Montrose County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Montrose County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexander Reservoir Montrose West
Barnes Mill Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Beaver Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Berry Reservoir Sanborn Park
Big Monitor Reservoir Number 1 Cottonwood Basin
Big Monitor Reservoir Number 2 Cottonwood Basin
Big Red Reservoir Sanborn Park
Bottle Stomp Reservoir Cathedral Peak
Buckeye Reservoir Buckeye Reservoir
Buckhorn Lake Number 1 Buckhorn Lakes
Buckhorn Lake Number 2 Buckhorn Lakes
Buckhorn Lakes Buckhorn Lakes
Bullfrog Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Butte Lake Washboard Rock
Castle Rock Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Cerro Reservoir Cerro Summit
Citizens Reservoir Dry Creek Basin
Crystal Reservoir Cimarron
Darling Lake Antone Spring
Dead Horse Reservoir Norwood
Dollan Reservoir Sanborn Park
Don Meek Reservoir Number 1 Cathedral Peak
Dry Mesa Reservoir Number 2 Good Point
Fairview Reservoir Montrose East
Fire Box Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Fisher Reservoir Sanborn Park
Geyser Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Go Back Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Gould Reservoir Cathedral Peak
Grassy Lake Moore Mesa
Green Mountain Reservoir Number 1 Black Ridge
Hardin Reservoir Sanborn Park
Harry White Number 2 Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Harry White Reservoirs Cottonwood Basin
Hawkins Reservoir Number 2 Cottonwood Basin
Hay Park Reservoir Cathedral Peak
Herman Reservoir Sanborn Park
Hilkey Pond Moore Mesa
Hofmann Reservoir Horsefly Peak
Horsefly Trail Reservoir Number 1 Sanborn Park
Horsefly Trail Reservoir Number 2 Sanborn Park
Hotchkiss Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Lee Reservoirs Cottonwood Basin
Lewis Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Little Monitor Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Little Monitor Reservoir Number 1 Cottonwood Basin
Little Monitor Reservoir Number 2 Cottonwood Basin
Little Red Reservoir Sanborn Park
Logging Camp Draw Reservoir Sanborn Park
Lone Pine Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Loss Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Lower Ed Lee Number 2 Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Meek Reservoir Cathedral Peak
Middle Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Middle Sanborn Park Reservoir Sanborn Park
Mock Reservoir Montrose East
Mock Reservoir Number 2 Montrose East
Monogram Mesa Reservoir Bull Canyon
Montrose Reservoir Cerro Summit
Monument Lake Ute
Moore Basin Lake Davis Point
Morrow Point Reservoir Cimarron
Mud Spring Reservoir Sanborn Park
Muleshoe Bend Reservoir Anderson Mesa
Nucla Domestic Reservoir Nucla
Olathe Reservoir Number 1 Dry Creek Basin
Olathe Reservoir Number 2 Dry Creek Basin
Onion Valley Reservoir Cathedral Peak
Palmers Lake Norwood
Paxton Reservoir Horsefly Peak
Pine Trail Reservoir Mount Blaine
Poison Spring Reservoir Grizzly Ridge
Road Reservoir Sanborn Park
Roatcap Wash Watershed RW-1 Reservoir Hoovers Corner
Rock Ballast Reservoir Sanborn Park
Round Park Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Section 7 Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Silesca Pond Pryor Creek
Skein Mesa Reservoir Bull Canyon
Smith Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Sorenson Reservoir Sanborn Park
Stone Basin Reservoir Good Point
Tarantula Reservoir Sanborn Park
Town Reservoir Nucla
Trail Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Turkey Plot Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir
Twentyfive Mesa Reservoir Roubideau
Twin Lake Cottonwood Basin
Twin Lakes Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Tyler Reservoir Crawford
Upper Craig Draw Reservoir Sanborn Park
Upper Ed Lee Reservoir Cottonwood Basin
Watson Lake Washboard Rock
Williams Reservoir Norwood
Z K Reservoir Hotchkiss Reservoir

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Montrose County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Montrose County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.