Windham County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Windham County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbott Pond Eastford
Acme Pond East Killingly
Acme Pond Putnam
Aldrich Pond Thompson
Alexander Lake Danielson
Alvia Chase Reservoir East Killingly
Armitage Pond Westford
Ashford Lake Westford
Auger Pond Putnam
Baker Pond Hampton
Ballouville Pond Thompson
Basset Pond Danielson
Bates Pond Scotland
Beaupres Pond Hampton
Beaver Brook Pond Willimantic
Bennett Pond Plainfield
Bibbins Pond Willimantic
Big Pond Willimantic
Black Pond Eastford
Black Spruce Pond Hampton
Bog Meadow Reservoir East Killingly
Boy Scout Pond Westford
Bruce Ponds Danielson
Buck Pond Westford
Bungee Lake Windsor Locks
Burr Smith Pond Plainfield
Cady Pond Thompson
Cargill Falls Reservoir Putnam
Carpenter Pond Putnam
Cedar Swamp Pond Eastford
Chamberlain Pond Eastford
Chase Reservoir East Killingly
Colts Pond Spring Hill
Coman Pond Putnam
Corbin Wildlife Marsh Southbridge
Crystal Pond East Killingly
Crystal Pond Eastford
Darling Pond Spring Hill
Dayville Pond Danielson
Dickinson Pond Eastford
Duck Pond Thompson
Eddy Pray Reservoir East Killingly
Evans Pond Plainfield
Fivemile Pond Danielson
Fort Ned Pond Scotland
Frank Bennett Pond Plainfield
Frog Pond Willimantic
Furnace Pond East Killingly
Goss Pond Westford
Griggs Pond Southbridge
Halls Pond Hampton
Hampton Reservoir Hampton
Happy Acres Pond Spring Hill
Harakleys Pond Eastford
Hatchet Pond Southbridge
Hiscox Pond Eastford
Indian Hollow Pond Willimantic
John Stone Pond Putnam
Keach Pond Eastford
Kelly Ponds Putnam
Kenyon Pond Eastford
Killingly Pond East Killingly
Killingly Pond East Killingly
Kimball Pond Scotland
Kingsbury Pond Thompson
Knowlton Pond Spring Hill
Lake Albert East Killingly
Lake Chaffee Westford
Lake Marie Willimantic
Lake Marie Fitchville
Langers Pond Webster
Leander Pond Spring Hill
Lily Pond Putnam
Lily Pond Putnam
Lisbon Pond Scotland
Little Pond Oxford
Long Pond Oxford
Lower Pond Thompson
Lower Ross Pond East Killingly
Lymans Pond Willimantic
Lynch Pond Spring Hill
Mansure Pond Spring Hill
Mary Brown Pond Thompson
Mavis Pond Number 1 Oxford
Medbury Pond Putnam
Middle Reservoir East Killingly
Moosup Pond Oneco
Moritz Pond Spring Hill
Morse Pond Eastford
Morse Reservoir Eastford
Muddy Pond Southbridge
Neber Pond Eastford
Nightingale Pond Eastford
North Grosvenordale Pond Putnam
Oneco Pond Oneco
Packers Pond Plainfield
Paine Pond Westford
Paradise Lake Danielson
Parker Pond Scotland
Perry Pond Webster
Phoenixville Park Ponds Eastford
Pine Acres Lake Hampton
Poole Pond Eastford
Porter Pond Oneco
Potash Pond Willimantic
Potter Pond Southbridge
Pout Pond Eastford
Quaddick Reservoir Thompson
Quinebaug Pond Danielson
Quinebaug River Reservoir Putnam
Reams Pond Thompson
Reams Pond Thompson
Reeds Pond Hampton
Roger Lake Oneco
Rogers Corporation Pond Danielson
Roseland Lake Putnam
Ross Management Area Pond East Killingly
Ross Pond East Killingly
Rychlings Pond Spring Hill
Sabo Pond Westford
Sampson Pond Putnam
Shepherds Pond Putnam
Smith Pond East Killingly
Snake Meadow Pond East Killingly
Stanton Pond Oneco
Sterling Pond Oneco
Stowell Pond Westford
Stump Pond Thompson
Taft Pond Eastford
Tetreault Pond East Killingly
Tucker Pond Spring Hill
Upper Bungee Lake Eastford
Upson Lake Spring Hill
Upton Pond Spring Hill
Wakefield Pond Thompson
Wappaquasset Pond Putnam
Wauregan Pond Danielson
West Thompson Lake Putnam
Wetherbee Pond Willimantic
Wheatons Pond Putnam
Whetstone Brook Reservoir Danielson
Whetstone Brook Reservoir East Killingly
Whitkowski Ponds Webster
Whitmans Pond Thompson
Wild Life Marsh Reservoir Spring Hill
Willimantic Reservoir Willimantic
Witches Woods Lake Eastford
Wright Pond Scotland
Zaicek Pond Westford

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Windham County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Windham County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.