Fairfield County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Fairfield County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aspetuck Reservoir Westport
Attschul Pond Stamford
Baird Millpond Ansonia
Ball Pond Brewster
Banks Pond Westport
Bear Rock Pond Pound Ridge
Beaver Brook Pond Westport
Beaver Dam Lake Long Hill
Beaver Dam Lake Bridgeport
Bellarmine Pond Westport
Bendels Pond Stamford
Bennett Ponds Bethel
Bermuda Lagoon Norwalk South
Bethels Pond Bethel
Big Lake Botsford
Blanchard Pond Norwalk North
Boggs Pond Brewster
Bolling Pond Stamford
Brewsters Pond Bridgeport
Bruce Pond Bridgeport
Bulkley Pond Westport
Bunnells Pond Bridgeport
Byram River Reservoir Glenville
Candees Pond Bethel
Canoe Brook Lake Long Hill
Canoe Brook Lake Bridgeport
Carp Pond Newtown
Carringtons Pond Glenville
Cavanaugh Pond Newtown
Chalmers Pond Norwalk South
Chamberland Pond Bridgeport
Chasmars Pond Norwalk South
Chestnut Ridge Reservoir Bethel
Chordas Pond Ansonia
Closes Pond Glenville
Cobbs Mill Pond Norwalk North
Cogers Pond Botsford
Collins Pond Pound Ridge
Converse Lake Mount Kisco
Cooks Pond Bridgeport
Corner Pond Brewster
Cos Cob Pond Stamford
Cranberry Pond Ansonia
Curtis Pond Newtown
Davidge Pond Westport
Davis Pond Norwalk North
Deer Pond Pawling
Deering Pond Norwalk North
Dickens Pond Danbury
Disbrow Pond Danbury
Domenicks Pond Norwalk North
Dommericks Pond Stamford
Doughnut Lake Pound Ridge
Doyles Pond Danbury
East Lake Reservoir Danbury
Easton Reservoir Botsford
Ehrsam Pond Bridgeport
Eureka Lake Bethel
F W Perry Pond Glenville
Factory Pond Bethel
Falls Pond Botsford
Farringtons Pond Brewster
Florshiem Pond Norwalk South
Forest Lake Danbury
Fourteen Acre Pond Norwalk North
Fox Hill Lake Bethel
Frash Pond Bridgeport
Frog Pond Bridgeport
Fyre Lake Stamford
Gerow Millpond Brewster
Godfrey Pond Norwalk North
Gorhams Pond Norwalk South
Grays Pond Pound Ridge
Great Pond Bethel
Green Pond New Milford
Grupes Reservoir Norwalk North
Guskie Pond Botsford
Guthrie Pond Norwalk North
Hams Pond Norwalk North
Hattertown Pond Botsford
Hattertown Pond Bethel
Haviland Millpond New Milford
Hawley Pond Bethel
Hazen Pond Bethel
Hedmons Pond Botsford
Held Pond Westport
Hemlock Reservoir Westport
Hendersons Pond Norwalk North
Holly Pond Norwalk South
Holts Ice Pond Stamford
Holy Ghost Fathers Pond Norwalk South
Hopkins Pond Westport
Horse Tavern Reservoir Bridgeport
Hoyt Pond Westport
Huntington Pond Botsford
Indian Spring Pond Glenville
Isinglass Reservoir Long Hill
Island Brook Lagoon Bridgeport
Jellif Mill Pond Stamford
Jennings Pond Pawling
John D Milne Lake Norwalk North
Johns Pond Bethel
Kaatz Pond Long Hill
Kachele Pond Botsford
Keating Pond Newtown
Kellners Pond Danbury
Kellogg Pond Norwalk North
Kents Pond Norwalk North
King Lake Danbury
Lake Candlewood New Milford
Lake Forest Bridgeport
Lake Housatonic Ansonia
Lake Kenosia Brewster
Lake Lillinonah Newtown
Lake Mauweehoo New Milford
Lake Mead Glenville
Lake Mohegan Westport
Lake Naraneka Peach Lake
Lake Susan Pound Ridge
Lake Wackawana Danbury
Lake Windwing Peach Lake
Lake Windwing Peach Lake
Lake Zoar Southbury
Laurel Lake Westport
Laurel Reservoir Pound Ridge
Lee Pond Westport
Lees Pond Bethel
Lewis Pond Botsford
Lily Pond Botsford
Little Pond Bethel
Lockwood Pond Pound Ridge
Lower Kohanza Lake Danbury
Mamanasco Lake Peach Lake
