Sierra County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sierra County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Creek Sardine Peak
Bear Creek Graniteville
Bear Valley Creek Loyalton
Berry Creek Sattley
Big Grizzly Creek Mount Fillmore
Bonta Creek Sierraville
Bow Creek Goodyears Bar
Brush Creek Pike
Butcher Ranch Creek Sierra City
Carman Creek Calpine
Carney Creek Downieville
Carvin Creek Clio
Chapman Creek Clio
Cherokee Creek Strawberry Valley
Church Creek Gold Lake
Cold Stream Sierraville
Cottonwood Creek Sierraville
Davies Creek Boca
Deadwood Creek Mount Fillmore
Deer Creek Haypress Valley
Dog Creek Verdi
Dorsey Creek Haypress Valley
Downie River Downieville
East Branch Little Canyon Creek La Porte
East Branch Slate Creek La Porte
East Fork Canyon Creek Mount Fillmore
East Fork Creek Graniteville
Empire Creek Downieville
Eureka Creek Goodyears Bar
Fells Creek Blue Nose Mountain
Fiddle Creek Goodyears Bar
Fletcher Creek Calpine
Flume Creek Haypress Valley
French Creek Camptonville
Gale Creek Pike
Gibson Creek La Porte
Gold Run Strawberry Valley
Goodyears Creek Goodyears Bar
Grouse Creek Pike
Hamlin Creek Sattley
Haskell Creek Clio
Haypress Creek Haypress Valley
Howard Creek Haypress Valley
Humbug Creek Goodyears Bar
Illinois Creek Mount Fillmore
Independence Creek Sierraville
Indian Creek Pike
Indian Creek Strawberry Valley
Jim Crow Creek Downieville
Kanaka Creek Pike
Kimberley Creek Pike
Lavezzola Creek Downieville
Lincoln Creek Haypress Valley
Little Boulder Creek Clio
Little Canyon Creek Goodyears Bar
Little Fiddle Creek Goodyears Bar
Little Grizzly Creek Mount Fillmore
Little Humbug Creek Goodyears Bar
Little Wolf Creek Alleghany
Long Valley Creek Haypress Valley
Lucky Dog Creek Alleghany
Lunch Creek Haypress Valley
Marion Creek Pike
Merrill Creek Dog Valley
Middle Fork Kanaka Creek Alleghany
Miller Creek Pike
Milton Creek Haypress Valley
North Branch Dog Creek Dog Valley
North Fork Canyon Creek Mount Fillmore
North Fork Kanaka Creek Alleghany
North Fork Oregon Creek Alleghany
Oak Valley Creek Tepusquet Canyon
Old Mill Creek La Porte
Onion Creek Sierraville
Oregon Creek Camptonville
Packer Creek Clio
Papoose Creek Downieville
Pass Creek Haypress Valley
Pauley Creek Downieville
Perry Creek Calpine
Pine Grove Creek La Porte
Pipe Creek Goodyears Bar
Poplar Creek Blue Nose Mountain
Potosi Creek La Porte
Pourier Creek Camptonville
Purdy Creek Evans Canyon
Ramshorn Creek Goodyears Bar
Rattlesnake Creek Mount Fillmore
Rock Creek Goodyears Bar
Rock Creek Sardine Peak
Saint Catherine Creek Goodyears Bar
Salmon Creek Haypress Valley
Sandusky Creek Alleghany
Sardine Creek Haypress Valley
Sawmill Creek Clio
Shower Branch Goodyears Bar
Slate Castle Creek Downieville
Sleighville Creek Camptonville
Smith Creek Gold Lake
Smithneck Creek Antelope Valley
Snow Creek Goodyears Bar
South Branch Dog Creek Dog Valley
South Fork Canyon Creek Mount Fillmore
South Fork Kanaka Creek Alleghany
South Fork Oregon Creek Alleghany
Spencer Creek Gold Lake
Squirrel Creek Pike
Sulphur Creek Clio
Sunnyside Creek Mount Fillmore
West Branch Canyon Creek Mount Fillmore
West Branch Downie River Mount Fillmore
William Creek Haypress Valley
Williams Creek Haypress Valley
Williamson Creek Camptonville
Wolf Creek Alleghany
Woodruff Creek Goodyears Bar
Young America Creek Goodyears Bar

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sierra County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sierra County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.