creek Garden Valley
Jacobs Creek Coloma
Jaybird Creek Garden Valley
Jayhawk Creek Shingle Springs
Jerrett Creek Wentworth Springs
Johntown Creek Garden Valley
Jones Fork Silver Creek Riverton
Kelley Creek Shingle Springs
Knickerbocker Creek Pilot Hill
Latrobe Creek Folsom SE
Lichen Creek Coloma
Little Deer Creek Bunker Hill
Little Gambler Creek Coloma
Little Indian Creek Latrobe
Little Sailor Creek Garden Valley
Little Silver Creek Tunnel Hill
Little Silver Creek Riverton
Little Soldier Creek Pollock Pines
Long Canyon Creek Slate Mountain
Lost Canyon Creek Slate Mountain
Lyons Creek Kyburz
Manhattan Creek Garden Valley
Marble Creek Latrobe
Martel Creek Clarksville
Martin Creek Tragedy Spring
Martinez Creek Fiddletown
McKinney Creek Caldor
Meeks Creek Meeks Bay
Mehrten Creek Peddler Hill
Middle Creek Kyburz
Middle Dry Creek Caldor
Middle Fork Camp Creek Leek Spring Hill
Mill Creek Riverton
Mill Creek Slate Mountain
Mills Creek Camino
Mosquito Creek Garden Valley
Mound Springs Creek Shingle Springs
New York Creek Clarksville
North Creek Leek Spring Hill
North Fork Camp Creek Leek Spring Hill
North Fork Clear Creek Sly Park
North Fork Cosumnes River Fiddletown
North Fork One Eye Creek Slate Mountain
North Fork Soldier Creek Pollock Pines
North Fork Spanish Creek Aukum
North Fork Weber Creek Camino
North Sly Park Creek Old Iron Mountain
North Steely Creek Caldor
North Tragedy Creek Tragedy Spring
Old Mill Creek Shingle Springs
On It Creek Aukum
One Eye Creek Garden Valley
Onion Creek Pollock Pines
Otter Creek Georgetown
Packsaddle Pass Pyramid Peak
Peavine Creek Kyburz
Peddler Creek Peddler Hill
Pegleg Creek Georgetown
Penobscot Creek Greenwood
Perry Creek Camino
Perry Mountain Creek Coloma
Phipps Creek Rockbound Valley
Pi-Pi Creek Caldor
Pilot Creek Pilot Hill
Pilot Creek Tunnel Hill
Pinehem Creek Coloma
Plum Creek Riverton
Plum Creek Robbs Peak
Plunkett Creek Folsom SE
Prospect Creek Caldor
Prothro Creek Peddler Hill
Pyramid Creek Echo Lake
Redbird Creek Slate Mountain
Ringgold Creek Placerville
Rock Creek Garden Valley
Rocky Basin Creek Loon Lake
Rubicon Creek Meeks Bay
Salt Creek Auburn
Salt Rock Creek Old Iron Mountain
Sawmill Creek Shingle Springs
Saxon Creek South Lake Tahoe
Scott Creek Aukum
Screech Owl Creek Clarksville
Shingle Creek Coloma
Shingle Creek Latrobe
Shingle Mill Creek Peddler Hill
Silver Creek Pollock Pines
Silver Fork American River Kyburz
Slab Creek Slate Mountain
Slat Creek Garden Valley
Slate Creek Latrobe
Slate Creek Shingle Springs
Slate Creek Garden Valley
Sly Park Creek Sly Park
Snow Creek Old Iron Mountain
Soapweed Creek Slate Mountain
Soldier Creek Pollock Pines
Sopiago Creek Omo Ranch
South Creek Robbs Peak
South Fork American River Clarksville
South Fork Camp Creek Leek Spring Hill
South Fork One Eye Creek Slate Mountain
South Fork Rubicon River Robbs Peak
South Fork Silver Creek Riverton
South Fork Soldier Creek Pollock Pines
South Fork Spanish Creek Aukum
South Fork Weber Creek Camino
South Steely Creek Caldor
Spanish Creek Fiddletown
Squaw Hollow Creek Placerville
Stafford Creek Shingle Springs
Station Creek Pyramid Peak
Steely Fork Cosumnes River Sly Park
Stonebreaker Creek Sly Park
Stoney Creek Aukum
Stony Creek Robbs Peak
Strap Miner Creek Folsom SE
Strawberry Creek Pyramid Peak
Sugar Pine Creek Pollock Pines
Sweetwater Creek Pilot Hill
Tallac Creek Emerald Bay
Tamarack Creek Echo Lake
Taylor Creek Emerald Bay
Tells Creek Robbs Peak
Tennessee Creek Shingle Springs
Tennessee Creek Sly Park
Texas Creek Slate Mountain
Ticky Creek Slate Mountain
Traverse Creek Garden Valley
Trout Creek South Lake Tahoe
Tunnel Creek Tunnel Hill
Upper Truckee River South Lake Tahoe
Van Horn Creek Old Iron Mountain
Weber Creek Pilot Hill
West Fork Plum Creek Old Iron Mountain
Whaler Creek Slate Mountain
White Oak Creek Shingle Springs
White Rock Creek Garden Valley
Willow Flat Creek Tragedy Spring
Yankee John Creek Slate Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the streams in El Dorado County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within El Dorado County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.