Grand County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Grand County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Lake Isolation Peak
Albert Reservoir Lake Agnes
Antelope Reservoir Hinman Reservoir
Arapaho Bay Shadow Mountain
Basin Reservoir Lake Agnes
Bench Lake McHenrys Peak
Bighorn Lake Fall River Pass
Binco Reservoir Lake Agnes
Blue Lake Bowen Mountain
Bowen Lake Bowen Mountain
Bunte Reservoir Trail Mountain
Caribou Lake Monarch Lake
Chickaree Lake Grand Lake
Christenson Reservoir Sheephorn Mountain
City Reservoir Kremmling
Cole Reservoir Battle Mountain
Columbine Lake Grand Lake
Columbine Lake Monarch Lake
Corona Lake East Portal
Cottonwood Reservoir Hot Sulphur Springs
Crater Lake Monarch Lake
Crawford Lake Isolation Peak
Dale Reservoir Battle Mountain
De Koevend Lake Sylvan Reservoir
Deadman Lake East Portal
Dumont Lake Mount Werner
East Branch Reservoir Ute Peak
F W Linke Reservoir Number 2 Granby
F W Linke Reservoir Number 3 Granby
Fifth Lake Isolation Peak
Fourth Lake Isolation Peak
Gourd Lake Isolation Peak
Grand Lake Shadow Mountain
Griggs Reservoir Sheephorn Mountain
Hankison Reservoir Strawberry Lake
Haynach Lakes Grand Lake
Heini Reservoir Hinman Reservoir
Hinman Reservoir Hinman Reservoir
Horseshoe Lake Byers Peak
Huntington Reservoir Hot Sulphur Springs
Island Lake Isolation Peak
Jones Reservoir Sheephorn Mountain
Jones Reservoir Number 1 Kremmling
Jones Reservoir Number 2 Kremmling
Jones Reservoir Number 3 Kremmling
Julian Lake Grand Lake
Kids Pond Kremmling
Lake Agnes Lake Agnes
Lake Evelyn Bottle Pass
Lake Granby Shadow Mountain
Lake Irene Fall River Pass
Lake Nanita McHenrys Peak
Lake Nokoni McHenrys Peak
Lake of the Clouds Mount Richthofen
Lake Powell McHenrys Peak
Lake Solitude McHenrys Peak
Lake Verna Isolation Peak
Langholen Reservoir Battle Mountain
Lily Lake Lake Agnes
Linke Reservoir Granby
Little King Ranch Reservoir Radial Mountain
Lone Pine Lake Isolation Peak
Long Lake Isolation Peak
Lost Lake Bowen Mountain
Martin Lily Pond Hamilton
Matheson Reservoir Hyannis Peak
McElroy Reservoir Hinman Reservoir
McQueary Lake Byers Peak
Meadow Creek Reservoir Monarch Lake
Milk Creek Reservoir Lake Agnes
Mirror Lake Monarch Lake
Monarch Lake Monarch Lake
Moore Reservoir Junction Butte
Murphy Lake McHenrys Peak
Musgrave Reservoir Parshall
Oaks Reservoir Tyler Mountain
Parika Lake Mount Richthofen
Parsons Reservoir Whiteley Peak
Pawnee Lake Monarch Lake
Pettingell Lake McHenrys Peak
Pheney Reservoir Junction Butte
Pinnacle Pool Mount Richthofen
Ptarmigan Lake McHenrys Peak
Pumphouse Lake East Portal
Red Dirt Reservoir Tyler Mountain
Rock Creek Reservoir Parshall
Rock Gap Dam Reservoir Radium
Round Lake Isolation Peak
Ruby Lake Bowen Mountain
Rudolph Reservoir Tyler Mountain
Ryder Lakes Whiteley Peak
Saint Louis Lake Byers Peak
Scholl Reservoir Corral Peaks
Shadow Mountain Lake Shadow Mountain
Sinkovits and Linke Reservoir Bottle Pass
Snowdrift Lake McHenrys Peak
Spirit Lake Isolation Peak
Stone Lake Isolation Peak
Strawberry Lake Strawberry Lake
Sylvan Reservoir Sylvan Reservoir
Taussig Reservoir Number 1 Junction Butte
Timber Lake Grand Lake
Triangle Lake Monarch Lake
Upper Craven Reservoir Gore Pass
Upper Lake Isolation Peak
Ute Creek Reservoir Ute Peak
Ute Park Reservoir Ute Peak
Vasquez Lake Byers Peak
Watanga Lake Isolation Peak
Way Reservoir Sheephorn Mountain
Whiteley Peak Reservoir Lake Agnes
Williams Fork Reservoir Parshall
Willow Creek Reservoir Trail Mountain
Windy Gap Reservoir Granby
Wolford Mountain Reservoir Kremmling
Woods Reservoir Tyler Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Grand County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Grand County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.