Litchfield County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Litchfield County

Place USGS Topo Map
Atwood Pond Waterbury
Atwood Swamp Collinsville
Bacon Pond Woodbury
Bald Hill Reservoir Woodbury
Balmoral Farm Pond Waterbury
Bantam Lake Litchfield
Bantam Pond Long Hill
Bantam River Reservoir Litchfield
Bates Pond New Preston
Bauer Pond Sharon
Beaman Pond Kent
Bear Swamp Pond South Canaan
Beardsley Pond Sharon
Beaver Pond Litchfield
Beckley Pond Norfolk
Beecher Pond Norfolk
Beeslick Pond Sharon
Benedict Pond South Sandisfield
Besse Park Pond Torrington
Big Meadow Pond Litchfield
Bigelow Pond Norfolk
Bingham Pond Bash Bish Falls
Bird Pond Litchfield
Birdsall Pond Thomaston
Black Rock Lake Thomaston
Black Rock Pond Thomaston
Blatz Pond Ellsworth
Bog Meadow Pond Ellsworth
Bristol Reservoir Number 4 Thomaston
Bristol Reservoir Number Five Thomaston
Bristol Reservoir Number Three (not official) Thomaston
Bristol Reservoir Number Two Thomaston
Bronson E Lockwood Reservoir Litchfield
Bronson E Rockwell Reservation Litchfield
Brophy Pond Thomaston
Buckley Pond Sharon
Bull Pond Torrington
Bulls Bridge Pond Dover Plains
Burr Pond Torrington
Camp Delaware Pond Winsted
Camp Freedman Pond South Canaan
Camp Pond Norfolk
Case Pond Norfolk
Case Pond Ellsworth
Cat Swamp Pond Woodbury
Cedar Hill Pond Kent
Chapel Pond Dover Plains
Childs Pond South Canaan
Church Street Reservoir West Torrington
Clark Pond Cornwall
Colebrook River Lake Tolland Center
Collinsville Reservoir Collinsville
Compensating Reservoir New Hartford
Cranberry Pond Litchfield
Cream Hill Lake South Canaan
Crissey Pond Norfolk
Crystal Lake Woodbury
Crystal Lake West Torrington
Crystal Lake Winsted
Cunningham Pond Cornwall
Deep Lake Sharon
Dog Pond West Torrington
Dolphin Pond Norfolk
Doolittle Lake South Sandisfield
Duck Pond Litchfield
East Branch Naugatuck River Reservoir Torrington
Eastman Pond Ellsworth
Echo Lake Waterbury
Eel Pond New Preston
Ella Fohs Camp Pond Kent
Emmons Pond New Preston
Engleke Pond Woodbury
Fall Mountain Lake Bristol
Ferris Pond New Milford
Fisher Pond Bash Bish Falls
Flanders Wildlife Pond Woodbury
Ford Pond Ellsworth
Fuller Pond Ellsworth
Gaylord Pond Winsted
Ghilds Pond Norfolk
Gillette Reservoir Norfolk
Goodwin Pond Torrington
Goose Pond Cornwall
Great Falls Reservoir South Canaan
Great Mountain Pond New Milford
Greystone Pond Waterbury
Gritman Pond Cornwall
Hall Meadow Brook Reservoir West Torrington
Hamlin Pond Ellsworth
Hancock Brook Lake Thomaston
Hannon Pond Thomaston
Hart Pond Cornwall
Hatch Pond Ellsworth
Hatch Pond Kent
Hatchaloosie Reservoir West Torrington
Hawkins Pond Cornwall
Hedden Pond South Canaan
Heminway Pond Waterbury
Henderson Pond Kent
Herron Pond Litchfield
Hesseky Meadow Pond Woodbury
Hidden Lake Bristol
Highland Lake Winsted
Hilltop Pond Ellsworth
Hollenbeck Pond South Canaan
Hoover Pond Norfolk
Housatonic River Reservoir New Milford
Hurlbut Pond Norfolk
Iffland Pond Torrington
Indian Heaven Pond Bristol
Indian Lake Sharon
Irvings Pond Kent
Ivy Mountain Pond West Torrington
Johnson Brothers Pond Waterbury
Jones Pond Litchfield
Jordan Pond Ellsworth
Kelley Pond Woodbury
Kellogg Pond South Canaan
Kelly Pond Torrington
Ladner Pond New Milford
Lake Floren West Torrington
Lake Harwinton Torrington
Lake Mc Donough New Hartford
Lake Plymouth Thomaston
Lake Plymouth Thomaston
Lake Tavolan Sharon
Lake Triangle Tolland Center
Lake Waramaug New Preston
Lake Winchester Norfolk
Lake Winnemaug Woodbury
Lakeville Reservoir Number 1 Sharon
Lakeville Reservoir Number 2 Sharon
