Sussex County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Sussex County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbotts Pond Milford
Balders Pond Bethany Beach
Bark Pond Millsboro
Bennett Pond Milton
Betts Pond Millsboro
Big Round Pond Milton
Blairs Pond Milford
Blind Pond Milton
Blockhouse Pond Lewes
Boat House Pond Bethany Beach
Bookhammers Pond Lewes
Branch Gut Bethany Beach
Burton Pond Fairmount
Caleb Pond Milton
Canal Pond Bethany Beach
Cedar Pond Bethany Beach
Chipman Pond Laurel
Clendaniel Pond Ellendale
Collins Pond Seaford East
Concord Pond Seaford East
Conwell Pond Milton
Craigs Pond Seaford West
Cubbage Pond Ellendale
Cupboard Pond Bethany Beach
Diamond Pond Milton
Ellis Pond Laurel
Flaxhole Pond Milton
Fleetwood Pond Seaford East
Fleetwood Pond Milton
Fresh Pond Bethany Beach
Goose Pond Milton
Goose Pond Milton
Goose Pond Assawoman Bay
Goslee Mill Pond Fairmount
Haven Lake Milford
Hearns Pond Seaford East
Hetty Fisher Pond Fairmount
Holland Pond Lewes
Holly Pond Bethany Beach
Horseshoe Pond Milton
Horseys Pond Laurel
Hudson Pond Ellendale
Hunters Millpond Harbeson
Ingram Pond Millsboro
Ingram Pond Milton
Jack Roach Pond Milton
Jones Pond Milton
Lake Comegys Rehoboth Beach
Lake Gerar Rehoboth Beach
Little Round Pond Milton
Logwood Pond Millsboro
Marshall Millpond Milford
Middle Pond Bethany Beach
Millsboro Pond Millsboro
Miry Pond Milton
Morris Millpond Harbeson
Mulberry Pond Assawoman Bay
Noah Pond Milton
Oak Pond Milton
Patricks Pond Sharptown
Peach Pond Milton
Pepper Pond Trap Pond
Poplar Woods Pond Milton
Portsville Millpond Sharptown
Raccoon Pond Trap Pond
Records Pond Laurel
Red Mill Pond Lewes
Reynolds Pond Milton
Roman T Pond Rehoboth Beach
Sally Burton Ponds Fairmount
Salt Pond Bethany Beach
Sawmill Pond Assawoman Bay
Shell Beach Pond Lewes
Silver Lake Rehoboth Beach
Sixty Five Acre Pond Assawoman Bay
Southwest Pond Milton
Spatterdock Pond Milton
Stickweed Pond Milton
Streak Ponds Milton
Swiggetts Pond Ellendale
Teal Pond Milton
Thirty-five Acre Pond Assawoman Bay
Tonys Pond Assawoman Bay
Trap Pond Trap Pond
Trussum Pond Trap Pond
Tunnel Goose Pond Bethany Beach
Turkle Pond Milton
Twin Ponds Milton
Wagamons Pond Milton
Waples Pond Milton
Waples Pond Millsboro
Waples Pond Milton
Welches Pond Fairmount
Wileys Pond Laurel
Williams Pond Seaford East
Wilson Pond Milton
Wolfpit Pond Fairmount

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Sussex County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Sussex County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.