Hartford County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Hartford County

Place USGS Topo Map
Addison Pond Glastonbury
Angus Park Pond Glastonbury
Arnold Pond Southwick
Barber Pond Hartford North
Barkhamsted Reservoir West Granville
Batterson Park Pond New Britain
Beaverdam Pond Avon
Bell Pond Hartford South
Bell Reservoir Hartford South
Birge Pond Bristol
Black Pond Southington
Bloomfield Reservoir Hartford North
Bloomfield Reservoir 3A Hartford North
Blue Hills Reservoir Hartford North
Bond Pond Collinsville
Brainard Pond Glastonbury
Brickyard Pond Manchester
Bristol Reservoir Number 1 Bristol
Broad Brook Millpond Broad Brook
Broad Brook Reservoir Broad Brook
Bromes Pond Windsor Locks
Buckingham Reservoir Marlborough
Buckland Pond Glastonbury
Bugbee Reservoir Avon
Burnt Hill Reservoir New Britain
Caiglo Pond Glastonbury
Cains Pond Windsor Locks
Cannon Pond Windsor Locks
Carson Pond Southwick
Case Pond Rockville
Case Pond Upper Rockville
Cast and Blast Pond Manchester
Cedar Swamp Pond Bristol
Cold Brook Reservoir Glastonbury
Cold Spring Reservoir Avon
Compounce Lake Bristol
Connecticut River Reservoir Broad Brook
Cornerstone Pool New Britain
Cranberry Pond Springfield South
Crescent Lake Broad Brook
Crescent Lake Springfield South
Diamond Lake Marlborough
Dividend Pond Hartford South
Doerrs Pond New Britain
Dunham Mill Pond Bristol
Dunham Millpond Bristol
Dyke Pond Avon
Elmere Reservoir Meriden
Ely Pond Avon
Emmons Pond West Granville
Ensign Bickford Pond Avon
Farmington Reservoir New Britain
Farmington River Reservoir Collinsville
Florians Pond Southington
Folly Pond Manchester
Fosters Pond West Granville
Fosters Pond New Hartford
Freshwater Pond Broad Brook
Gale Pond Avon
Gills Pond Meriden
Globe Hollow Reservoir Manchester
Goodwin Pond Windsor Locks
Goulds Pond Manchester
Grannis Pond Bristol
Great Pond Glastonbury
Great Pond Windsor Locks
Great Pond Tariffville
Green Manor Pool Broad Brook
Griffin Pond Tariffville
Griswold Reservoir Hartford South
Guild Pond Broad Brook
Hallmere Reservoir Meriden
Hamlin Pond New Britain
Hart Pond Meriden
Hart Ponds New Britain
Hart Ponds Meriden
Hartford Reservoir Number 1 New Britain
Hartford Reservoir Number 2 Avon
Hartford Reservoir Number 3 Avon
Hartford Reservoir Number 5 Avon
Hartford Reservoir Number 6 Avon
Hartland Pond Tolland Center
Hazel Meadow Pond Avon
Henrys Pond Number 2 Collinsville
Hilliards Pond Manchester
Hills Pond Glastonbury
Hockanum River Reservoir Manchester
Hodges Pond Glastonbury
Hoe Pond Avon
Howard Reservoir Rockville
Howells Pond West Granville
Keeney Street Pond Manchester
Keney Park Pond Hartford North
Kenmere Reservoir Meriden
Kettle Pond Tariffville
LaCourse Pond Southington
Lake Basile Tariffville
Lake Como Bristol
Lake Erie Avon
Lake Garda Bristol
Lake Garda Bristol
Lake Louise Avon
Lake Terramuggus Marlborough
Laurel Lake Manchester
Lily Pond Avon
Lily Pond Hartford North
Limon Pond Southwick
Lions Memorial Pool Meriden
Lower Hart Pond Meriden
Lower Pond New Britain
Lydall Pond Number 1 Manchester
Malones Pond Bristol
Manitook Lake Tariffville
Marsh Pond Tariffville
Mary Baker Stanley Pool Hartford North
Mason Pond New Britain
May Ponds West Granville
Mill Pond Hartford South
Mill Woods Pond Hartford South
Miller Pond Glastonbury
Monce Pond Bristol
Nepaug Reservoir Collinsville
New Britain Reservoir Bristol
Newgate Pond Windsor Locks
Nipsic Pond Glastonbury
Norton Park Pond Bristol
Norton Pond Meriden
Old Marsh Pond Bristol
Olds and Whipple Pond Windsor Locks
Osborne Pond Broad Brook
Paderewski Pond New Britain
Papel Goods Pond New Britain
Paper Goods Pond New Britain
Park Pond Southington
Plainville Reservoir New Britain
Plants Pond Southington
Podunk Pond Manchester
Porter Reservoir Rockville
Potter Pond Glastonbury
Powder Mill Ponds Broad Brook
Rainbow Pond Windsor Locks
Rams Pond Glastonbury
Red Gates Pond Glastonbury
Reeds Pond Windsor Locks
Rosers Pond Glastonbury
Sage Pond Middletown
Salter Pond Manchester
Schwartz Pond Windsor Locks
Scitico River Reservoir Broad Brook
Secret Lake Collinsville
Shaker Pond Springfield South
Shoddy Mill Pond Glastonbury
Shultz Pond New Britain
Shuttle Meadow Pond New Britain
Shuttle Meadow Reservoir New Britain
Silver Birch Pond Windsor Locks
Silver Lake Meriden
Simsbury Reservoir Tariffville
Slopers Pond Meriden
South Reservoir New Britain
Southington Reservoir Number 1 Southington
Southington Reservoir Number 3 Southington
Spears Pond West Springfield
Spencer Pond Southwick
Spring Dam Pond Windsor Locks
Spring Lake Meriden
Spring Pond Tariffville
Stoughtons Pond Broad Brook
Stowes Pond Broad Brook
Strong Pond Moodus
Stub Pond Avon
Swede Pond Meriden
Talcott Reservoir Avon
Talcott Reservoir Avon
Three Corner Pond Tariffville
Town Pool Avon
Treat Pond Glastonbury
Trout Pond Tariffville
Trout Pond West Granville
Tuller Reservoir Tariffville
Union Pond Manchester
Unionville Reservoir Collinsville
Unionville Upper Reservoir Collinsville
Upper Hart Pond Meriden
Vintons Millpond Manchester
Walton Pond Avon
Wasel Reservoir Meriden
Wassel Reservoir Meriden
Welles Pond Avon
Wetherell Pond Manchester
Whigville Reservoir Bristol
Whites Pond Windsor Locks
Wickham Reservoir Manchester
Williams Pond Glastonbury
Williams Pond Glastonbury
Windsor Locks Reservoir Windsor Locks
Windsorville Pond Broad Brook
Wintonbury Reservoir Hartford North
Wood Pond New Britain
Woodridge Lake New Britain

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Hartford County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Hartford County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.