Lassen County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Lassen County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbott Reservoir Said Valley
Acre Foot Reservoir Said Valley
Adobe Reservoir Litchfield
Ambrose Reservoir Said Valley
Ashurst Lake Champs Flat
Bagwell Reservoir Bieber
Bailey Reservoir Cleghorn Flat
Bald Mountain Reservoir Dixie Peak
Bald Ridges Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Baldy Reservoir Day
Ballard Reservoir Swains Hole
Barrell Pit Reservoir Harvey Mountain
Barry Reservoir Susanville
Bathtub Lake Prospect Peak
Bear Lake Straylor Lake
Bear Valley Reservoir Corders Reservoir
Beauty Lake Red Cinder
Beaver Creek Reservoir Jellico
Betty Lake Red Cinder
Big Dry Lake Gallatin Peak
Big Jack Lake Bullard Lake
Big Meadows Reservoir Cold Spring Mountain
Bill Reservoir Number 1 Cleghorn Flat
Biscar Reservoir Karlo
Black Lake Bogard Buttes
Blacks Lake Corders Reservoir
Blue Lake Jess Valley
Blue Water Bullard Lake
Boffengers Reservoir Said Valley
Boot Lake Boot Lake
Bootleg Reservoir Jellico
Branham Reservoir Fredonyer Peak
Buckhorn Lake Buckhorn Lake
Buckhorn Reservoir Buckhorn Canyon
Buckhorn Waterhole Silva Flat Reservoir
Bufflehead Reservoir Swains Hole
Bull Pine Reservoir Grasshopper Valley
Bullard Lake Bullard Lake
Busters Reservoir Corders Reservoir
Butte Lake Prospect Peak
Calneva Lake Calneva Lake
Caribou Lake Bogard Buttes
Cary Reservoir Letterbox Hill
Catfish Reservoir Straylor Lake
Catfish Reservoir Said Valley
Chalk Bluff Reservoir Little Mud Flat
Chico Flat Reservoir Straylor Lake
Clark Reservoir Day
Clay Flat Reservoir Said Valley
Cleghorn Reservoir Sheepshead
Colman Lake Gallatin Peak
Cone Lake Bogard Buttes
Corders Reservoir Corders Reservoir
Corral Valley Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Cow Lake Silva Flat Reservoir
Cowboy Lake Bogard Buttes
Coyote Hole Poison Lake
Coyote Hole Sheepshead
Coyote Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Craemer Reservoir Fredonyer Peak
Crater Lake Harvey Mountain
Crum Reservoir Pittville
Crystal Lake Mount Harkness
Cypress Lake Red Cinder
Davis Pond Straylor Lake
Deadhorse Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Deerheart Lake Greenville
Dillion Lake Silva Flat Reservoir
Dobe Flat Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Dodge Reservoir Dodge Reservoir
Dodge Reservoir Dodge Reservoir
Double Take Reservoir Straylor Lake
Drift Fence Reservoir Said Valley
Dry Lake Dixie Peak
Dry Lake Bullard Lake
Dry Lake Buckhorn Canyon
Ducasse Reservoir Termo
Duck Lake Calneva Lake
Duck Lake Westwood East
Duck Lake Prospect Peak
Dunn Reservoir Dodge Reservoir
Dunn Reservoir Dodge Reservoir
Eagle Lake Troxel Point
East Lake Mount Harkness
East Side Reservoir Spencer Creek
Ebey Lake Poison Lake
Eleanor Lake Bogard Buttes
Elmers Reservoir Cleghorn Flat
Emerald Lake Red Cinder
Emerson Lake Diamond Mountain
Evelyn Lake Red Cinder
Feather Lake Pine Creek Valley
Fleming Reservoir Wendel Hot Springs
Fredonyer Reservoir Fredonyer Peak
Freebe Reservoir Jellico
Gem Lake Bogard Buttes
Glade Reservoir Cleghorn Flat
Glen Lake Mount Harkness
Gordon Lake Bullard Lake
Hagata Reservoir Tunnison Mountain
Half Cabin Reservoir Poison Lake
Hardin Reservoir Bieber
Hartson Lake Standish
Hatfield Reservoir Said Valley
Hazelton Reservoir Said Valley
Heath Dam Reservoir Sheepshead
Hidden Lake Greenville
Hidden Lakes Red Cinder
Hog Flat Reservoir Pegleg Mountain
Hog Valley Reservoir Hog Valley
Holbrook Reservoir Ash Valley
Homer Lake Greenville
Honey Lake Milford
Hoover Flat Reservoir Dixie Peak
Horse Lake West of Snowstorm Mountain
Horse Meadow Reservoir Sheepshead
Horsecamp Reservoir Little Mud Flat
Houseman Camp Reservoir Spalding Tract
Indian Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Island Lake Mount Harkness
Jacks Lake Straylor Lake
Jakey Lake Mount Harkness
