Middlesex County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Middlesex County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adder Reservoir Middletown
Alexander Pond Hamburg
Allyn Millpond Durham
Arrigoni Pond Durham
Asylum Reservoir Number 1 Middle Haddam
Asylum Reservoir Number 2 Middle Haddam
Asylum Reservoir Number 3 Middle Haddam
Bashan Lake Deep River
Bell Shop Pond Haddam
Berlin Fish and Game Pond Deep River
Beseck Lake Middletown
Bevins Pond Middle Haddam
Birch Millpond Essex
Black Pond Middletown
Black Shop Pond Haddam
Boardman Pond Deep River
Boulder Lake Clinton
Bushy Hill Pond Essex
Bushy Hill Pond Bethel
Bushy Pond Clinton
Butternut Pond Middletown
Carlson Pond Middle Haddam
Cedar Lake Deep River
Chalkers Millpond Essex
Chalkers Millpond Deep River
Chapman Pond Deep River
Chapmans Pond Essex
Comstock Pond Essex
Cone Pond Moodus
Cranberry Bog Middle Haddam
Cranberry Pond Essex
Cranberry Pond Deep River
Cromwell Pond Middletown
Crystal Lake Essex
Crystal Lake Middletown
Dee Pond Essex
Deep Hollow Reservoir Deep River
Deer Lake Clinton
Deitch Pond Old Lyme
Deuses Pond Deep River
Dogwood Pond Deep River
Dooley Pond Middletown
Falls River Pond Essex
Foster Pond Clinton
Fricks Pond Haddam
Great Hill Pond Middle Haddam
Griswold Pond Deep River
Griswold Pond Haddam
Hackney Pond Haddam
Hales Pond Middle Haddam
Hallocks Pond Middle Haddam
Hedstroms Ponds Middle Haddam
Hidden Lake Haddam
Higganum Reservoir Haddam
Highland Pond Middletown
Horseshoe Pond Haddam
Hubbard Pond Middle Haddam
Hulseman Pond Middle Haddam
Ice House Pond Middletown
Indian Lake Clinton
Ingham Ponds Essex
Ivory Pond Deep River
Jennings Pond Deep River
Jobs Pond Middle Haddam
Johnson Millpond Deep River
Johnson Pond Essex
Keighley Pond Middle Haddam
Kelseys Pond Middle Haddam
Kelseytown Reservoir Clinton
Keyboard Pond Deep River
Killingworth Reservoir Clinton
Kroopa Pond Haddam
Lake Hayward Colchester
Lake Hayward Roxbury
Lake Rockview Essex
Lampes Pond Haddam
Laurel Brook Reservoir Middletown
Leesville Pond Moodus
Lock Shop Pond Middletown
Lockwood Lake Clinton
Loos Pond Middle Haddam
Lord Pond Essex
Lower Mill Pond Middletown
Lower Mill Pond Dam Middletown
Lyons Meadow Pond Deep River
Martin Pond Deep River
McVeagh Pond Essex
Messerschmidt Pond Essex
Mill Pond Essex
Millers Pond Durham
Miner Pond Middletown
Moodus Reservoir Moodus
Mount Higby Reservoir Middletown
Murray Pond Number 2 Haddam
Murray Ponds Haddam
New Pond Middletown
Number One Pond Moodus
Obed Heights Reservoir Old Lyme
Old Mill Pond Haddam
Ortners Pond Essex
Palmers Pond Haddam
Pameacha Pond Middletown
Parker Pond Deep River
Pattaconk Reservoir Haddam
Pearson Pond Middletown
Pecausett Pond Middle Haddam
Pecks Meadow Pond Colchester
Pequot Swamp Pond Essex
Pocotopaug Lake Middle Haddam
Portland Reservoir Middle Haddam
Post Pond Moodus
Pratt Read Reservoir Deep River
Priess Pond Haddam
Rintoul Pond Essex
Rogers Pond Deep River
Sawmill Pond Haddam
Schreeder Pond Clinton
Scovill Reservoir Haddam
Shailer Pond Deep River
Springdale Pond Old Lyme
Star Lake Clinton
Starr Millpond Middletown
Sunset Pond Essex
Supples Pond Middle Haddam
Tetram Pond Durham
Thody Pond Durham
Tower Hill Lake Clinton
Turkey Hill Reservoir Haddam
Upper Mill Pond Middletown
Upper Millpond Clinton
Upper Pond Deep River
Upper Pond Haddam
Upper Pond Deep River
Urbanik Pond Hamburg
Vincent Pond Essex
Waterhouse Pond Deep River
West Lake Middletown
Wilcox Pond Middletown
Wilcox Pond Middletown
Will Cone Pond Hamburg
Worthington Pond Essex
Wrights Pond Essex
YMCA Pond Durham
Zoar Pond Middletown

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Middlesex County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Middlesex County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.