Orange County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Orange County

Place USGS Topo Map
Barton Lake Narcoossee NW
Bass Lake Orlando East
Bay Lake Orlando West
Bay Lake Windermere
Bay Lake Pine Castle
Bear Head Lake Pine Castle
Big Sand Lake Lake Jessamine
Black Lake Windermere
Black Lake Winter Garden
Blue Lake Forest City
Border Lake Forest City
Bosse Lake Forest City
Bream Lake Winter Garden
Buchan Pond Apopka
Buck Lake Narcoossee NW
Bull Slough Pine Castle
Carp Lake Apopka
Cawood Pond West Windermere
Cemetery Pond Sorrento
Clear Lake Orlando West
Clear Water Lake Apopka
Club Lake Apopka
Corner Lake Oviedo SW
Crooked Lake Orlando West
Crystal Lake Orlando East
Cypress Creek Windermere
Cypress Lake Windermere
Doe Lake Lake Louisa
Dream Lake Apopka
Druid Lake Orlando East
Dwarf Lake Orlando West
Fischer Lake Winter Garden
Fox Lake Apopka
Geyer Lake Orlando West
Grass Lake Lake Louisa SW
Harvest Lake Orlando West
Heiniger Lake Apopka
Holts Lake Apopka
Horseshoe Lake Orlando West
Hourglass Lake Orlando East
Huckleberry Lake Windermere
Hungerford Lake Orlando West
Johns Lake Clermont East
King Lake Apopka
Lake Adair Orlando West
Lake Addah Winter Garden
Lake Alden Apopka
Lake Alma Forest City
Lake Alpharetta Orlando West
Lake Anderson Pine Castle
Lake Anne Apopka
Lake Annie Apopka
Lake Apopka Clermont East
Lake Arlie Orlando West
Lake Arnold Orlando East
Lake Audie Apopka
Lake Austin Lake Louisa SW
Lake Avalon Clermont East
Lake Azalea Orlando East
Lake Baldwin Orlando East
Lake Barber Orlando East
Lake Barlow Orlando West
Lake Barton Orlando East
Lake Beauty Orlando West
Lake Beggs Orlando West
Lake Bell Orlando West
Lake Bennet Winter Garden
Lake Berge Oviedo SW
Lake Berry Orlando East
Lake Bessie Windermere
Lake Betty Forest City
Lake Beulah Winter Garden
Lake Bonnet Winter Garden
Lake Britt Intercession City
Lake Bryan Kissimmee
Lake Buchanan Lake Jessamine
Lake Burkett Orlando East
Lake Butler Windermere
Lake Buynak Winter Garden
Lake Cain Lake Jessamine
Lake Carlton Eustis
Lake Carter Apopka
Lake Catherine Orlando East
Lake Catherine Orlando West
Lake Cathy Orlando West
Lake Cawood Windermere
Lake Cay Dee Orlando East
Lake Chapin Lake Louisa SW
Lake Charity Forest City
Lake Chase Windermere
Lake Chelton Orlando East
Lake Cherokee Orlando East
Lake Claire Oviedo SW
Lake Claudette Orlando East
Lake Como Orlando East
Lake Concord Orlando West
Lake Cone Titusville SW
Lake Conway Pine Castle
Lake Copeland Orlando East
Lake Cora Apopka
Lake Cora Lee Apopka
Lake Coroni Forest City
Lake Corrine Orlando East
Lake Cortez Forest City
Lake Crescent Winter Garden
Lake Crowell Lake Jessamine
Lake Davis Orlando East
Lake Davis Orlando West
Lake Dot Orlando West
Lake Douglas Orlando East
Lake Down Winter Garden
Lake Downey Oviedo SW
Lake Drawdy Bithlo
Lake Ebby Oviedo SW
Lake Emerald Orlando East
Lake Eola Orlando East
Lake Estelle Orlando East
Lake Eva Apopka
Lake Eve Forest City
Lake Eve Lake Jessamine
Lake Fairview Orlando West
Lake Faith Casselberry
Lake Fanny Apopka
Lake Farrar Orlando East