Margerie Lake Reservoir Danbury
Mathers Pond Norwalk South
McManus Lake Pound Ridge
Means Brook Reservoir Long Hill
Mercers Pond Danbury
Merton Mill Pond Brewster
Mianus Pond Stamford
Mianus Reservoir Pound Ridge
Mianus River Pond Stamford
Mianus River Reservoir Stamford
Mill Pond Norwalk South
Mill Pond Norwalk North
Mill Pond Glenville
Millard Pond Norwalk South
Millers Pond Bethel
Mirror Lake Botsford
Moffitts Pond Bethel
Moodys Mill Pond Bridgeport
Mother Superior Lake Botsford
Motil Pond Milford
Mountain Pond Bethel
Mullens Pond Norwalk North
Myers Pond Botsford
Nash Pond Westport
Nash Pond Westport
New Canaan Reservoir Pound Ridge
Nichols Pond Norwalk North
Noroneke Lake Bethel
North Lake Glenville
North Pond Botsford
North Stamford Reservoir Mattituck Hills
North Stamford Reservoir Pound Ridge
Norton Pond Westport
Old South Norwalk Reservoir Norwalk North
Orient Lodge Lake Pound Ridge
Outpost Inn Pond Bethel
Padanaram Reservoir Danbury
Parks Pond Bethel
Pecks Mill Pond Milford
Pecks Pond Bethel
Perrys Millpond Westport
Perrys Pond Bethel
Pfeiffer Pond Westport
Pinewood Lake Long Hill
Pootatuck River Reservoir Newtown
Popes Pond Norwalk North
Princes Pond Westport
Putnam Lake Glenville
Putnam Park Pond Bethel
Raymonds Pond Stamford
Rock Lake Norwalk North
Rockland Ponds Botsford
Rockwell Swamp Norwalk North
Rockwood Lake Glenville
Rogers Park Pond Danbury
Rogers Pond Danbury
Round Pond Peach Lake
Rowledge Pond Long Hill
Saddle Pond Mount Kisco
Samp Mortar Reservoir Westport
Sanfords Pond Brewster
Saugatuck Reservoir Botsford
Saugatuck Reservoir Botsford
Seeleys Pond Bridgeport
Selby Pond Milford
Shadow Lake Peach Lake
Sheffield Pond Norwalk North
Shelton Reservoir Ansonia
Shelton Reservoir Ansonia
Shelton Reservoir Ansonia
Shelton Reservoir Number 3 Ansonia
Sherwood Millpond Sherwood Point
Sherwood Millpond Westport
Silvermine Pond Norwalk North
Smith Pond Long Hill
South Norwalk Reservoir Norwalk North
South Pond Botsford
Spahn Pond Glenville
Spectacle Swamp Norwalk North
Spring Lake Pawling
Spruce Pond Norwalk North
Spruce Swamp Pond Norwalk South
Squantz Pond New Milford
Steichens Ponds Bethel
Sterns Pond Brewster
Stillman Pond Bridgeport
Stillwater Pond Stamford
Streets Pond Norwalk South
Streets Pond Norwalk North
Success Lake Bridgeport
Sugar Hollow Pond Bethel
Sympaug Pond Bethel
Tarrywile Lake Bethel
Taunton Pond Newtown
Taylors Pond Bethel
Thayers Pond Norwalk North
Thrushwood Lake Bridgeport
Timber Lake Pawling
Todd Park Bethel
Toll Gate Pond Glenville
Topping Pond Glenville
Trails End Pond Norwalk North
Trap Falls Reservoir Long Hill
Tri-Lake Ansonia
Turtle Pond Danbury
Turtle Pond Peach Lake
Umpawaug Pond Bethel
Upper Kohanza Lake Danbury
Upper Mianus Pond Stamford
Valley Pond Pawling
Walnut Hill Pond Newtown
Wardwell Pond Norwalk North
Warner Pond Southbury
Wataba Lake Bethel
Waubeeka Lake Bethel
Weir Pond Bethel
Wellgoto Pond Newtown
West Fork Pond Glenville
West Lake Reservoir Brewster
Wilcox Pond Glenville
Wilshire Pond Glenville
Winnipauk Millpond Norwalk North
Woods Pond Norwalk North
Woodway Golf Club Pond Stamford
Wooley Pond Glenville

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Fairfield County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Fairfield County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.