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Sussex County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sussex County

Place USGS Topo Map
Agricultural Ditch Selbyville
Ake Ditch Seaford East
Alms House Ditch Harbeson
Arnell Creek Fairmount
Asketum Branch Trap Pond
Bacon Island Creek Rehoboth Beach
Baker Mill Branch Seaford East
Bald Cypress Branch Whaleyville
Bald Eagle Creek Rehoboth Beach
Batson Branch Selbyville
Bearhole Ditch Selbyville
Beaver Dam Branch Sharptown
Beaverdam Branch Mispillion River
Beaverdam Branch Rehoboth Beach
Beaverdam Branch Laurel
Beaverdam Creek Milton
Bee Branch Greenwood
Big Ditch Bethany Beach
Big Mill Branch Georgetown
Black Hog Gut Lewes
Black Savannah Ditch Harbeson
Blackwater Creek Frankford
Blackwater Creek Hebron
Bottom Hills Drain Bethany Beach
Bowman Branch Milford
Brasures Branch Assawoman Bay
Bridgeville Branch Seaford East
Brights Branch Seaford West
Brittingham Branch Milton
Broad Creek Sharptown
Broadkill River Lewes
Bucks Branch Seaford East
Bundicks Branch Fairmount
Buntings Branch Selbyville
Burton Prong Fairmount
Butler Mill Branch Sharptown
Canary Creek Lewes
Cart Branch Greenwood
Cedar Creek Mispillion River
Chapel Branch Sharptown
Chapel Branch Fairmount
Cherry Walk Creek Fairmount
Church Branch Ellendale
Clarksville Branch Frankford
Clear Brook Seaford East
Cod Creek Sharptown
Collins Creek Bethany Beach
Cool Branch Seaford East
Cooper Branch Laurel
Cow Bridge Branch Millsboro
Cowhouse Branch Millsboro
Crony Pond Branch Greenwood
Crooked Creek Lewes
Deep Branch Milford
Deep Branch Milton
Deep Branch Harbeson
Deep Creek Seaford East
Deep Hole Branch Frankford
Derrickson Ditch Bethany Beach
Dirickson Creek Assawoman Bay
Ditch Creek Lewes
Dorman Branch Fairmount
Doty Glade Lewes
Double Fork Branch Hickman
Drum Creek Assawoman Bay
Dukes and Jobs Ditch Laurel
Dukes Ditch Trap Pond
Dutton Ditch Harbeson
Ebenezer Branch Lewes
Eli Walls Ditch Harbeson
Elliott Pond Branch Laurel
Emily Gut Frankford
Fisher Creek Lewes
Fork Number One Pepper Creek Frankford
Freidel Prong Seaford West
Georgetown-Vaughn Ditch Georgetown
Gilbert Trivitts Ditch Seaford West
Gill Branch Laurel
Gills Branch Harbeson
Glade Branch Greenwood
Gordon Branch Laurel
Goslee Creek Fairmount
Graham Branch Seaford East
Gravelly Branch Seaford East
Gravelly Ditch Ellendale
Grays Branch Trap Pond
Grays Prong Whaleyville
Green Briar Branch Seaford West
Grubby Neck Branch Greenwood
Guinea Creek Fairmount
Gully Camp Ditch Seaford East
Gum Branch Sharptown
Gum Branch Seaford East
Gum Branch Whaleyville
Herring Branch Frankford
Herring Branch Milford
Herring Creek Fairmount
Herring Run Seaford East
Hetty Fisher Glade Fairmount
Hill Savannah Ditch Trap Pond
Hitch Pond Branch Laurel
Holland Glade Rehoboth Beach
Holly Branch Laurel
Hopkins Prong Fairmount
Horse Pen Branch Seaford West
Horse Pound Swamp Ditch Harbeson
Houston Branch Federalsburg
Houston-Thorogood Ditch Millsboro
Hurley Drain Seaford East
Indian River Frankford
Indian River Inlet Bethany Beach
Ingram Branch Milton
Ingram Branch Milton
Iron Branch Millsboro
Iron Mine Branch Hickman
Island Creek Frankford
James Branch Laurel
Jefferson Creek Bethany Beach
Jobs Ditch Trap Pond
