Tolland County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Tolland County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aldon Mill Pond Rockville
Amston Lake Columbia
Andover Lake Columbia
Arnold Ponds Stafford Springs
Bigelow Pond Westford
Bissonnette Pond Westford
Bolton Lake Rockville
Bolton Lakes Rockville
Bolton Notch Pond Rockville
Bradleys Pond Broad Brook
Bradway Pond Stafford Springs
Bradway Pond Stafford Springs
Breakneck Pond Southbridge
Brousseous Pond Columbia
Bruie Pond Monson
Buckley Pond Westford
Chapins Pond Spring Hill
Charters Pond Ellington
Cider Millpond Coventry
Clubhouse Pond Marlborough
Columbia Lake Columbia
Cooley Pond Hampden
Creamery Pond Broad Brook
Crystal Lake Stafford Springs
Culver Pond Hampden
Decew Pond Coventry
Dennis Pond Stafford Springs
Deversky Pond Stafford Springs
Dobsonville Pond Rockville
Dobsonville Pond Rockville
Drobney Pond Westford
Dunham Pond Coventry
Eagleville Lake Coventry
Eagleville Pond Coventry
Eatons Pond Willimantic
Echo Lake Spring Hill
Ellis Brook Reservoir Stafford Springs
Ellithorpe Reservoir Stafford Springs
Foote Hill Pond Marlborough
Foster Pond Stafford Springs
Gaines Pond Westford
Ginholt Pond Stafford Springs
Glenville Pond Stafford Springs
Goodhall Pond Wales
Halchek Pond Stafford Springs
Halls Pond Coventry
Hanks Hill Pond Spring Hill
Hansens Pond Spring Hill
Harmon Pond Eastford
Holbrook Pond Marlborough
Holman Pond Marlborough
Hurds Lake Hampden
Hydeville Pond Stafford Springs
Jones Street Pond Moodus
Kinney Pond Westford
Lafayette Pond Ellington
Lake Bonair Ellington
Lake Bonair Ellington
Lake Mark Monson
Lost Pond Eastford
Mansfield Hollow Lake Spring Hill
Mansfield Recreation Pond Spring Hill
Mashapaug Pond Wales
Mathews Pond Westford
McLaughlin Pond Spring Hill
Mirror Lake Spring Hill
Mono Pond Columbia
Moore Pond Wales
Morey Pond Westford
Morse Meadow Pond Eastford
Myers Pond Westford
New City Pond Wales
New Pond Westford
Orcutts Pond Stafford Springs
Paper Mill Pond Rockville
Parizek Pond Stafford Springs
Pelican Pond Coventry
Pinneys Pond Westford
Poehnerts Pond Ellington
Pomeroy Reservoir Ellington
Rhode Island Millponds Stafford Springs
Risley Reservoir Rockville
Riverside Pond Stafford Springs
Robinson Pond Columbia
Ruby Lake Stafford Springs
Sadds Mill Pond Broad Brook
Sessions Meadow Marsh Wales
Shady Lake Ellington
Sharps Millpond Coventry
Shenipsit Lake Ellington
Shenipsit Reservoir Stafford Springs
Skungamaug Marsh Stafford Springs
Somersville Pond Ellington
Sperry Pond Rockville
Springs Pond Stafford Springs
Stafford Springs Reservoir Number 2 Westford
Staffordville Reservoir Monson
State Line Pond Monson
Sun Valley Lake Stafford Springs
Swan Lake Coventry
Sweetheart Lake Stafford Springs
Taylor Pond Westford
Thompson Pond Broad Brook
Tift Pond Spring Hill
Tinker Pond Marlborough
Tolland Marsh Pond Coventry
Upper Bolton Lake Rockville
Upper Pond Westford
Varga Pond Spring Hill
Walker Reservoir East Rockville
Walker Reservoir West Rockville
Wangumbaug Lake Coventry
Warner Pond Marlborough
Warren Pond Stafford Springs
Wells Pond Wales
Whitney Reservoir Stafford Springs
Willis Pond Wales
Woods Pond Marlborough

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Tolland County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Tolland County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.