Lake Florence Winter Garden
Lake Formosa Orlando East
Lake Francis Apopka
Lake Francis Orlando East
Lake Fredrica Orlando East
Lake Fuller Apopka
Lake Gandy Forest City
Lake Gatlin Pine Castle
Lake Gear Orlando East
Lake Gem Orlando East
Lake Gem Apopka
Lake Gem Mary Pine Castle
Lake Genie Orlando West
Lake Gentile Apopka
Lake Georgette Orlando East
Lake Georgia Oviedo SW
Lake Gifford Lake Louisa SW
Lake Giles Orlando East
Lake Grace Forest City
Lake Grassmere Apopka
Lake Greenwood Orlando East
Lake Haines Apopka
Lake Hall Orlando East
Lake Hart Narcoossee NW
Lake Hartley Windermere
Lake Heney Lake Louisa
Lake Herrick Orlando West
Lake Hiawasee Orlando West
Lake Hiawatha Apopka
Lake Highland Orlando East
Lake Hill Forest City
Lake Hope Casselberry
Lake Howard Orlando East
Lake Hugh Winter Garden
Lake Ingram Lake Louisa
Lake Inwood Pine Castle
Lake Irma Orlando East
Lake Ivanhoe Orlando West
Lake Jackson Forest City
Lake Jean Orlando East
Lake Jennie Jewel Pine Castle
Lake Jessamine Lake Jessamine
Lake Jewel Apopka
Lake Johio Winter Garden
Lake Julia Forest City
Lake Kehoe Oviedo SW
Lake Killarney Orlando East
Lake Knowles Orlando East
Lake Lancaster Orlando East
Lake Lawsona Orlando East
Lake Lee Oviedo SW
Lake Lenore Apopka
Lake Lerla Sorrento
Lake Lily Orlando East
Lake Lily Winter Garden
Lake Little Sawyer Windermere
Lake Lockhart Orlando West
Lake Lorna Doone Orlando West
Lake Lotta Winter Garden
Lake Louisa Lake Jessamine
Lake Louise Bithlo
Lake Louise Windermere
Lake Lovely Orlando West
Lake Lucerne Orlando West
Lake Lucie Sorrento
Lake Lucien Forest City
Lake Lucy Orlando West
Lake Luntz Winter Garden
Lake Lurna Orlando East
Lake Luzom Lake Louisa SW
Lake Mabel Windermere
Lake Mac Lake Louisa SW
Lake Maggiore Apopka
Lake Maitland Orlando East
Lake Mann Orlando West
Lake Marden Apopka
Lake Margaret Orlando East
Lake Marion Apopka
Lake Marlon Orlando East
Lake Martha Orlando East
Lake Mary Lake Jessamine
Lake Mary Jane Narcoossee
Lake Maynard Apopka
Lake McCoy Forest City
Lake McDade Forest City
Lake Meadow Winter Garden
Lake Mendsen Orlando East
Lake Merril Apopka
Lake Midget Orlando East
Lake Minnehaha Casselberry
Lake Minore Apopka
Lake Mira Orlando East
Lake Mitchell Apopka
Lake Mizell Orlando East
Lake Nally Winter Garden
Lake Nan Orlando East
Lake Nona Pine Castle
Lake of the Woods Orlando West
Lake Ola Eustis
Lake Olive Orlando East
Lake Olivia Winter Garden
Lake Olympia Winter Garden
Lake Opal Apopka
Lake Osceola Orlando East
Lake Overstreet Windermere
Lake Overstreet Orlando East
Lake Palmer Windermere
Lake Pamela Orlando West
Lake Paxton Oviedo SW
Lake Pearl Orlando East
Lake Pearl Apopka
Lake Pearl Winter Garden
Lake Phillips Oviedo SW
Lake Pickett Bithlo
Lake Pinelock Orlando East
Lake Pleasant Forest City
Lake Porter Orlando East
Lake Price Oviedo SW
Lake Reams Windermere
Lake Reams Windermere
Lake Reaves Winter Garden
Lake Rhea Winter Garden
Lake Roberts Winter Garden
Lake Roger Lake Jessamine
Lake Roper Orlando East
Lake Roper Winter Garden
Lake Rose Forest City
