Chaffee County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Chaffee County

Place USGS Topo Map
Baldwin Creek Saint Elmo
Bassam Creek Nathrop
Blackbear Creek Winfield
Browns Creek Nathrop
Browns Creek Mount Ouray
Buffalo Creek Harvard Lakes
Cache Creek Granite
Chalk Creek Nathrop
Chubb Creek Antero Reservoir
Clear Creek South Peak
Columbia Creek South Peak
Como Creek Maysville
Cottonwood Creek Nathrop
Cottonwood Creek Buena Vista East
Cree Creek Maysville
Cyclone Creek Garfield
Deep Creek Buena Vista West
Del Monte Ditch Salida West
Denny Creek Mount Yale
Droz Creek Poncha Pass
Dry Creek Buena Vista East
Eddy Creek Nathrop
Ferris Creek Harvard Lakes
Flume Creek Granite
Fooses Creek Maysville
Four Elk Creek Harvard Lakes
Fourmile Creek Nathrop
Fourmile Creek Buena Vista West
Frenchman Creek Harvard Lakes
Gable Creek Harvard Lakes
Gas Creek Nathrop
Grays Creek Mount Ouray
Green Creek Maysville
Grey Copper Creek Winfield
Horn Fork Creek Mount Yale
Hughes Creek Mount Yale
Jennings Creek Garfield
Lake Fork Winfield
Little Browns Creek Mount Antero
Little Cochetopa Creek Salida West
Little Cottonwood Creek Nathrop
Little Fourmile Creek Marmot Peak
Lost Creek Maysville
Maxwell Creek Buena Vista East
McClure Creek Maysville
McCoy Creek Garfield
McFadden Creek Harvard Lakes
Mercury Creek Buena Vista West
Merriam Creek Mount Antero
Middle Cottonwood Creek Buena Vista West
Middle Cottonwood Creek Big Bull Mountain
Middle Fork South Arkansas River Garfield
Mineral Creek Tincup
Morris Creek Harvard Lakes
Morrison Creek Harvard Lakes
Murry Ditch Salida West
North Cottonwood Creek Buena Vista West
North Fooses Creek Garfield
North Fork Chalk Creek Saint Elmo
North Fork Clear Creek Winfield
North Fork Denny Creek Mount Yale
North Fork Middle Cottonwood Creek Tincup
North Fork Sevenmile Creek Marmot Peak
North Fork South Arkansas River Maysville
Osbourne Creek Tincup
Pass Creek Maysville
Pine Creek South Peak
Pioneer Ditch Nathrop
Placer Creek Maysville
Poncha Creek Salida West
Powell Creek Harvard Lakes
Ptarmigan Creek Mount Yale
Red Deer Creek Buena Vista West
Redman Creek Maysville
Rock Creek Harvard Lakes
Rough and Tumbling Creek Jones Hill
Sand Creek Salida West
Sevenmile Creek Harvard Lakes
Silver Creek Buena Vista West
Silver Prince Creek Buena Vista West
South Arkansas River Salida East
South Cottonwood Creek Buena Vista West
South Fooses Creek Garfield
South Fork Clear Creek Winfield
South Fork Lake Creek Independence Pass
South Fork Sevenmile Creek Marmot Peak
South Pine Creek Mount Harvard
South Sand Creek Maysville
Spruce Creek Mount Ouray
Squaw Creek Frisco
Stumpy Creek Mount Ouray
Thompson Creek Buena Vista East
Three Elk Creek Harvard Lakes
Threemile Creek Nathrop
Trout Creek Buena Vista East
Ute Creek Salida West
Williams Hamm Ditch Salida West
Willow Creek Maysville
Woodchopper Creek Cumberland Pass

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Chaffee County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Chaffee County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.