Weld County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Weld County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams and Bunker Reservoir Number 1 Hereford NW
Adams and Bunker Reservoir Number 2 Reno Reservoir
Adams and Bunker Reservoir Number 3 Hereford SE
Akers and Tarr Reservoir Johnstown
Allison Reservoir Galeton
Angel Lake Severance
Antelope Reservoir Antelope Reservoir
Anthony Reservoir Number 2 Hudson
Arrowhead Reservoir Bracewell
B L Swift Reservoir Gowanda
Baldridge Lake Severance
Ballinger Reservoir Johnstown
Banner Lake Number 1 Reservoir Keenesburg
Banner Lake Number 3 Reservoir Keenesburg
Banner Lake Number 5 Reservoir Keenesburg
Banner Lakes Keenesburg
Bass Reservoir Gowanda
Baxter Lake Berthoud
Behrens Reservoir La Salle
Bidwell Lake Fosston
Black Hollow Reservoir Timnath
Boyd Number 2 Reservoir Antelope Reservoir
Brainard Lake R-2 Ward
Bringleson Reservoir Raymer NW
Briscoe Lake Kersey
Calkins Lake Longmont
Carlin Reservoir Hudson
Chestnut Reservoir La Salle
Clark Lake Eaton
Clennon Reservoir Johnstown
Coal Bank Watershed CB-1 Reservoir Nunn
Coal Ridge Waste Reservoir Fort Lupton
Cole Reservoir Galeton
Cottonwood Lake Greeley
Coursey Reservoir Number 1 Hudson
Cozzens Lake Eaton
Crom Lake Nunn
Darling Reservoir Greeley
Davis Reservoir Johnstown
De France Reservoir Berthoud
De France Reservoir Berthoud
De Remer Lakes Keenesburg
Decker – Pierce Reservoir Carr SW
Denning Irrigation Reservoir Number 1 Keenesburg
Deremer Lake Number 10 Keenesburg
Diamond Reservoir Gowanda
Dougan Reservoir Hudson
Dover Reservoir Dover
Drake Lake Severance
Dutch Girl Lake Dutch Girl Lake
Eagle Rock Reservoir Hereford NW
Eagle Rock Reservoir Chalk Bluffs East
East Stoneham Reservoir Stoneham NE
Eaton-Law Reservoir Severance
Eichheim Reservoir Nunn
Empire Reservoir Masters
Erickson Reservoir Bracewell
Eshelman Reservoir Hudson
Faber Reservoir Kersey
Firestone Lake Frederick
Foster Reservoir Gowanda
Franklin Lake Severance
Frederick Reservoir Frederick
French Lake Roggen
Fulton Waste Reservoir Platteville
German Reservoir Number 12 Frederick
German Reservoir Number 8 and 9 Frederick
Giffon Number 1 Reservoir Dover
Giffon Number 2 Reservoir Dover
Greasewood Lake Greasewood Lake
Greeley Lake West Reservoir Greeley
Gress Reservoir Severance
Gunn Reservoir Number Three Eastman Creek SE
H A Smith Reservoir Fort Lupton
Hackberry Reservoir Dipper Spring
Hamilton Reservoir Hudson
Hartford Reservoir Johnstown
Heart Reservoir Briggsdale
Henery Lake Reservoir Hudson
Henry Reservoir Hudson
Highland Lake Longmont
Highland Reservoir Longmont
Highland Reservoir Number 1 Gowanda
Highland Reservoir Number 3 Gowanda
Hill Lake Johnstown
Hillsboro Reservoir Johnstown
Hogarty Reservoir Bracewell
Holt Reservoir Gowanda
Howard Reservoir Baker Draw
Howards Lake Kersey
Hummel Reservoir Berthoud
Ide and Starbird Reservoir Number 1 Berthoud
Ide and Starbird Reservoir Number 2 Berthoud
Indian Creek Reservoir Carr SW
Ireland Number 5 Reservoir Keenesburg
Ireland Reservoir Number 6 Hudson
Ireland Reservoir Number Five Keenesburg
Ireland Reservoir Number Four Keenesburg
Ireland Reservoir Number One Keenesburg
Isabel Myron Reservoir Johnstown
J B Cooke Reservoir Kersey
James Lake Timnath
