Pasco County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Pasco County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Lake Odessa
Banjo Lake Lutz
Bay Lake Ehren
Bayou Lake San Antonio
Bee Tree Pond Fivay Junction
Belcher Hole Elfers
Bell Lake Lutz
Big Fish Lake Ehren
Big Lake Vienna Lutz
Bird Island Lakes San Antonio
Bird Lake Lutz
Bird Lake Dade City
Black Lake Odessa
Black Lake Lutz
Blanton Lake Lacoochee
Block Pond Lacoochee
Boiler Lake Dade City
Bonnet Lake Branchborough
Bonnet Lake Dade City
Bonnett Pond Lacoochee
Buddy Lake Dade City
Cabbage Slough Pond Fivay Junction
Camp Lake Lutz
Catfish Lake Lutz
Clear Lake Ehren
Clear Lake San Antonio
Como Lake Lutz
Crews Lake Port Richey NE
Croft Pond Lacoochee
Curve Lake Ehren
Dead Cypress Lake Port Richey
Dick Lake San Antonio
Dobes Hole Lacoochee
Dollar Pond Spring Lake
Dowling Lake Lacoochee
Duck Lake Dade City
Dupree Lake Lutz
East Lake Lutz
East Lake Ellis Lutz
Ferguson Lake Dade City
Frierson Lakes Port Richey
Garden Lake Port Richey
Goose Lake Ehren
Gooseneck Lake Lutz
Green Lake Fivay Junction
Halfway Pond Zephyrhills
Hamilton Lake Lacoochee
Hancock Lake Spring Lake
Harrison Lake Spring Lake
Hawk Lake Zephyrhills
Hester Lake Dade City
Hidden Lake Port Richey
Hidden Lake Dade City
Horseshoe Lake Lacoochee
Hudson Lake Port Richey
Hudson Lake San Antonio
Indian Lake Lacoochee
Ivy Stag Lake Lacoochee
Jessamine Lake Spring Lake
Jordan Lake Lacoochee
Karney Lake San Antonio
King Lake Lutz
King Lake San Antonio
Knee Deep Lake Dade City
Lake Ann Odessa
Lake Bernadette Zephyrhills
Lake Chasco Elfers
Lake Conley Tarpon Springs
Lake Geneva Odessa
Lake Gilbert Dade City
Lake Iola Spring Lake
Lake Jo Ann Lutz
Lake Joyce Lutz
Lake Linda Lutz
Lake Linda Dade City
Lake Madeline Lutz
Lake Minniola Odessa
Lake Nash Elfers
Lake Pasadena Dade City
Lake Patient Lutz
Lake Seminole Odessa
Lake Sharon Lutz
Lake Thomas Lutz
Lake Toni Lutz
Lake Worrell Port Richey
Lake Zephyr Zephyrhills
Larkin Camp Lake Dade City
Larkin Lake Dade City
Live Oak Pond Port Richey NE
Long Pond Port Richey NE
Long Pond Lacoochee
Long Sun Lake Lutz
Major Shear Pond Port Richey NE
Mann Pond Ehren
Mary Lou Lake Lutz
Middle Lake Spring Lake
Mirror Lake Lacoochee
Moody Lake Spring Lake
Moon Lake Fivay Junction
Moss Lake Lutz
Moss Lake Dade City
Mud Lake Branchborough
Mud Lake Spring Lake
Myrtle Lake Lutz
Needmore Pond Port Richey NE
O’Berry Lake Lacoochee
Oakes Pond Ehren
Orange Lake Port Richey
Orchid Lake Port Richey
Padgett Lake Lutz
Parker Lake Ehren
Pierce Lake Fivay Junction
Point Lake Dade City
Pretty Pond Dade City
Raft Lake Ehren
Ray Pond Dade City
Red Bug Lake Lutz
Red Bug Lake Ehren
Rock Lake Fivay Junction
Sanbar Lake Dade City
Sand Pond Dade City
Sandbar Lake Dade City
Sawgrass Lake Lacoochee
Saxon Lake Lutz
Scout Lake Port Richey
Seaboard Pond Lacoochee
Sixmile Pond Zephyrhills
Sixteen Section Pond Branchborough
Smokehouse Pond Port Richey
Spivey Lake Ehren
Sumner Lake Dade City
Suwannee Lake Dade City
Tampa Lake Lutz
Tobe Lake Dade City
Treasure Lake Lutz
Tucker Lake Dade City
Twin Lake Lutz
Vienna Lake Lutz
Way Pond Ehren
West Lake Ellis Lutz
West Moon Lake Fivay Junction
Wistaria Lake Ehren
Worley Lakes Port Richey
Wynn Lake Lacoochee
Yellow Lake Port Richey

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Pasco County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Pasco County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.