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Grand County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Grand County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Creek Cabin Creek
Albert Creek Lake Agnes
Alkali Slough Hinman Reservoir
Ammons Creek Gore Pass
Antelope Creek Hinman Reservoir
Arapaho Creek Strawberry Lake
Badger Creek Whiteley Peak
Battle Creek Parshall
Beaver Creek Parshall
Beaver Creek Radium
Beaver Creek Fall River Pass
Beaver Creek Kremmling
Behler Creek Granby
Bennett Creek Trail Ridge
Big Dutch Creek Fall River Pass
Big Meadows Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Big Park Creek Gore Pass
Birch Creek Tyler Mountain
Birdseye Creek Hyannis Peak
Black Creek Hyannis Peak
Blacktail Creek Radium
Blue River Kremmling
Bobcat Creek Tyler Mountain
Bobtail Creek Byers Peak
Boham Creek Ute Peak
Bronco Creek Radial Mountain
Buchanan Creek Monarch Lake
Buck Creek Fraser
Buckhorn Creek Gunsight Pass
Buffalo Creek Cabin Creek
Bull Run Battle Mountain
Burke Spring Creek Hinman Reservoir
Byers Creek Bottle Pass
Cabin Creek Cabin Creek
Cabin Creek Fraser
Camp Creek King Creek
Canyon Creek Kremmling
Carter Creek Hinman Reservoir
Cascade Creek Monarch Lake
Charlie Creek Gunsight Pass
Coldwater Creek Hyannis Peak
Columbine Creek Shadow Mountain
Cook Creek Sylvan Reservoir
Cooper Creek Fraser
Copper Creek Parshall
Corral Creek Parshall
Cow Creek Battle Mountain
Coyote Creek Granby
Coyote Creek Corral Peaks
Crooked Creek Strawberry Lake
Crystal Creek Bottle Pass
Cub Creek Sylvan Reservoir
Cub Creek Fraser
Current Creek Berthoud Pass
Darling Creek Ute Peak
Deadhorse Creek Bottle Pass
Deer Creek Hinman Reservoir
Deer Creek Parkview Mountain
Denver Creek Radial Mountain
Devils Slide Creek Gore Pass
Diamond Creek Lake Agnes
Doe Creek Strawberry Lake
Draper Creek Tyler Mountain
Drowsy Water Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Dry Creek Kremmling
Dry Rifle Creek Rifle Falls
Dunning Creek Hinman Reservoir
East Branch Ute Creek Ute Peak
East Elk Creek Fraser
East Fork Blacktail Creek Gore Pass
East Fork Ninemile Creek Granby
East Fork Troublesome Creek Gunsight Pass
East Inlet Shadow Mountain
East Saint Louis Creek Bottle Pass
Echo Creek Shadow Mountain
Eightmile Creek Granby
Elk Creek Tyler Mountain
Elk Creek Fraser
Elk Creek Radial Mountain
Elliott Creek Kremmling
Ethel Creek Corral Peaks
Eva Creek Berthoud Pass
Evelyn Creek Bottle Pass
Farnham Creek Gore Pass
First Creek Parshall
First Creek Berthoud Pass
Flora Creek Berthoud Pass
Fool Creek Bottle Pass
Frantz Creek Lake Agnes
Fraser River Granby
French Creek Radium
Gardiner Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Glomerate Creek Hyannis Peak
Gold Run Cabin Creek
Gordon Creek Byers Peak
Gore Creek Gore Pass
Grouse Creek Shadow Mountain
Hall Creek Cabin Creek
Hallett Creek McHenrys Peak
Hamilton Creek Fraser
Hay Park Creek Corral Peaks
Haystack Creek Parkview Mountain
Hazel Creek Gore Pass
Heimbaugh Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Hermosa Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
High Rock Creek Tyler Mountain
Hill Creek Hinman Reservoir
Horse Creek Lynx Pass
Hull Creek Bottle Pass
Hurd Creek Fraser
Iron Creek Byers Peak
Irving Hale Creek Strawberry Lake
Jensen Creek Parshall
Jim Creek Fraser
Jolley Creek Lynx Pass
Jones Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Jones Creek Byers Peak
Kauffman Creek Radial Mountain
Kelly Creek Sylvan Reservoir
Keyser Creek Sylvan Reservoir
King Creek King Creek
King Creek Fraser
Kinney Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Kinney Creek Parshall
Kinney Creek Ute Peak
Kitchen Creek Parshall
Lady Creek Fall River Pass
Lawrence Creek Gunsight Pass
Leland Creek Blue Hill
Lindsey Creek Blacktail Mountain
Little Blacktail Creek Radium
Little Cabin Creek Fraser
Little Columbine Creek Shadow Mountain
Little Dutch Creek Fall River Pass
Little Henry Creek Lynx Pass
Little Muddy Creek Parshall
Little Muddy Creek Lake Agnes
Little Strawberry Creek Strawberry Lake
Little Vasques Creek Fraser
Lost Creek Battle Mountain
