Monterey County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Monterey County

Place USGS Topo Map
Agua Fria Creek Jolon
Agua Mala Creek Carmel Valley
Aguajito Creek Monterey
Alder Creek Villa Creek
Alisal Creek Salinas
Alisal Slough Salinas
Anderson Creek Partington Ridge
Anthony Creek Alder Peak
Arroyo Seco Soledad
Basin Creek Sycamore Flat
Bear Basin Creek Ventana Cones
Bennett Slough Moss Landing
Big Creek Lopez Point
Big Creek Rana Creek
Big Sand Creek Sycamore Flat
Big Sandy Creek San Miguel
Big Sur River Big Sur
Bixby Creek Point Sur
Black Rock Creek Carmel Valley
Blue Creek Ventana Cones
Boronda Creek Carmel Valley
Bruce Fork Ventana Cones
Buck Creek Partington Ridge
Burns Creek Partington Ridge
Cachagua Creek Carmel Valley
Calaboose Creek Sycamore Flat
Camp Creek Zigzag Creek
Carmel River Monterey
Carneros Creek Prunedale
Carrizo Creek Cone Peak
Chalone Creek Greenfield
Charley Creek Priest Valley
Chris Flood Creek Burro Mountain
Chualar Creek Chualar
Chupines Creek Carmel Valley
Church Creek Zigzag Creek
Cienega Creek Partington Ridge
Comings Creek Big Sur
Conejo Creek Rana Creek
Copperhead Creek Bryson
Cottonwood Creek Cholame Valley
Cow Creek Monarch Peak
Danish Creek Ventana Cones
Deer Creek Williams Hill
Dolores Creek Ventana Cones
Doolans Hole Creek Ventana Cones
Doud Creek Soberanes Point
Dutra Creek Burro Mountain
East Fork North Fork Lewis River San Benito Mountain
El Piojo Creek Burnett Peak
El Toro Creek Salinas
Elkhorn Slough Moss Landing
Estrada Creek Burro Mountain
Finch Creek Rana Creek
Forest Creek Bear Canyon
Gabilan Creek Salinas
Gabilan Creek Jolon
Garrapata Creek Soberanes Point
Gibson Creek Monterey
Gulch House Creek Bryson
Hames Creek Wunpost
Harper Creek Spreckels
Harris Creek Tierra Redonda Mountain
Hartnell Creek Monterey
Higgins Creek Zigzag Creek
Horse Creek Sycamore Flat
Horse Run Junipero Serra Peak
Iris Canyon Creek Monterey
Jackson Creek Big Sur
Jacques Hanlon Creek Mount Harlan
James Creek Rana Creek
Johnson Creek Gonzales
Jolon Creek Jolon
Joshua Creek Soberanes Point
Juan Hiquera Creek Big Sur
Junipero Creek Monterey
Kirk Creek Cape San Martin
Las Gazas Creek Carmel Valley
Launtz Creek Big Sur
Lime Creek Lopez Point OE W
Limekiln Creek Lopez Point
Limekiln Creek Chualar
Lion Creek Ventana Cones
Little Burros Creek Burro Mountain
Little Cholame Creek Parkfield
Little Sand Creek Sycamore Flat
Little Sur River Point Sur
Logwood Creek Partington Ridge
Los Bueyes Creek Jolon
Los Burros Creek Burnett Peak
Lost Valley Creek Zigzag Creek
Malpaso Creek Soberanes Point
McCoy Creek Palo Escrito Peak
McWay Creek Partington Ridge
Middle Fork Ranchito Canyon
Mill Creek Cape San Martin
Mill Creek Big Sur
Miller Fork Carmel River Ventana Cones
Mission Creek Bear Canyon
Mocho Creek Partington Ridge
Monroe Creek Greenfield
Moro Cojo Slough Moss Landing
Mud Creek Villa Creek
Mud Creek San Juan Bautista
Muddy Creek Gonzales
Mule Canyon Creek Pfeiffer Point
Murry Creek Jolon
Nacimiento River Bradley
Natividad Creek Salinas
Negro Fork Cape San Martin
Negro Fork Nacimiento River Cape San Martin
Nelson Creek Smith Mountain