Lake Rose Winter Garden
Lake Rouse Oviedo SW
Lake Rowena Orlando East
Lake Ruby Lake Jessamine
Lake Ruth Oviedo SW
Lake Rutherford Apopka
Lake Sarah Orlando West
Lake Sawyer Windermere
Lake Semmes Apopka
Lake Sentinel Lake Louisa
Lake Serene Windermere
Lake Shadow Orlando West
Lake Shannon Orlando East
Lake Sharpe Windermere
Lake Sheen Windermere
Lake Sherwood Orlando West
Lake Silver Orlando West
Lake Sims Winter Garden
Lake Small Orlando West
Lake Sparling Orlando West
Lake Speer Windermere
Lake Spier Orlando East
Lake Standish Apopka
Lake Stanley Winter Garden
Lake Star Lake Louisa
Lake Steer Winter Garden
Lake Sue Orlando East
Lake Susannah Orlando East
Lake Sybelia Casselberry
Lake Sylvan Orlando East
Lake Tanner Oviedo SW
Lake Telfer Orlando East
Lake Tennessee Orlando East
Lake Theresa Orlando East
Lake Tibet Windermere
Lake Tilden Winter Garden
Lake Tiny Orlando West
Lake Tyler Lake Jessamine
Lake Underhill Orlando East
Lake Victor Apopka
Lake Virginia Orlando East
Lake Vivian Forest City
Lake Wade Orlando East
Lake Warren Pine Castle
Lake Waunatta Orlando East
Lake Wekiva Orlando West
Lake Weldona Orlando East
Lake Weston Orlando West
Lake Whitney Winter Garden
Lake Wilbar Orlando East
Lake Wilderness Orlando West
Lake Wilkins Apopka
Lake William Davis Windermere
Lake Willis Lake Jessamine
Lake Willisara Orlando East
Lake Winyah Orlando East
Lake Witherington Apopka
Lake Yarbo Winter Garden
Lake Yvonne Orlando East
Lawne Lake Orlando West
Little Bass Lake Orlando East
Little Fish Lake Windermere
Little Lake Barton Orlando East
Little Lake Bryan Lake Jessamine
Little Lake Fairview Orlando West
Little Osage Lake Lake Louisa SW
Little Sand Lake Lake Jessamine
Long Lake Orlando West
Lower Doe Lake Apopka
Mare Prairie Pine Castle
Marshall Lake Apopka
McKay Lake Apopka
Medicine Lake Apopka
Milly Lake Lake Jessamine
Mud Lake Apopka
Mud Lake Orlando East
Mud Lake Pine Castle
Mud Lake Apopka
Mudd Lake Lake Louisa SW
Osage Lake Lake Louisa SW
Page Lake Forest City
Park Lake Orlando East
Park Lake Orlando East
Peach Lake Winter Garden
Perch Lake Orlando East
Pike Lake Apopka
Pocket Lake Windermere
Prairie Lake Winter Garden
Prays Pond Sorrento
Prevatt Lake Forest City
Raccoon Lake Lake Louisa SW
Rattlesnake Lake Lake Jessamine
Red Lake Pine Castle
Reedy Lake Windermere
Rexford Lake Lake Louisa SW
Rock Lake Orlando West
Round Lake Sorrento
Sanchez Lake Orlando West
Sand Lake Forest City
Sandhill Crane Lake Narcoossee NE
Saw Grass Lake Windermere
Sawdust Lake Apopka
Sheppard Lake Apopka
Smith Lake Sorrento
South Lake Windermere
Spring Lake Orlando West
Spring Lake Lake Jessamine
Spring Lake Winter Garden
Starke Lake Winter Garden
Sunset Lake Orlando West
Swan Lake Apopka
Trout Lake Winter Garden
Tub Lake Windermere
Turkey Lake Orlando West
Upper Doe Lake Apopka
Walsh Pond Windermere
Wolf Lake Apopka

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Orange County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Orange County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.