Jewel Lake Bogard Buttes
Juniper Lake Silva Flat Reservoir
Juniper Lake Mount Harkness
Juniper Spring Reservoir Said Valley
Lake Leavitt Janesville
Lake Norvell Swain Mountain
Lane Reservoir Lane Reservoir
Lava Rock Reservoir Little Mud Flat
Little Cleghorn Reservoir Sheepshead
Little Coyote Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Little Jacks Lake Straylor Lake
Little Tule Lake Bogard Buttes
Log Cabin Reservoir Number 1 Silva Flat Reservoir
Log Cabin Reservoir Number 2 Silva Flat Reservoir
Long Flat Reservoir Said Valley
Long Lake Straylor Lake
Long Lake Pine Creek Valley
Long Lake Red Cinder
Long Reservoir Said Valley
Loomis Reservoir Little Valley
Lost Lake Emerson Peak
Lost Valley Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Lower Dry Lake Gallatin Peak
Mahogany Lake Gallatin Peak
Mapes Lake Said Valley
McClelland Reservoir Letterbox Hill
McCoy Flat Reservoir Pegleg Mountain
Mendiboure Reservoir McDonald Peak
Moll Reservoir Lane Reservoir
Moon Lake Cold Spring Mountain
Morton Reservoir Tunnison Mountain
Mountain Meadows Reservoir Westwood East
Mud Flat Reservoir Little Mud Flat
Mud Lake Antelope Mountain
Mule Deer Flat Reservoir Coble Mountain
Myers Reservoir Letterbox Hill
Nagel Reservoir Diamond Mountain
Nelson Corral Reservoir Holbrook Canyon
Newland Reservoir Little Hat Mountain
Nine Springs Reservoir Bieber
North Divide Lake Red Cinder
Off Stream Reservoir Johnstonville
Packwood Reservoir Letterbox Hill
Pine Lake Bogard Buttes
Pinecone Reservoir Cleghorn Flat
Poison Lake Poison Lake
Posey Lake Red Cinder
Powell Reservoir Buckhorn Lake
Rager Reservoir Dodge Reservoir
Red Rock Lake Boot Lake
Rice Lake Westwood East
Ridenoure Reservoir Diamond Mountain
Rim Lake Red Cinder
Round Corral Reservoir Buckhorn Lake
Round Valley Reservoir Gallatin Peak
Saddle Horse Flat Reservoir Grasshopper Valley
Said Valley Reservoir Said Valley
Schoonamaker Lake Straylor Lake
Schrode Lake Straylor Lake
Shays Hole Reservoir Champs Flat
Shoestring Reservoir Harvey Mountain
Shotoverin Lake Red Cinder
Shugru Reservoir Janesville
Signal Butte Reservoir Spalding Tract
Silva Flat Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Silver Lake Red Cinder
Smith Reservoir Madeline
Smoke Creek Reservoir Mixie Flat
Snag Lake Prospect Peak
Snider Lake Letterbox Hill
Snider Waterhole Silva Flat Reservoir
Snowstorm Wetland West of Snowstorm Mountain
South Divide Lake Red Cinder
South Fork Reservoir Spencer Creek
Spaulding Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Spooner Reservoir Ash Valley
Spring Gulch Reservoir Little Valley
Spring Hill Reservoir Said Valley
Steel Post Reservoir Cleghorn Flat
Stratton Reservoir Said Valley
Straylor Lake Straylor Lake
Streshley Reservoir Tunnison Mountain
Summit Lake Gallatin Peak
Summit Lake Sheepshead
Swains Hole Swains Hole
Swanberger Reservoir Sheepshead
Tamarack Reservoir Swains Hole
Teal Lake Prospect Peak
Thompson Reservoir Bieber
Threemile Reservoir McDonald Peak
Tire Body Reservoir Silva Flat Reservoir
Toll House Reservoir Pittville
Tom Spring Reservoir Grasshopper Valley
Trail Lake Red Cinder
Triangle Lake Bogard Buttes
Tule Lake Bogard Buttes
Turnaround Lake Bogard Buttes
Twin Lakes Letterbox Hill
Twin Lakes Bullard Lake
Twin Lakes Bogard Buttes
Union Reservoir Dodge Reservoir
Van Loan Reservoir McDonald Peak
Van Sickle Lake Silva Flat Reservoir
Van Sickle Reservoir Pittville
Wagontire Reservoir Dixie Peak
Wards Lake Litchfield
Whit Flat Reservoir Letterbox Hill
White Horse Reservoir Harvey Mountain
Widow Lake Prospect Peak
Wild Horse Reservoir Bull Flat
Williams Reservoir Lane Reservoir
Willow Lake Buckhorn Lake
Wing Reservoir Said Valley

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lassen County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Lassen County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.