Santa Rosa County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Santa Rosa County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Spring Branch Harold
Alligator Bayou Pace
Alligator Creek Harold
Ates Creek Floridale
Bannahassee River Pace
Barnett Mill Creek Pace
Barney Creek Hurricane Lake
Basin Bayou Garcon Point
Bass Brinks Creek Allentown
Beale Creek Pace
Bear Branch Hurricane Lake
Bear Creek Harold SE
Bear Creek Munson
Beaver Creek Munson
Bell Creek McDavid
Big Branch Beaver Creek Munson
Big Coldwater Creek Harold
Big Juniper Creek Harold
Bishop Branch Fidelis
Black Branch Harold
Blackjack Creek Allentown
Blackwater River Milton South
Blue Creek Munson
Boggy Branch Ward Basin
Boiling Creek Ward Basin
Bray Mill Creek Jay
Broxson Branch Harold SE
Buck Creek McLellan
Bucket Branch Harold
Buffalo Mill Creek Molino
Burnt Grocery Creek Harold SE
Camp Branch Harold SE
Catfish Branch Ward Basin
Cedar Creek Hurricane Lake
Cherry Branch Ward Basin
Chicken Head Wallace
Clark Branch Spring Hill
Clear Branch Fidelis
Clear Creek Milton North
Cobb Branch Fidelis
Cobb Creek Fidelis
Conecuh River Jay
Coon Camp Branch Floridale
Crane Branch Harold SE
Crane Branch Hurricane Lake
Creighton Bayou Pace
Crooked Creek Molino
Danley Branch Hurricane Lake
Dead River Pace
Dead River Ward Basin
Dean Creek Holley
Delaney Creek McDavid
Delaney River Molino
Diamond Creek McDavid
Dixon Creek McLellan
Dogwood Branch Hurricane Lake
Double Head Branch Ward Basin
Dry Branch Wallace
Dry Branch Fidelis
Dunn Branch Spring Hill
Earnest Mill Creek Harold
East Bay River Holley
East Fork Big Coldwater Creek Allentown
East Fork Juniper Creek Fidelis
East River Pace
Ellis Creek Spring Hill
Fishtrap Branch Harold SE
Fitch Branch Ward Basin
Fundy Bayou Milton South
Garnier Creek Floridale
Goodson Creek McLellan
Green Branch Harold
Green Branch Spring Hill
Gum River Pace
Gunstock Branch Spring Hill
Hawkins Creek McLellan
Hicks Creek Ward Basin
Hog Pen Branch Spring Hill
Holly Creek Jay
Horns Creek Spring Hill
Hurricane Branch Wallace
Hynote Branch Floridale
Indian Bayou Milton South
Indigo Creek Harold SE
Jacobs Creek Pace
Jakes Bayou Milton South
Johnsontown Bayou Pace
Julian Mill Creek Floridale
Juniper Creek Allentown
Kelly Creek Allentown
Kelly Spring Branch Munson
Lewis Branch McLellan
Lighter Knot Creek Munson
Little Boiling Creek Harold SE
Little Simpson River Pace
Little White River Pace
Long Branch Harold SE
Long Branch Holley
Long Branch McLellan
Long Branch Hurricane Lake
Long Branch Creek Milton North
Loon Branch Harold SE
Malloy Branch Fidelis
Malone Hammock Branch Century
Manning Creek Allentown
Mare Branch Allentown
Maria Branch Spring Hill
Mash Branch Wallace
Mason Branch Spring Hill
McCostill Mill Creek Century
McDavid Creek McDavid
Medcalf Lake Molino
Middle Creek Munson
Mill Creek Harold
Miller Bayou Holley
Milligan Creek Pace
Milligan Creek Wallace
Mincy Branch Hurricane Lake
Moore Creek Ward Basin
Moore Creek McDavid
Ninemile Creek Harold
Palmer Slough Ward Basin
Panther Creek Navarre
Pelican Bayou Milton South
Pittman Creek Spring Hill
Pitts River Floridale
Pond Creek Milton South
Poplar Branch Harold SE
Poplar Creek Holley
Pringle Branch McLellan
Quinn Bayou Milton North
Rattlesnake Bayou Ward Basin
Rattlesnake Spring Branch Spring Hill
Reader Creek Wallace
Reedy Branch McLellan
Reedy Creek Hurricane Lake
Roaring Branch Harold SE
Rocky Creek Pace
Sandy Point Bayou Milton South
Saultsman Bayou Pace
Sevenmile Creek Molino
Shingle Branch Floridale
Short Creek McLellan
Simpson River Pace
Snowden Creek Harold
Spanish Mill Creek Cantonment
Sullivans Ditch Pace
Surveyors Creek Spring Hill
Sweetwater Creek Spring Hill
Tenmile Creek Wallace
Thomas Creek Molino
Thompson Spring Branch McLellan
Three Hollow Creek Wallace
Three Hollow Head Wallace
Tom King Bayou Holley
Trout Bayou Milton South
Turkey Creek Spring Hill
Wasteway Branch Harold
Weaver Creek Ward Basin
Weaver River Milton South
West Fork Big Coldwater Creek Allentown
West Fork Juniper Creek Fidelis
White River Pace
Whiteoak Bayou Milton South
Williams Creek Holley
Wilson Branch Jay
Wolf Creek Harold SE
Wolf Creek Allentown
Wolf Creek Hurricane Lake
Wolfe Creek Spring Hill
Wolftrap Branch Floridale
Woodbine Bayou Pace
Yellow River Ward Basin
Yellow Water Creek McLellan

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Santa Rosa County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Santa Rosa County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.