New London County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in New London County

Place USGS Topo Map
Amos Lake Jewett City
Anderson Pond Jewett City
Ashland Pond Jewett City
Aspinook Pond Plainfield
Avery Pond Old Mystic
Ayer Pond Norwich
Babcock Pond Moodus
Bailey Pond Oneco
Baltic Reservoir Norwich
Banks Pond New London
Barnes Reservoir Palmertown
Bates Pond Norwich
Beach Pond Voluntown
Beachdale Pond Voluntown
Beckwith Pond Palmertown
Beebe Pond Mystic
Bibbens Pond Willimantic
Big Pond Old Lyme
Billings Avery Diversion Pond Uncasville
Billings Lake Jewett City
Bishop Pond Fitchville
Black Hall Pond Old Lyme
Blackwells Pond Hamburg
Blissville Pond Norwich
Blue Lake Jewett City
Bog Meadow Reservoir Norwich
Bogue Brook Reservoir Palmertown
Bond Reservoir Hamburg
Brandegee Lake New London
Brewster Pond Colchester
Bride Lake Niantic
Buddington Pond New London
Burch Pond Ashaway
Bush Pond Niantic
Calvin Wilcox Pond Jewett City
Cedar Lake Hamburg
Clark Pond Niantic
Connecticut College Pond Uncasville
Cooks Pond Old Mystic
Cote Pond Norwich
Coults Hole Old Lyme
Crystal Lake New London
Darrow Pond Palmertown
Davis Pond Palmertown
Dawley Pond Voluntown
Day Pond Moodus
Day Pond New Milford
Deans Reservoir Old Mystic
Deep River Reservoir Colchester
Doaneville Pond Voluntown
Dodge Pond Niantic
Dodson Pond Hamburg
Douglas Pond Voluntown
E A Whitford Pond Hamburg
Ed Bills Pond Hamburg
Eely Pond Norwich
Elisha Brook Colchester
Fairview Reservoir Norwich
Fairy Lake Palmertown
Falls Mill Pond Upper Norwich
Fitchville Pond Fitchville
Gagers Pond Willimantic
Gallup Pond Old Mystic
Gardner Lake Fitchville
Gates Pond Uncasville
Gay Cemetery Pond Uncasville
Gilman Pond Fitchville
Glasgo Pond Jewett City
Goodwins Pond Old Lyme
Gorton Pond Niantic
Goshen Cove New London
Goss Cove Uncasville
Graham Pond Norwich
Graves Pond Columbia
Great Meadow Brook Pond Voluntown
Green Fall Pond Voluntown
Grist Mill Pond Jewett City
Groton Reservoir New London
Hallville Pond Uncasville
Hammond Pond New London
Hanover Reservoir Scotland
Harvey Pond Colchester
Havens Pond Niantic
Hayward Pond Willimantic
Hazard Pond Oneco
Hell Hollow Pond Oneco
Hewitt Pond Old Mystic
Hodge Pond Voluntown
Hopeville Pond Jewett City
Horse Pond Hamburg
Hyde Pond Old Mystic
Indian Pond Niantic
Johnson Pond Uncasville
Jordan Mill Pond Niantic
Kahn Ponds Fitchville
Kendall Pond Norwich
Lake Cuheca Palmertown
Lake George New London
Lake Konomoc Palmertown
Lake Nova Uncasville
Lake Of Isles Old Mystic
Lake of Isles Old Mystic
Lantern Hill Pond Old Mystic
Latham Reservoir Uncasville
Ledyard Reservoir Uncasville
Levys Pond Roxbury
Lewis Pond Ashaway
Lewis Pond Jewett City
Little Dodge Pond Niantic
Little Pond Old Lyme
Lockes Pond Willimantic
Long Cove Uncasville
Long Pond Old Mystic
Lords Pond Old Mystic
Lower Blissville Pond Norwich
Lower Lagoon New London
Lower Millpond Old Lyme
Lower Pond Deep River
Mahoney Pond Fitchville
Mason-Gray Pond Voluntown
Mathiew Pond Columbia
McDonald Pond Colchester
Mill Pond Palmertown
Miller Pond Palmertown
Mitchell Pond Hamburg
Morgan Pond Reservoir Uncasville
Moulsons Pond Hamburg
Moulsons Pond Deep River
Mystic Reservoir Mystic
Mystic Reservoir Mount Carmel
North Westchester Pond Moodus
Norwich Pond Hamburg
Number Two Pond Moodus
Oakdale Pond Palmertown
Occum Reservoir Norwich
Oxoboro Brook Reservoir Uncasville
Oxoboxo Lake Palmertown
Pachaug Pond Jewett City
Palmer Pond Columbia
Palmer Pond Voluntown
Papermill Pond Norwich
Paris Pond Palmertown
Pattagansett Lake Niantic
Perry Pond New London
Perry Pond Niantic
Picker Pond Uncasville
Pickerel Lake Moodus
Pine Meadows Park Pond Moodus
Pitchers Pond Fitchville
Plants Pond Colchester
Pohegnut Reservoir New London
Pond of Our Lady Norwich
Powers Ice Pond Palmertown
Powers Lake Hamburg
Quanaduck Cove Mystic
Red Cedar Lake Fitchville
Red Mill Pond Uncasville
Red Mill Pond Palmertown
Rock Pond Uncasville
Rockland Pond Palmertown
Rogers Lake Old Lyme
Rosemond Lake Uncasville
Rosemond Lake Uncasville
Savin Lake Fitchville
Savin Lake Colchester
Sawmill Pond Voluntown
Scholfield Pond Palmertown
Shetucket River Reservoir Norwich
Shetucket River Reservoir Norwich
Shingle Mill Pond Ashaway
Shingle Mill Pond Hamburg
Silex Pond Old Mystic
Silvias Pond Mystic
Smith Cove Uncasville
Smith Lake New London
Smith Pond Uncasville
Spalding Pond Ashaway
Spaulding Pond Norwich
Spaulding Pond Site Number 2 Norwich
Spencer Pond Willimantic
Spring Lake New London
Standish Pond Moodus
State Hospital Pond Uncasville
Stiles Pond Columbia
Stone Hill Reservoir Plainfield
Stony Brook Reservoir Palmertown
Strongs Pond Colchester
Swan Pond Old Lyme
Tadma Pond Fitchville
Taftville Reservoir Norwich
Taftville Reservoir Number 2 Norwich
The Lower Lagoon New London
The Upper Lagoon New London
Thousand Acre Pond Moodus
Tinker Pond Old Lyme
Trading Cove Pond Uncasville
Trails Pond New London
Tribrook Pond Old Mystic
Uncas Pond Old Lyme
Upper Lagoon New London
Upper Millpond Old Lyme
Upper Pond Deep River
Versailles Pond Norwich
Wagner Pond Hamburg
Warren Millpond Uncasville
Wequetequock Pond Watch Hill
Wheeler Pond Palmertown
Wiclcabouet Marsh Voluntown
Wilcox Pond Norwich
Williams Pond Columbia
Witch Meadow Pond Hamburg
Woodmansee Pond Jewett City
Wyassup Lake Ashaway
YMCA Pond Uncasville
Zemko Pond Hamburg

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in New London County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within New London County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.