John Keller Reservoir Galeton
John Law Reservoir Severance
Johnstown Reservoir Johnstown
Kammerzell Lake Milliken
King Lake Severance
Klingenberg Flood Control Number 1 Reservoir Fosston
Klug Lake Klug Ranch
Klug Reservoir Number 3 Klug Ranch
Koenig Reservoir Windsor
Lake Canal Reservoir Number 1 Timnath
Lake Marie Gowanda
Lake Thomas Gowanda
Law Reservoir Severance
Lee Lake Timnath
Leemans Lake Hudson
Lemon-Erickson Reservoir Number 1 Avalo SE
Lillie Reservoir Cobb Lake
Lindies Lakes Kersey
Little Gem Reservoir Johnstown
Little Thompson Reservoir Johnstown
Logan Reservoir Longmont
Loloff Reservoir Valley View School
Long Lake Cornish
Loop Lake Severance
Lord Reservoir Prospect Valley
Lost Creek Reservoir Number 1 Roggen
Lott Reservoir Keenesburg
Loup Lake Severance
Lower Latham Reservoir La Salle
Mahood Reservoir Timnath
Marshall Reservoir Number 2 Johnstown
Mason Reservoir Galeton
McGrew Reservoir Purcell
McGrew Reservoir Antelope Reservoir
McKay Reservoir Gowanda
Mead Reservoir Longmont
Miantenoma Reservoir Johnstown
Miller Reservoir Berthoud
Milton Lake Reservoir Milton Reservoir
Milton Reservoir Milton Reservoir
Minnie Reservoir Johnstown
Moeller Reservoir Johnstown
Monahan Lakes Roggen
Mose Davis Lake Platteville
Mose Davis Reservoir Number 2 Platteville
Mulligan Reservoir Gowanda
Munger Reservoir Number 1 Fort Lupton
Munger Reservoir Number 2 Fort Lupton
Murphy Reservoir Briggsdale
Neff Lake Bracewell
Neill Brothers Reservoir Bracewell
Neuman Lake Bracewell
New Thomas Reservoir Gowanda
Newell Lake Berthoud
North Star Reservoir Frederick
Oklahoma Lake Windsor
Oklahoma Reservoir Windsor
Olds Reservoir Prospect Valley
Owl Creek Reservoir Galeton
Parmalee Reservoir Johnstown
Patton Spring Reservoir Vim School
Prospect Reservoir Keenesburg
Rehmer Lake Milliken
Reno Reservoir Reno Reservoir
Riverside Reservoir Dearfield
Rockwell Reservoir Berthoud
Roulard Lake Severance
Rowe Brothers Reservoir Antelope Reservoir
Sanborn Reservoir Longmont
Sand Reservoir Number 1 Baker Draw
Sand Reservoir Number 2 Baker Draw
Saxton Lake Eaton
Schneider Lake Severance
Seeley Lake Greeley
Sequine Reservoir Hudson
Seven Reverse Y Number 1 Reservoir Reno Reservoir
Seventy Holes Lake Dearfield
Shaw Reservoir Eaton
Sloan Number 1 Reservoir Keenesburg
Smith Reservoir Timnath
South Side Reservoir Pinewood Lake
Spomer Lakes Milliken
Spring Lake Dearfield
Stybr Reservoir Number 2 Hudson
Sullivan Reservoir Gowanda
Swanson Lake Severance
Thomas Lake Reservoir Purcell
Thomas Reservoir Berthoud
Thompson Lake Timnath
Thompson Reservoir Timnath
Thompson Reservoir Frederick
Toedtli Reservoir Avalo
Town of Mead Reservoir Longmont
Triangle Reservoir Number 1 Hudson
Twombly Reservoir Platteville
Uhl Reservoir Battle Canyon
Union Reservoir Longmont
Waite Lake Roggen
West Greeley Greeley
Wheeler Lake Gowanda
Wild Horse Reservoir Keota
Wildhorse Reservoir 1 Keota
Windsor Lake Windsor
Windsor Reservoir Timnath
Woods Lake Severance
Wykert Number 4 Reservoir Severance
Wykert Reservoir Number 1 Severance
Wykert Reservoir Number 2 Severance

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Weld County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Weld County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.