Lost Creek Fall River Pass
Lulu Creek Fall River Pass
Lunch Creek Byers Peak
Marietta Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Mary Jane Creek Fraser
McBride Creek Parkview Mountain
McQueary Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
McQueary Creek Byers Peak
Meadow Creek Fraser
Meadow Creek Strawberry Lake
Middle Dutch Creek Fall River Pass
Middle Fork Creek Parkview Mountain
Middle Fork Ranch Creek Fraser
Middle Fork Williams Fork Ute Peak
Middle Supply Creek Bowen Mountain
Milk Creek Lake Agnes
Mill Creek Monarch Lake
Mine Creek Byers Peak
Modlin Creek Gore Pass
Monument Creek Gunsight Pass
Mosquito Creek Fall River Pass
Muddy Creek Kremmling
Mule Creek Battle Mountain
Muller Creek Granby
Mulstay Creek Radial Mountain
Ninemile Creek Granby
North Battle Creek Battle Mountain
North Fork Cabin Creek Cabin Creek
North Fork Deer Creek Tyler Mountain
North Fork Pass Creek Tyler Mountain
North Fork Ranch Creek East Portal
North Inlet Shadow Mountain
North Spruce Creek Sheephorn Mountain
North Supply Creek Bowen Mountain
Onahu Creek Grand Lake
Opposition Creek Fall River Pass
Paradise Creek Parkview Mountain
Paradise Creek Comanche Peak
Parry Creek Empire
Parsenn Creek Berthoud Pass
Pass Creek Hinman Reservoir
Pass Creek Radial Mountain
Phantom Creek Fall River Pass
Pinto Creek Hinman Reservoir
Poison Creek Hyannis Peak
Pole Creek Shadow Mountain
Pole Creek Fraser
Porphyry Creek Hyannis Peak
Ptarmigan Creek Bottle Pass
Ptarmigan Creek McHenrys Peak
Rabbit Ears Creek Hyannis Peak
Ranch Creek Fraser
Range Creek Byers Peak
Ranger Creek Shadow Mountain
Red Dirt Creek Hinman Reservoir
Reed Creek Granby
Reeder Creek Junction Butte
Richey Creek Sylvan Reservoir
Roaring Fork Arapaho Creek Shadow Mountain
Robert Creek Berthoud Pass
Rock Creek McCoy
Rock Creek Parshall
Rockwell Creek Granby
Round Creek Gunsight Pass
Saint Louis Creek Fraser
Sawmill Creek Fall River Pass
Second Creek Parshall
Second Creek Berthoud Pass
Sheep Creek Hyannis Peak
Sheep Creek Radium
Sheep Creek Kremmling
Sheephorn Creek Radium
Sheriff Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Short Creek Bottle Pass
Short Creek Dillon
Siebert Creek Parkview Mountain
Silver Creek Fraser
Simpson Creek Sylvan Reservoir
Skunk Creek Fraser
Skylark Creek Battle Mountain
Slide Creek Gunsight Pass
Smith Creek Parshall
Smith Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Smith Creek Granby
Soda Creek Trail Mountain
South Battle Creek Battle Mountain
South Fork Buffalo Creek Radial Mountain
South Fork Deer Creek Tyler Mountain
South Fork Mule Creek Battle Mountain
South Fork Ranch Creek Fraser
South Fork Williams Fork Ute Peak
Specimen Creek Fall River Pass
Spring Branch Fraser
Spring Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Spruce Creek Bottle Pass
Squeak Creek Fall River Pass
Steelman Creek Byers Peak
Stillwater Creek Trail Mountain
Strawberry Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Strawberry Creek Granby
Supply Creek Shadow Mountain
Tenmile Creek Granby
Tepee Creek Gore Pass
Thomas Creek Gore Pass
Thunderbolt Creek Monarch Lake
Timber Creek Sylvan Reservoir
Timber Creek Parkview Mountain
Timber Creek Fall River Pass
Tipperary Creek Bottle Pass
Tonahutu Creek Grand Lake
Trail Creek Radium
Trail Creek Trail Mountain
Trail Creek Fraser
Trail Creek Radial Mountain
Troublesome Creek Junction Butte
Trout Creek Radial Mountain
Twin Creek Shadow Mountain
Upson Creek Sylvan Reservoir
Ute Bill Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Ute Creek Sylvan Reservoir
Vasquez Creek Fraser
Waste Creek Gunsight Pass
Watanga Creek Isolation Peak
West Branch Ute Creek Ute Peak
West Elk Creek Fraser
West Fork Ninemile Creek Granby
West Saint Louis Creek Burns North
Wheatley Creek Corral Peaks
Williams Fork Parshall
Willow Creek Hot Sulphur Springs
Willow Creek Granby
Wolverine Creek Fraser
Yarmony Creek Radium

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Grand County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Grand County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.