Litchfield County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Litchfield County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Brook South Canaan
Bakersville Brook Torrington
Baldwin Brook Cornwall
Ball Brook Bash Bish Falls
Bantam River New Preston
Battle Swamp Brook Roxbury
Beardsley Pond Brook Sharon
Beaver Brook New Hartford
Beckley Pond Brook Norfolk
Beckwith Brook Collinsville
Bee Brook New Preston
Beebe Brook Ellsworth
Beeslick Brook Sharon
Birdseye Brook Cornwall
Bizell Brook Litchfield
Blackberry River Ashley Falls
Bloody Brook Cornwall
Bog Hollow Brook Kent
Bog Meadow Brook Ellsworth
Bonney Brook Ellsworth
Bradford Brook South Canaan
Branch Brook Thomaston
Brassi Brook Bash Bish Falls
Brown Brook South Canaan
Bull Mountain Brook Kent
Bullymuck Brook New Milford
Burton Brook Sharon
Butternut Brook Litchfield
Camp Brook Roxbury
Carmel Hill Brook Woodbury
Carse Brook Cornwall
Catlin Brook Torrington
Cedar Swamp Brook Torrington
Center Brook Tolland Center
Choggam Brook Kent
Clapboard Oak Brook New Milford
Clark Brook Woodbury
Cobble Brook Kent
Colebrook Brook Winsted
Cross Brook New Milford
Decker Brook Bash Bish Falls
Deep Brook Ellsworth
Deming Brook South Canaan
Denman Brook Kent
Doolittle Lake Brook Tolland Center
Dowd Brook Woodbury
Drake Pond Brook West Torrington
Duming Brook Ashley Falls
East Aspetuck River New Milford
East Branch Farmington River Collinsville
East Branch Leadmine Brook Torrington
East Branch Naugatuck River Torrington
East Branch Shepaug River New Preston
East Meadow Brook Woodbury
East Morris Brook Litchfield
East Mountain Brook New Hartford
East Spring Brook Woodbury
Echo Lake Brook Waterbury
Factory Brook Sharon
Fenn Brook Roxbury
Fenn Brook Litchfield
Finnak Brook Torrington
Flat Brook South Canaan
Fox Brook Norfolk
Fox Brook West Torrington
Fred Beers Brook Newtown
Furnace Brook Cornwall
Galpin Brook Woodbury
Garnett Brook Sharon
Ginger Creek South Sandisfield
Good Hill Brook Woodbury
Great Brook New Milford
Guinea Brook Ellsworth
Gulf Stream Torrington
Gunn Brook Ellsworth
Hall Meadow Brook West Torrington
Hallock Brook New Hartford
Hart Brook West Torrington
Harvey Brook Woodbury
Hatch Brook Ellsworth
Heffers Brook Cornwall
Hesseky Brook Woodbury
Hill Brook Litchfield
Hitchcock Mill Brook New Milford
Hollenbeck River South Canaan
Hop Brook Roxbury
Humaston Brook Thomaston
Indian Lake Creek Amenia
Indian Meadow Brook Winsted
Ivy Brook Cornwall
Ivy Mountain Brook West Torrington
Jack Brook Ellsworth
Jacks Brook Roxbury
Jakes Brook West Torrington
Jefferson Hill Brook Thomaston
Jericho Brook Thomaston
Kelly Pond Brook Torrington
Kelsey Brook Sharon
Kent Falls Brook Ellsworth
Kettle Brook New Hartford
Kirby Brook Roxbury
Lake Waramaug Brook New Preston
Leadmine Brook Thomaston
Ledgy Brook South Canaan
Lewis Atwood Brook Woodbury
Little Brook New Milford
Little Jacks Brook Roxbury
Little Pootatuck Brook Newtown
Long Pond Brook Sharon
Loon Brook Winsted
Lovers Lane Brook West Torrington
Macedonia Brook Kent
Mad River Winsted
Mallory Brook New Preston
Mallory Brook Winsted
Marandus Brook Collinsville
Marsh Brook Thomaston
Marshall Lake Brook West Torrington
Marshepaug River Cornwall
Mauwee Brook Ellsworth
McDuffee Brook Sharon
Merryall Brook New Milford
Mill Brook Amenia
Mill Brook Cornwall
