Trinity County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Trinity County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Lake Caribou Lake
Alpine Lake Siligo Peak
Antone Lake Four Corners Rock
Big Bear Lake Tangle Blue Lake
Big Lake Ironside Mountain
Big Marshy Lake Billys Peak
Billy-Be-Damn Lake Siligo Peak
Black Rock Lake Black Rock Mountain
Bluff Lake South China Mountain
Bollman Lake Zenia
Boulder Creek Lakes Mount Hilton
Boulder Lake Ycatapom Peak
Buck Lake Deadman Peak
Bull Lake South China Mountain
Canyon Creek Lakes Mount Hilton
Conway Lake Ycatapom Peak
Deadfall Lakes South China Mountain
Deer Lake Siligo Peak
Devils Lake Whisky Bill Peak
Diamond Lake Siligo Peak
Doe Lake Billys Peak
Dry Lake Lake Mountain
East Fork Lakes Rush Creek Lakes
East Weaver Lake Rush Creek Lakes
Echo Lake Siligo Peak
Emerald Lake Caribou Lake
Ewing Reservoir Hayfork
Forbidden Lakes Mount Hilton
Foster Lake Ycatapom Peak
Found Lake Ycatapom Peak
French Lake Zenia
Friend Lake Naufus Creek
Gibson Lake Covington Mill
Graham Lake Alderpoint
Granite Lake Covington Mill
Granite Lake Billys Peak
Grizzly Lake Thompson Peak
Grouse Lake Whisky Bill Peak
Hell to Find Lake Pony Buck Peak
Henthorne Lake Wrights Ridge
Hidden Lake Ironside Mountain
Highland Lakes Whisky Bill Peak
Horse Ranch Lake Updegraff Ridge
Horseshoe Lake Siligo Peak
Kalmia Lake Mount Hilton
L Lake Mount Hilton
Lake Anna Siligo Peak
Lake Eleanor Covington Mill
Landers Lake Caribou Lake
Lewiston Lake Lewiston
Lily Lake Hyampom
Lily Lake Leech Lake Mountain
Lilypad Lake Ycatapom Peak
Lion Lake Ycatapom Peak
Little Bear Lake Tangle Blue Lake
Little Boulder Lake Ycatapom Peak
Little Lake Mount Hilton
Little Marshy Lake Billys Peak
Log Lake Tangle Blue Lake
Lois Lake Thompson Peak
Lost Lake Lake Mountain
Lost Lake Scott Mountain
Lower Lake Lake Mountain
Lucky Lake Wrights Ridge
Luella Lake Siligo Peak
Maddox Lake Hyampom
Masterson Meadow Lake Scott Mountain
McCartneys Pond Dedrick
McDonald Lake Billys Peak
Minnie Lake Solomon Peak
Mirror Lake Mount Hilton
Mosquito Lake Billys Peak
Mud Lake Wrights Ridge
Mullane Lake Cecil Lake
Mumbo Lake Mumbo Basin
Papoose Lake Mount Hilton
Picayune Lake Mumbo Basin
Pond Lily Lake Whisky Bill Peak
Pony Lake Cecil Lake
Rattlesnake Lake Cecil Lake
Round Lake Siligo Peak
Rush Creek Lakes Rush Creek Lakes
Ruth Lake Ruth Lake
Sapphire Lake Mount Hilton
Scorpion Lake Carrville
Seven Up Lake Covington Mill
Shimmy Lake Ycatapom Peak
Slattery Pond Junction City
Slide Lake South China Mountain
Smith Lake Siligo Peak
Stoddard Lake Billys Peak
Sugar Pine Lake Ycatapom Peak
Summit Lake Siligo Peak
Swan Lake Four Corners Rock
Tamarack Lake Chicken Hawk Hill
Tangle Blue Lake Tangle Blue Lake
Tapie Lake Ycatapom Peak
Trinity Lake Papoose Creek
Turtle Lake Lake Mountain
Twin Lakes Covington Mill
Twin Lakes Chicken Hawk Hill
Union Hill Pond Weaverville
Union Lake Caribou Lake
Union Lakes Ycatapom Peak
Upper Lake Lake Mountain
Upper Mumbo Lake Mumbo Basin
Ward Lake Caribou Lake
Watts Lake Ruth Lake
Wee Bear Lake Tangle Blue Lake
Whites Creek Lake Thurston Peaks

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Trinity County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Trinity County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.