Routt County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Routt County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Reservoir Slide Mountain
Apple Dam Reservoir Cow Creek
Ashponds Hayden Station Mount Harris
Bar-Bee Lake Reservoir Green Ridge
Basin Reservoir Breeze Mountain
Bear Lake Oak Creek
Beaver Lake Mount Zirkel
Bennett Reservoir Pagoda
Benton Lake Orno Peak
Big Creek Lake Mount Ethel
Boyer Reservoir Tumble Mountain
Bulkley Reservoir Lynx Pass
Bull Park Reservoir Orno Peak
Bull Park Reservoir Number 2 Orno Peak
Burnt Mesa Reservoir Sand Point
Butter Lake Fly Creek
Chambers Reservoir Oak Creek
Crossan Reservoir Trapper
Crowner Reservoir Toponas
Detwiller Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Dillabaugh Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Dome Lake Mount Ethel
Duck Lake Fly Creek
Dunckley and Dubeau Reservoir Dunckley
Dunkley Dubeau Reservoir Dunckley
E M Curry Reservoir Toponas
Eagle Rock Lakes Green Ridge
Eckman Park Reservoir Number 1 Rattlesnake Butte
Egeria Creek Reservoir Trapper
Emrich Reservoir Hayden
Farwell Lake Farwell Mountain
Fish Creek Reservoir Milner
Fish Creek Reservoir Mount Werner
Fish Hawk Lake Floyd Peak
Fishhook Lake Mount Werner
Gardner Park Reservoir Orno Peak
Gill Reservoir Dunckley Pass
Gilpin Lake Mount Zirkel
Gold Creek Lake Mount Zirkel
Greasewood Flat Reservoir Hayden
Grimes Brooks Reservoir Blue Hill
Grimes-Brooks Reservoir Blue Hill
Hadley Reservoir Toponas
Hahns Peak Lake Hahns Peak
Harper and Sons Reservoir Trapper
Harper Reservoir Trapper
Hayden Plant Evaporation Pond Mount Harris
Hayden Plant Recycled Water Reservoir Mount Harris
Henderson Reservoir Oak Creek
Hinman Lake Hahns Peak
J B Dawson Number One Reservoir Mount Harris
J O K Reservoir Dunckley Pass
James Marion Yoast Reservoir Dunckley
John C Temple Reservoir Number 1 Hayden
John C Temple Reservoir Number 2 Hayden
JOK Reservoir Number 1 Dunckley Pass
Kelly Reservoir Toponas
Knife Edge Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Lagunita Lake Lynx Pass
Lake Catamount Blacktail Mountain
Lake Creek Reservoir Green Ridge
Lake Diana Mount Zirkel
Lake Dinosaur Buffalo Pass
Lake Edward Floyd Peak
Lake Elbert Mount Ethel
Lake Elmo Mount Werner
Lake Emrich Hayden
Lake Fork Reservoir Tumble Mountain
Lake Margaret Floyd Peak
Lake of the Crags Mount Ethel
Lake Windemere Mad Creek
Lakes of the Crags Mount Ethel
Larson Reservoir Fly Creek
Lily Pond Dunckley
Little Lost Lake Mount Werner
Long Lake Mount Werner
Long Lake Reservoir Mount Werner
Luna Lake Mount Ethel
Martin Creek Reservoir Oak Creek
Martin Reservoir Oak Creek
Maud Wise Reservoir Hayden Gulch
McCargar Reservoir Elkhorn Mountain
McChivvis Reservoir Orno Peak
McChivvis Reservoir Orno Peak
McCoy Reservoir McCoy
Mica Lake Mount Zirkel
Mills Pond Hayden Gulch
Mirror Lake Mount Ethel
Moody Lake Hayden Gulch
Morgan Creek Reservoir Number 1 Hooker Mountain
Morris Reservoir Lynx Pass
Newton Gulch Reservoir Trapper
Noble Reservoir Toponas
Nofstger Reservoir Mount Harris
Nofstger Zeigler Reservoir Mount Harris
North Lake Mount Ethel
Number One Reservoir Rattlesnake Butte
Oak Creek Reservoir Oak Creek
Overman Reservoir Oak Creek
Pearl Lake Hahns Peak
Pond Lily Lakes Clark
Porcupine Lake Buffalo Pass
Pristine Lake Mount Ethel
Ptarmigan Lake Mount Ethel
Reid Reservoir Lynx Pass
Reservoir Number Three Rattlesnake Butte
Reservoir Number Two Rattlesnake Butte
Roberta Reservoir Trapper
Rosa Lake Mount Ethel
Saddle Reservoir Pagoda
Sage Creek Reservoir Mount Harris
Sagebrush Reservoir Number 1 Pagoda
Sedimentation Pond HG-1 Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Sedimentation Pond HG-3 Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Sedimentation Pond HG-4 Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Sedimentation Pond HG-5 Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Sellers – Crowell Reservoir Dunckley
Sellers-Crowell Reservoir Dunckley
Shaefermeyer Reservoir Number 1 Hooker Mountain
Shaefermeyer Reservoir Number 4 Hooker Mountain
Shaffer Reservoir Dunckley
Slater Creek Lake Fly Creek
Snowstorm Lake Floyd Peak
Steamboat Lake Hahns Peak
Steamboat Lake Hahns Peak
Steamboat Springs Wastewater Reclamation Reservoir Cow Creek
Sterner Reservoir Trapper
Sunnyside Lakes Dome Peak
Three Island Lake Mount Zirkel
Tonier Gulch Reservoir Lynx Pass
Toponas Rock Reservoir Number 2 Toponas
Trull Creek Reservoir Number 1 Mad Creek
Upper Robinson Reservoir Cow Creek
Waller Reservoir Blue Hill
Walrod Reservoir Mount Harris
Whetstone Reservoir Cow Creek
Whetstone Reservoir Number 3 Mount Harris
Whiteley-Nelson Reservoir Yampa
Willow Creek Lake Meaden Peak
Winslow Reservoir Burns North
Wohler Reservoir Blue Hill
Wolverine Lake Mount Ethel
Wyman Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Yarmany Reservoir McCoy
Yoast Reservoir Number 1 Dunckley

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Routt County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Routt County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.