Mill Brook Winsted
Millard Brook Ellsworth
Miry Brook Litchfield
Monument Brook Bash Bish Falls
Moore Brook Sharon
Moosehorn Brook Roxbury
Moosehorn Brook Litchfield
Morgan Brook New Hartford
Moulthrop Brook Litchfield
Mudge Pond Brook Sharon
Nepaug River Collinsville
Nibbling Brook Thomaston
Nickel Mine Brook West Torrington
Nonnewaug River Woodbury
Norfolk Brook Norfolk
North Branch Brown Brook South Canaan
North Brook South Sandisfield
North Brook Tolland Center
North Brook North Nepaug Brook Torrington
North Flanders Brook Ellsworth
North Kent Brook Ellsworth
North Nepaug Brook Torrington
Northfield Brook Thomaston
Ocain Brook South Canaan
Ore Hill Brook Sharon
Pettee Brook Sharon
Pickett Brook Torrington
Pierce Brook Roxbury
Pine Swamp Brook Cornwall
Pitch Brook Litchfield
Plumb Brook Woodbury
Poland River Thomaston
Pomperaug River Newtown
Pond Mountain Brook Ellsworth
Powder Brook Torrington
Preston Brook South Canaan
Pudding Brook Thomaston
Purchase Brook Newtown
Purgatory Brook Thomaston
Ratlum Brook Collinsville
Reed Brook South Canaan
Roaring Brook New Hartford
Roaring Brook South Sandisfield
Rock Brook Thomaston
Rocky River New Milford
Roxbury Brook Roxbury
Rugg Brook Winsted
Salmon Creek South Canaan
Sanders Hill Brook Cornwall
Sandy Brook Winsted
Second Hill Brook Roxbury
Shepaug River Newtown
Slab Meadow Brook Litchfield
Slocum Brook Tolland Center
Smith Pond Brook Waterbury
South Brook Woodbury
South Nepaug Brook Torrington
Spaulding Brook Norfolk
Sprain Brook Woodbury
Spruce Brook Newtown
Spruce Brook Waterbury
Spruce Brook Thomaston
Spruce Brook Collinsville
Spruce Brook New Hartford
Spruce Brook Cornwall
Spruce Swamp Creek Sharon
Squabble Brook Ashley Falls
Squash Hollow Brook Kent
Stewart Hollow Brook Ellsworth
Still Brook Litchfield
Still River New Milford
Still River Winsted
Stony Brook Ellsworth
Storehouse Brook New Hartford
Sucker Brook Sharon
Sucker Brook Winsted
Sucker Brook Cornwall
Sutliffe Brook Thomaston
Swamp Brook South Canaan
Tanner Brook Cornwall
Tannery Brook Litchfield
Taylor Brook Winsted
Thayer Brook Kent
Tobey Pond Brook Norfolk
Todd Hollow Brook Thomaston
Torringford Brook Torrington
Town Farm Brook New Milford
Transylvania Brook Newtown
Troy Brook Torrington
Turkey Brook Waterbury
Turner Brook Thomaston
Turrill Brook Roxbury
Upper Purchase Brook Newtown
Valley Brook Cornwall
Wachocastinook Creek Sharon
Walker Brook Roxbury
Wangum Lake Brook South Canaan
Wattles Brook Waterbury
Weekeepeemee River Woodbury
Weller Brook Roxbury
West Aspetuck River New Milford
West Branch Bantam River West Torrington
West Branch Butternut Brook Litchfield
West Branch Farmington River Collinsville
West Branch Leadmine Brook Torrington
West Branch Naugatuck River Torrington
West Branch Shepaug River New Preston
West Side Pond Brook Cornwall
Wetauwanchu Brook South Canaan
Wewaka Brook Newtown
White Hollow Brook Sharon
Whiting Brook South Canaan
Whiting River Ashley Falls
Whittlesey Brook Litchfield
Wigwam Brook Litchfield
Womenshenuk Brook Kent
Wood Creek Litchfield
Wood Creek Norfolk
Wright Brook Winsted
Yuza Mini Brook Ellsworth

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Litchfield County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Litchfield County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.