Monroe County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Monroe County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Bay Joe Bay
Alligator Bay Alligator Bay
Alligator Cove Lostmans River Ranger Station
Barley Basin Upper Matecumbe Key
Barnes Sound Blackwater Sound
Big Lostmans Bay Big Lostmans Bay
Bird Key Bank Dry Tortugas
Bird Key Bight Lostmans River Ranger Station
Bird Key Harbor Dry Tortugas
Blackwater Sound Blackwater Sound
Boot Key Harbor Marathon
Broad River Bay Big Lostmans Bay
Buttonwood Sound Rock Harbor
Cannon Bay Alligator Bay
Card Sound Card Sound
Chevelier Bay Alligator Bay
Coalbin Rock Unknown
Conchie Basin Clive Key
Coot Bay Flamingo
Cotton Key Basin Plantation Key
Coupon Bight Big Pine Key
Crab Key Bight Pavilion Key
Crooked Creek Chokoloskee
Cudjoe Basin Sugarloaf Key
Cudjoe Bay Summerland Key
Dads Bay Alligator Bay
Davis Cove Joe Bay
Deer Island Creek Alligator Bay
Doctors Arm Big Pine Key
Duck Rock Cove Pavilion Key
First Bay Lostmans River Ranger Station
Florida Bay Buchanan Keys
Garden Cove Garden Cove
Garfield Bight West Lake
Garrison Bight Key West
Gopher Key Bay Alligator Bay
Gopher Key Creek Alligator Bay
Hells Bay Whitewater Bay East
House Hammock Bay Chokoloskee
Huston Bay Alligator Bay
Huston Cove Pavilion Key
Jewfish Basin Snipe Keys
Jewfish Hole Long Key
Key West Bight Key West
Lane Bay Whitewater Bay East
Largo Sound Blackwater Sound
Last Huston Bay Alligator Bay
Lignumvitae Basin Upper Matecumbe Key
Little Blackwater Sound Blackwater Sound
Little Buttonwood Sound Blackwater Sound
Little Card Sound Card Sound
Little Madeira Bay Madeira Bay
Long Key Bight Long Key
Long Sound Blackwater Sound
Lopez River Chokoloskee
Lostmans Five Big Boy Lake
Lostmans Five Bay Alligator Bay
Lower Sugarloaf Sound Sugarloaf Key
Madeira Bay Madeira Bay
Man of War Harbor Key West
Matecumbe Bight Lower Matecumbe Key
Matecumbe Harbor Lower Matecumbe Key
Mooney Harbor Marquesas Keys West
Mud Bay Whitewater Bay West
Mullet Bay Big Lostmans Bay
Newfound Harbor Summerland Key
Northkey Harbor Dry Tortugas
Northwater Gator Hook Swamp
Old Finds Bight Sugarloaf Key
Onion Key Bay Lostmans River Ranger Station
Oyster Bay Whitewater Bay West
Oyster Bay Chokoloskee
Pearl Basin Key West
Pelican Bay Alligator Bay
Pine Key Bight Big Pine Key
Plate Creek Bay Alligator Bay
Ponce de Leon Bay Shark River Island
Rabbit Key Basin Schooner Bank
Rankin Bight West Lake
Rock Harbor Rock Harbor
Rocky Creek Bay Big Lostmans Bay
Rodgers River Bay Big Lostmans Bay
Rookery Bay Alligator Bay
Saddlebunch Harbor Boca Chica Key
Sandy Key Basin Clive Key
Santini Bight West Lake
Second Bay Lostmans River Ranger Station
Sexton Cove Blackwater Sound
Similar Sound Boca Chica Key
Sister Creek Marathon
Snake Bight West Lake
Snake Creek Plantation Key
Spanish Harbor Big Pine Key
Storter Bay Pavilion Key
Sunday Bay Chokoloskee
Sunset Cove Rock Harbor
Sweetwater Alligator Bay
Tarpon Bay Alligator Bay
Tarpon Bay Tarpon Bay
Tavernier Harbor Tavernier
Terrapin Bay Madeira Bay
The Hok Upper Matecumbe Key
Third Bay Big Lostmans Bay
Thursday Cove Blackwater Sound
Toms Bight Lostmans River Ranger Station
Toms Harbor Grassy Key
Treasure Harbor Plantation Key
Trout Cove Joe Bay
Turkey Basin Sugarloaf Key
Two Island Bay Lostmans River Ranger Station
Upper Sugarloaf Sound Sugarloaf Key
Vaca Key Bight Marathon
Waltz Key Basin Snipe Keys
Whale Harbor Plantation Key
Whipray Basin Pelican Keys
Whitewater Bay Whitewater Bay East
Whitmore Bight Garden Cove
Windley Harbor Plantation Key
Wood Key Cove Lostmans River Ranger Station
Your Bay Big Lostmans Bay

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Monroe County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Monroe County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.