Laurel Lake Winsted
Lemanquais Pond Tolland Center
Leonard Pond Kent
Litchfield Reservoir West Torrington
Little Pond Litchfield
Lockwood Pond Thomaston
Long Meadow Pond Litchfield
Lorenzo Pond Sharon
Mad River Reservoir Winsted
Marino Pond Thomaston
Marsh Pond Litchfield
Masterbone Pond Thomaston
McCoy Pond Thomaston
Merriman Pond Thomaston
Meyers Pond Thomaston
Middle Pond Thomaston
Migeon Pond West Torrington
Miles Pond Sharon
Mill Pond Kent
Milton Pond Cornwall
Minor Pond Thomaston
Miscus Pond West Torrington
Mohawk Pond Cornwall
Morehouse Pond Woodbury
Morosani Pond Number 1 Litchfield
Morosani Pond Number 2 Litchfield
Morris Reservoir Litchfield
Morton Pond Thomaston
Mount Tom Pond New Preston
Mud Pond Kent
Mudge Pond Sharon
Nash Pond Cornwall
Nepaug Reservoir Collinsville
New Hartford Reservoir Collinsville
New Milford Reservoir Number 1 New Milford
Norfolk Brook Reservoir Norfolk
North Canaan Community Pool Ashley Falls
North Pond Norfolk
North Pond Norfolk
North Spectacle Pond Kent
Northfield Brook Lake Thomaston
Northfield Pond Thomaston
Nystrom Pond State Thomaston
Oak Ledge Pond Ellsworth
Old Man McMullen Pond South Canaan
Ore Hill Pond Sharon
Ouleout Lake Norfolk
Park Pond Norfolk
Park Pond Norfolk
Parkins Ponds Woodbury
Patterson Pond West Torrington
Peck Pond Ellsworth
Phelps Pond Norfolk
Pin Shop Pond Waterbury
Pitch Reservoir Litchfield
Plymouth Reservoir Thomaston
Pond Hill Pond Norfolk
Pratt Pond Thomaston
Quist Pond New Preston
Radey Pond Woodbury
Reichenback Pond Woodbury
Reservoir Number 2 New Milford
Reservoir Number 3 New Milford
Reservoir Number 4 New Milford
Reuben Hart Reservoir West Torrington
Richards Pond Ellsworth
Ricker Pond Woodbury
Riga Lake Bash Bish Falls
Rizzo Pond Torrington
Roger Lewis Pond Ellsworth
Rowley Pond Winsted
Rugg Brook Reservoir Winsted
Schwartz Pond Winsted
Seldom Seen Pond South Canaan
Shepaug Reservoir New Preston
Silas Hall Pond Norfolk
Smith Pond Thomaston
Smith Pond Norfolk
South Pond Bash Bish Falls
South Pond Sharon
South Spectacle Pond Kent
Spaulding Pond Norfolk
Spooner Pond Dover Plains
Stillwater Pond West Torrington
Stony Batter Pond Coventry
Stony Batter Pond Cornwall
Straits Pond Kent
Strastrom Pond Kent
Sucker Brook Reservoir Winsted
Sylvan Lake Waterbury
Taylor Pond Sharon
Terryville Reservoir Number 2 Thomaston
Terryville Reservoir Number 3 Thomaston
The Cranberry Bog Cornwall
Tobey Pond Norfolk
Tomlinson Pond Thomaston
Travis Pond Torrington
Twin Lakes Sharon
Twin Lakes Bash Bish Falls
Tyler Lake Cornwall
Upper Pond Thomaston
Upper Shepaug Reservoir Cornwall
Valley Pond Thomaston
Wampee Pond Norfolk
Wangum Lake South Canaan
Wapato Pond South Canaan
Washinee Lake Bash Bish Falls
Washining Lake Bash Bish Falls
Watertown Reservoir Litchfield
West Branch Reservoir Winsted
West Hill Pond Winsted
West Side Pond Cornwall
Westside Reservoir Norfolk
Wewaka Brook Pond Newtown
Whist Pond West Torrington
Whiting River Reservoir Ashley Falls
Wigwam Reservoir Litchfield
Wilford Pond Ellsworth
Wilson Pond Thomaston
Wilton Pond Thomaston
Winchester Club Pond Norfolk
Winchester Lake Norfolk
Wononpakook Lake Sharon
Wononskopomuc Lake Sharon
Wood Creek Pond South Sandisfield
Wood Creek Reservoir Norfolk
Woodbridge Lake Cornwall
Woodbury Reservoir Woodbury
Wyant Pond New Preston
Zeiglers Pond New Preston
Zeiner Pond Thomaston

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Litchfield County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Litchfield County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.