North Fork Big Creek Lopez Point
North Fork Big Sur River Partington Ridge
North Fork Los Burros Creek Alder Peak
North Fork San Antonio River Cone Peak
North Fork San Jose Creek Monterey
North Fork Willow Creek Cape San Martin
Old Salinas River Moss Landing
Paloma Creek Sycamore Flat
Pancho Rico Creek San Ardo
Parsons Creek Gonzales
Parsons Slough Prunedale
Partington Creek Partington Ridge
Pfeffer-Redwood Creek Big Sur
Pheneger Creek Big Sur
Pick Creek Partington Ridge
Pinal Creek Cone Peak
Pinalito Creek Bear Canyon
Pine Creek San Ardo
Pine Creek Carmel Valley
Piney Creek Sycamore Flat
Plaskett Creek Cape San Martin
Post Creek Pfeiffer Point
Pozo Hondo Creek Burnett Peak
Prewitt Creek Cape San Martin
Puerto Suello Creek Ventana Cones
Quail Creek Chualar
Rana Creek Carmel Valley
Rat Creek Lopez Point
Rattlesnake Creek Cone Peak
Rattlesnake Creek Carmel Valley
Redwood Creek Partington Ridge
Reliz Creek Paraiso Springs
Robertson Creek Rana Creek
Rocky Creek Soberanes Point
Rocky Creek Junipero Serra Peak
Roosevelt Creek Cone Peak
Salinas River Marina
Salmon Creek Burro Mountain
Salmon Creek Burnett Peak
Salsipuedes Creek Mount Carmel
Salsipuedes Creek Cone Peak
San Antonio River Bradley
San Clemente Creek Carmel Valley
San Jose Creek Monterey
San Lorenzo Creek Thompson Canyon
San Miguel Creek Alder Peak
Sand Creek Sycamore Flat
Santa Lucia Creek Junipero Serra Peak
Santa Lucia Creek Cone Peak
Sapaque Creek Bryson
Sargent Creek Wunpost
Seal Rock Creek Monterey
Seneca Creek Monterey
Shovel Handle Creek Zigzag Creek
Sierra Creek Point Sur
Skinner Creek Big Sur
Slickrock Creek Alder Peak
Soberanes Creek Soberanes Point
Soda Spring Creek Villa Creek
South Fork Big Sur River Partington Ridge
South Fork Black Rock Creek Carmel Valley
South Fork Little Sur River Big Sur
South Fork Prewitt Creek Cape San Martin
South Fork Santa Lucia Creek Junipero Serra Peak
South Fork Waller Creek Burnett Peak
South Fork Willow Creek Cape San Martin
Spruce Creek Villa Creek
Steve Creek Burnett Peak
Stonewall Creek Soledad
Stony Creek Alder Peak
Swamp Creek Mount Harlan
Sweetwater Creek Paraiso Springs
Sycamore Creek Burnett Peak
Tan Oak Creek Zigzag Creek
Tash Creek Sycamore Flat
Tassajara Creek Zigzag Creek
Tembladero Slough Moss Landing
Terrace Creek Partington Ridge
Topo Creek North Chalone Peak
Tularcitos Creek Carmel Valley
Turner Creek Big Sur
Turtle Creek Bryson
Twin Valley Creek Burnett Peak
Vaqueros Creek Paraiso Springs
Ventana Creek Ventana Cones
Ventana Mesa Creek Ventana Cones
Vicente Creek Lopez Point
Villa Creek Villa Creek
Wagner Creek Burro Mountain
Waller Creek Burnett Peak
Waterdog Creek Bryson
Watson Creek Spreckels
Watsonville Slough Moss Landing
Wayland Creek Smith Mountain
West Fork Limekiln Creek Lopez Point
Wild Cattle Creek Cape San Martin
Wildcat Creek Soberanes Point
Willow Creek Cape San Martin
Willow Creek Zigzag Creek
Zigzag Creek Zigzag Creek

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Monterey County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Monterey County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.