Joes Gut Assawoman Bay
Johnson Branch Rehoboth Beach
Johnson Branch Milford
Jones Branch Hickman
Jones Mill Branch Hickman
Layton-Vaughn Ditch Georgetown
Lee Joseph Creek Rehoboth Beach
Lewes Creek Sharptown
Lewis Prong Whaleyville
Lingo Creek Frankford
Little Creek Laurel
Long Branch Greenwood
Long Drain Ditch Millsboro
Love Creek Fairmount
Maple Branch Ellendale
Maple Marsh and Beaver Dam Branch Ellendale
Martin Branch Fairmount
McColleys Branch Georgetown
McCrays Branch Frankford
McGee Ditch Harbeson
Meadow Branch Laurel
Mifflin Ditch Georgetown
Mill Branch Sharptown
Miller Creek Bethany Beach
Mirey Branch Millsboro
Mispillion River Mispillion River
Mockingbird Creek Hebron
Morgan Branch Seaford East
Morris Branch Delmar
Munchy Branch Rehoboth Beach
Narrow Drain Millsboro
New Ditch Georgetown
North Prong Milton
Old Forge Branch Laurel
Old Mill Creek Lewes
Old Slaughter Creek Milton
Owens Branch Sharptown
Owens Branch Greenwood
Parker and Sampson Ditch Hickman
Parker Branch Greenwood
Pemberton Branch Milton
Pepper Branch Trap Pond
Pepper Creek Frankford
Peterkins Branch Harbeson
Phillips Branch Fairmount
Phillips Ditch Millsboro
Piney Branch Milton
Polk Branch Greenwood
Polly Branch Selbyville
Pot Hook Creek Fairmount
Presbyterian Branch Milford
Primehook Creek Lewes
Prong Number One Ellendale
Raccoon Ditch Georgetown
Raccoon Prong Trap Pond
Rogers Branch Laurel
Roosevelt Inlet Lewes
Rossakatum Branch Laurel
Round Pole Branch Milton
Roy Creek Assawoman Bay
Rum Bridge Branch Georgetown
Sandy Branch Selbyville
Sarah Run Fairmount
Saunders Branch Trap Pond
Savannah Ditch Harbeson
Sheep Pen Ditch Millsboro
Shoals Branch Millsboro
Short and Hall Ditch Hickman
Shorts Ditch Seaford East
Simpler Branch Harbeson
Slaughter Creek Mispillion River
Sloughs Gut Bethany Beach
Smith-Short and Willin Ditch Seaford East
Sockorockets Ditch Harbeson
Sowbridge Branch Milton
Spring Gut Bethany Beach
Stallion Head Branch Greenwood
Stillman Glade Fairmount
Stockley Branch Harbeson
Stockley Creek Rehoboth Beach
Stockley Gut Bethany Beach
Stoney Branch Trap Pond
Stump Creek Frankford
Sunset Branch Millsboro
Swan Creek Millsboro
Tantrough Branch Milford
Tanyard Branch Federalsburg
Terrapin Pond Trap Pond
Thompson Branch Trap Pond
Toms Dam Branch Greenwood
Tubbs Branch Seaford East
Turkey Branch Sharptown
Turkey Branch Seaford East
Turtle Branch Sharptown
Tussocky Branch Sharptown
Tussocky Branch Seaford East
Twiford Meadow Ditch Federalsburg
Tyndall Branch Seaford East
Unity Branch Fairmount
Vena Gains Branch Delmar
Vines Creek Frankford
Wall Branch Fairmount
Wards Branch Laurel
Warwick Gut Frankford
Welsh Branch Harbeson
West Branch Gum Branch Greenwood
Whartons Branch Millsboro
Wheeling Branch Delmar
White Creek Bethany Beach
White Marsh Branch Greenwood
White Oak Creek Rehoboth Beach
White Oak Swamp Ditch Harbeson
Wiley Branch Ditch Millsboro
William H Newton Ditch Seaford East
Williams Creek Assawoman Bay
Wilson Creek Fairmount
Wolfe Glade Cape Henlopen
Wright Creek Sharptown

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sussex County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sussex County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.