Shasta County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Shasta County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alcohol Jacks Reservoir Murken Bench
Antelope Reservoir Hogback Ridge
Antelope Reservoir Hogback Ridge
Arthur Lake Miller Mountain
Backbone Lake Jacks Backbone
Bainbridge Reservoir Jellico
Baker Lake Old Station
Bald Mountain Reservoir Murken Bench
Barrett Lake Thousand Lakes Valley
Baum Lake Cassel
Bench Lake Reading Peak
Bidwell Pond Murken Bench
Big Bear Lake West Prospect Peak
Big Lake Fall River Mills
Big Lake Jacks Backbone
Blue Lake Miller Mountain
Blue Lake Lassen Peak
Bluff Lake Mount Harkness
Box Lake Thousand Lakes Valley
Buckhorn Lake Miller Mountain
Carobe Lake Manton
Chalk Reservoir Cassel
Cirque Lake Viola
Cliff Lake Reading Peak
Cluster Lakes West Prospect Peak
Cold Boiling Lake Reading Peak
Coleman Forebay Tuscan Buttes NE
Cone Reservoir Jellico
Cornaz Lake Burney Mountain East
Cow Creek Forebay Clough Gulch
Coyote Flat Reservoir Dana
Crags Lake Manzanita Lake
Crater Pool Mount Harkness
Crumbaugh Lake Reading Peak
Crystal Lake Cassel
Curtis Lake Dead Horse Summit
Deer Lake Reading Peak
Dry Lake Burney Mountain West
Durbin Lake Thousand Lakes Valley
Eastman Lake Fall River Mills
Echo Lake Seven Lakes Basin
Echo Lake Reading Peak
Elks Lake Bella Vista
Emerald Lake Lassen Peak
Emigrant Lake West Prospect Peak
Everett Lake Thousand Lakes Valley
Falks Lake Redding
Fall River Lake Fall River Mills
Feather Lake West Prospect Peak
Government Lake Murken Bench
Grace Lake Manton
Grassy Lake Murken Bench
Green Place Reservoir Timbered Crater
Grey Rock Lake Chicken Hawk Hill
Hat Lake West Prospect Peak
Heart Lake Lassen Peak
Heart Lake Lassen Peak
Hemlock Lake Reading Peak
Hidden Lake Mount Harkness
Horr Pond Fall River Mills
Horse Lake Dead Horse Summit
Horseshoe Lake Mount Harkness
Huckleberry Lake Jacks Backbone
Hufford Lake Thousand Lakes Valley
Indian Lake Mount Harkness
Indian Reservoir Day
Ink Lake Lassen Peak
Juniper Hole Swains Hole
Keswick Reservoir Redding
Kilarc Reservoir Miller Mountain
Knoch Reservoir Fall River Mills
Lake Britton Burney Falls
Lake Britton Burney Falls
Lake Eiler Thousand Lakes Valley
Lake Helen Seven Lakes Basin
Lake Helen Lassen Peak
Lake Margaret Chalk Mountain
Lake McCloud Lake McCloud
Lake Redding Redding
Lily Pond Manzanita Lake
Little Bear Lake West Prospect Peak
Little Lake Murken Bench
Logan Lake Old Station
Lower Twin Lake Prospect Peak
Lower Twin Lake Thousand Lakes Valley
Magee Lake Thousand Lakes Valley
Manzanita Lake Manzanita Lake
McCumber Reservoir Viola
Mirror Lake Bella Vista
Moon Springs Reservoir Murken Bench
Mud Lake Old Station
Mud Lake Thousand Lakes Valley
Murken Lake Murken Bench
Nora Lake Manton
North Battle Creek Reservoir Viola
Olinda Reservoir Olinda
Owl Lake Burney Falls
Philpot Lake Chanchelulla Peak
Pit 7 Reservoir Montgomery Creek
Pit Four Reservoir Chalk Mountain
Pit Four Reservoir Chalk Mountain
Pit Six Reservoir Roaring Creek
Plum Valley Reservoir Old Station
Porcupine Reservoir Murken Bench
Rainbow Lake Prospect Peak
Rainbow Lake Shasta Bally
Red Lake Manzanita Lake
Reese Reservoir Redding
Reflection Lake Manzanita Lake
Ridge Lakes Lassen Peak
Rising River Lake Cassel
Seven Lakes Miller Mountain
Shadow Lake Reading Peak
Shasta Lake Shasta Dam
Sifford Lakes Reading Peak
Silver Lake Miller Mountain
Silver Lake West Prospect Peak
Smokey Lake Burney Falls
Soap Lake West Prospect Peak
Soda Lake Lassen Peak
Soldier Mountain Reservoir Dana
Spring Creek Reservoir Shasta Dam
Summit Lake Skunk Ridge
Summit Lake Swains Hole
Summit Lake Reading Peak
Swan Lake Mount Harkness
Terrace Lake Reading Peak
Terry Lake Hatchet Mountain Pass
Tule Lake Palo Cedro
Tunnel Reservoir Roaring Creek
Twin Ponds Jellico
Upper Twin Lake Prospect Peak
Upper Twin Lake Thousand Lakes Valley
Warner Grade Reservoir Dana
Whiskeytown Lake Whiskeytown
Wilson Reservoir Murken Bench
Woodridge Lake Shingletown

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Shasta County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Shasta County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.