Placer County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Placer County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alderman Creek Wolf
Andrew Gray Creek Duncan Peak
Antelope Creek Roseville
Barker Creek Wentworth Springs
Bear Creek Tahoe City
Bear Pen Creek Wentworth Springs
Bear Trap Creek Greek Store
Big Granite Creek Duncan Peak
Big Mosquito Creek Michigan Bluff
Blackwood Creek Homewood
Brimstone Creek Foresthill
Brush Creek Truckee
Brushy Creek Colfax
Brushy Creek Michigan Bluff
Brushy Creek Foresthill
Buckskin Creek Wentworth Springs
Burton Creek Kings Beach
Cabin Creek Truckee
Campbell Creek Colfax
Canyon Creek Dutch Flat
Cedar Creek Norden
Chief Creek Granite Chief
Chipmunk Creek Greek Store
Cirby Creek Citrus Heights
Clipper Creek Auburn
Clover Valley Creek Rocklin
Codfish Creek Greenwood
Cody Creek Duncan Peak
Cold Creek Truckee
Cottage Home Creek Foresthill
Cottonwood Creek Bunker Hill
Coyote Creek Lake Combie
Dardanelles Creek Georgetown
Deadman Creek Gold Hill
Deep Creek Truckee
Deer Creek Tahoe City
Dellar Creek Bunker Hill
Dollar Creek Kings Beach
Dolly Creek Royal Gorge
Doty Creek Lincoln
Dry Creek Gold Hill
Duncan Creek Greek Store
East Fork North Fork North Fork American River Westville
East Martis Creek Martis Peak
Eldorado Creek Michigan Bluff
Ellis Creek Wentworth Springs
Five Lakes Creek Wentworth Springs
Forbes Creek Dutch Flat
Frazier Creek Greek Store
Fulda Creek Westville
Grayhorse Creek Wentworth Springs
Griff Creek Kings Beach
Grouse Creek Michigan Bluff
Harvey Gray Creek Duncan Peak
Humbug Creek Westville
Indian Creek Westville
Indian Creek Colfax
Indian Creek Michigan Bluff
Ingram Slough Roseville
Kaseberg Creek Roseville
Kent Creek Foresthill
Linda Creek Citrus Heights
Little Bear Creek Dutch Flat
Little Codfish Creek Colfax
Little Duncan Creek Royal Gorge
Little Granite Creek Duncan Peak
Little Grizzly Creek Greek Store
Little Indian Creek Foresthill
Little Mosquito Creek Greek Store
Little Powderhorn Creek Wentworth Springs
Long John Creek Bunker Hill
Madden Creek Homewood
Martis Creek Martis Peak
McBride Creek Foresthill
McKinney Creek Homewood
Middle Branch Owl Creek Colfax
Middle Fork American River Auburn
Middle Fork Blackwood Creek Homewood
Middle Martis Creek Martis Peak
Mile Hill Creek Greenwood
Mill Creek Foresthill
Miller Creek Wentworth Springs
Monte Carlo Creek Martis Peak
Monumental Creek Westville
Mountain Chief Creek Foresthill
North Branch Owl Creek Colfax
North Fork American River Folsom
North Fork Blackwood Creek Homewood
North Fork North Fork American River Dutch Flat
North Fork of Middle Fork American River Michigan Bluff
North Miller Creek Homewood
Onion Creek Norden
Orchard Creek Roseville
Orr Creek Gold Hill
Owl Creek Colfax
Pagge Creek Foresthill
Palisade Creek Royal Gorge
Peavine Creek Michigan Bluff
Pole Creek Tahoe City
Pond Creek Georgetown
Powderhorn Creek Wentworth Springs
Rice Creek Royal Gorge
Rock Creek Auburn
Rocky Wash Truckee
Royal Gorge River Royal Gorge
Rubicon River Michigan Bluff
Sellier Creek Foresthill
Serena Creek Soda Springs
Shady Grove Run Greek Store
Shady Run Westville
Silver Creek Tahoe City
South Branch Grouse Creek Michigan Bluff
South Branch Owl Creek Colfax
South Branch Pleasant Grove Creek Roseville
South Fork Cold Creek Norden
Spruce Creek Greek Store
Squaw Creek Tahoe City
Tadpole Creek Duncan Peak
Talbot Creek Granite Chief
Temperance Creek Foresthill
Todd Creek Greenwood
Wabena Creek Royal Gorge
Ward Creek Tahoe City
Watson Creek Kings Beach
West Martis Creek Martis Peak
West Meadow Creek Wentworth Springs
Whisky Creek Granite Chief
Whisky Run Lincoln
Willow Creek Wentworth Springs
Wooley Creek Lake Combie
Yankee Slough Nicolaus
Yellow Jacket Creek Foresthill

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Placer County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Placer County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.