Mono County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Mono County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adobe Reservoir Indian Meadows
Agnew Lake Koip Peak
Alger Lakes Koip Peak
Alpine Lake Tioga Pass
Anna Lake Tower Peak
Antelope Lake River Spring
Arrowhead Lake Bloody Mountain
Avalanche Lake Matterhorn Peak
Barney Lake Buckeye Ridge
Barney Lake Bloody Mountain
Beartrap Lake Tower Peak
Bergona Lake Dunderberg Peak
Big Alkali Lake Whitmore Hot Springs
Big Horn Lake Tioga Pass
Big McGee Lake Mount Abbot
Big Valley Lake Dunderberg Peak
Bighorn Lake Bloody Mountain
Billy Lake Koip Peak
Black Lake Benton Hot Springs
Bloody Lake Bloody Mountain
Blue Lake Lundy
Blue Lake Dunderberg Peak
Bonnie Lake Tower Peak
Bridgeport Reservoir Bridgeport
Bright Dot Lake Convict Lake
Bunny Lake Bloody Mountain
Burro Lake Dunderberg Peak
Cascade Lake Tioga Pass
Chain of Lakes Tower Peak
Chango Lake Lost Cannon Peak
Cinko Lake Tower Peak
Clark Lakes Mount Ritter
Cloverleaf Lake Bloody Mountain
Conness Lakes Tioga Pass
Constance Lake Convict Lake
Convict Lake Convict Lake
Cooney Lake Dunderberg Peak
Cora Lake Tower Peak
Crocker Lake Mount Abbot
Crown Lake Matterhorn Peak
Crystal Lake Lundy
Crystal Lake Crystal Crag
Dana Lake Mount Dana
Davis Lake Convict Lake
Davis Lakes Mount Ritter
Dry Lake Aurora
Dry Lake Aurora
Dynamo Pond Big Alkali
East Lake Dunderberg Peak
Edith Lake Bloody Mountain
Ellery Lake Mount Dana
Emerald Lake Bloody Mountain
Emma Lake Fales Hot Springs
Fantail Lake Tioga Pass
Fern Lake Mammoth Mountain
Finger Lake Tioga Pass
Fremont Lake Pickel Meadow
Frog Lakes Dunderberg Peak
Gardisky Lake Tioga Pass
Gem Lake Koip Peak
Gibbs Lake Mount Dana
Gilman Lake Dunderberg Peak
Glacier Lake Matterhorn Peak
Glenberry Lake Dunderberg Peak
Golden Lake Mount Abbot
Grant Lake June Lake
Grass Lake Convict Lake
Green Lake Dunderberg Peak
Green Treble Lake Tioga Pass
Greenstone Lake Tioga Pass
Grizzly Lake Tower Peak
Gull Lake June Lake
Hammil Lake Bloody Mountain
Heart Lake Bloody Mountain
Hidden Lake Pickel Meadow
Hilton Creek Lakes Mount Abbot
Hoover Lakes Dunderberg Peak
Horseshoe Lake Crystal Crag
Hummingbird Lake Tioga Pass
Hunewill Lake Dunderberg Peak
Ice Lake Matterhorn Peak
Inyo Crater Lakes Mammoth Mountain
Junction Reservoir Fales Hot Springs
June Lake June Lake
Kidney Lake Mount Dana
Kirkwood Lake Tower Peak
Kirman Lake Fales Hot Springs
Koenig Lake Sonora Pass
Lake Barrett Crystal Crag
Lake Crowley Toms Place
Lake Dorothy Bloody Mountain
Lake Frances Dunderberg Peak
Lake Genevieve Bloody Mountain
Lake George Crystal Crag
Lake Harriet Tower Peak
Lake Helen Tower Peak
Lake Helen Dunderberg Peak
Lake Mamie Crystal Crag
Lake Mary Crystal Crag
Lake Ruth Tower Peak
Lake Wit-So-Nah-Pah Bloody Mountain
Lane Lake Pickel Meadow
Larkin Lake Cedar Hill
Latopie Lake Sonora Pass
Laurel Lakes Bloody Mountain
Leavitt Lake Pickel Meadow
Little Alkali Lake Whitmore Hot Springs
Little Lake Buckeye Ridge
Little McGee Lake Mount Abbot
Little Valley Dunderberg Peak
Lobdell Lake Mount Patterson
Long Valley Ponds Fales Hot Springs
Lost Lake Bloody Mountain
Lost Lakes Koip Peak
Lower Long Lake Tower Peak
Lower Sardine Lake Koip Peak
Lundy Lake Lundy
Maltby Lake Matterhorn Peak
Mammoth Lakes Crystal Crag
Marie Lakes Mount Ritter
Maul Lake Tioga Pass
McCloud Lake Crystal Crag
McLeod Lake Crystal Crag
McMillan Lake Buckeye Ridge
Mildred Lake Convict Lake
Millie Lake Pickel Meadow
Moat Lake Dunderberg Peak
Mono Lake Negit Island
Mud Lake Pickel Meadow
Murphy Pond Bridgeport
Nutter Lake Dunderberg Peak
Odell Lake Tioga Pass
Oneida Lake Tioga Pass
Par Value Lakes Dunderberg Peak
Parker Lake Koip Peak
Patricia Lake Mount Morgan
Peeler Lake Matterhorn Peak
Poore Lake Pickel Meadow
Red Lake Dunderberg Peak
Red Lake Bloody Mountain
Red Top Lake Pickel Meadow
River Spring Lakes River Spring
Robinson Lakes Matterhorn Peak
Rodgers Lakes Mount Ritter
Roosevelt Lake Pickel Meadow
Saddlebag Lake Tioga Pass
Sardine Lakes Koip Peak
Secret Lake Pickel Meadow
Shamrock Lake Tioga Pass
Shell Lake Tioga Pass
Sherwin Lakes Bloody Mountain
Silver Lake Koip Peak
Skelton Lake Bloody Mountain
Ski Lake Pickel Meadow
Snow Lake Matterhorn Peak
Spuller Lake Tioga Pass
Stanford Lake Mount Abbot
Steelhead Lake Tioga Pass
Steelhead Lake Mount Abbot
Stella Lake Tower Peak
Sullivan Lake Mount Ritter
Summit Lake Dunderberg Peak
T J Lake Crystal Crag
Tamarack Lake Twin Lakes
Tioga Lake Tioga Pass
Tower Lake Tower Peak
Trumbull Lake Dunderberg Peak
Tule Lake Fales Hot Springs
Turquoise Lake Dunderberg Peak
Twin Lakes Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes Crystal Crag
Twin Lakes Tioga Pass
Upper Long Lake Tower Peak
Upper Sardine Lake Koip Peak
Valentine Lake Bloody Mountain
Virginia Lakes Dunderberg Peak
Walker Lake Koip Peak
Wasco Lake Tioga Pass
Waugh Lake Koip Peak
Way Lake Bloody Mountain
Weber Lake Mount Ritter
West Lake Dunderberg Peak
Wolf Creek Lake Pickel Meadow
Woods Lakes Bloody Mountain
Yost Lake Mammoth Mountain
Z Lake Tioga Pass

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Mono County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Mono County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.