Seminole County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Seminole County

Place USGS Topo Map
Amory Lake Sanford
Banana Lake Sanford
Bath Lake Oviedo
Bear Gully Lake Orlando East
Bear Lake Forest City
Bel-Air Lake Sanford
Boat Lake Casselberry
Buck Lake Geneva
Clear Lake Casselberry
Cranes Roost Forest City
Crystal Bowl Casselberry
Crystal Lake Sanford
Crystal Lake Sanford
Cub Lake Forest City
Dawson Lake Sanford
Deep Lake Orlando East
DeForest Lake Sanford
Dewdrop Pool Casselberry
Duck Pond Casselberry
East Lake Casselberry
Fern Lake Casselberry
Forest Lake Forest City
Garden Lake Casselberry
Golden Lake Osteen
Grace Lake Casselberry
Grassy Lake Casselberry
Harts Lake Osceola
Hidden Lake Sanford
Horseshoe Lake Oviedo
Island Lake Sanford
Island Pond Oviedo
Lake Ada Sanford
Lake Adelaide Casselberry
Lake Alma Casselberry
Lake Ann Casselberry
Lake Annette Casselberry
Lake Bingham Casselberry
Lake Brantley Forest City
Lake Catherine Oviedo
Lake Cecile Casselberry
Lake Charm Oviedo
Lake Como Sanford
Lake Concord Casselberry
Lake Deeks Casselberry
Lake Destiny Forest City
Lake Don Sanford SW
Lake Ellen Casselberry
Lake Emily Casselberry
Lake Emma Sanford
Lake Eva Oviedo
Lake Evergreen Casselberry
Lake Fairy Casselberry
Lake Florence Casselberry
Lake Florida Casselberry
Lake Gary Sanford SW
Lake Gem Oviedo
Lake Geneva Geneva
Lake Geoffrey Casselberry
Lake Gore Geneva
Lake Griffin Casselberry
Lake Harriet Forest City
Lake Hayes Oviedo
Lake Hodge Casselberry
Lake Howard Sanford SW
Lake Howell Casselberry
Lake Irene Casselberry
Lake Irish Sanford SW
Lake Jane Casselberry
Lake Jennie Sanford
Lake Jesup Oviedo
Lake Kathryn Casselberry
Lake Lehman Sanford
Lake Lotus Forest City
Lake Lotus Forest City
Lake Lotus Casselberry
Lake Lucerne Casselberry
Lake Maltbie Casselberry
Lake Maria Casselberry
Lake Marie Casselberry
Lake Marietta Sanford SW
Lake Marion Casselberry
Lake Markham Sanford SW
Lake Mary Sanford
Lake Minnie Sanford
Lake Mobile Casselberry
Lake Myrtle Casselberry
Lake Nixon Oviedo
Lake of the Woods Casselberry
Lake Onora Osteen
Lake Orange Casselberry
Lake Orienta Forest City
Lake Prairie Casselberry
Lake Proctor Geneva
Lake Rogers Oviedo
Lake Ruth Casselberry
Lake Searcy Casselberry
Lake Seminary Casselberry
Lake Seminole Casselberry
Lake Sten Sanford
Lake Talmo Casselberry
Lake Tony Casselberry
Lake Wayman Casselberry
Lake Wildmere Casselberry
Lake Yvonne Casselberry
Linden Lake Sanford SW
Little Bear Lake Forest City
Little Lake Howell Casselberry
Loch Low Sanford
Long Lake Geneva
Long Lake Oviedo
Lost Lake Casselberry
Mill Lake Geneva
Miranda Lake Sanford SW
Mirror Lake Forest City
Moran Lake Geneva
Mullet Lake Osteen
Pearl Lake Sanford
Pearl Lake Forest City
Pearl Lake Casselberry
Pine Lake Sanford
Plaza Pool Casselberry
Puzzle Lake Geneva
Quail Pond Casselberry
Queens Mirror Casselberry
Red Bug Lake Casselberry
Reservoir Lake Sanford
Rice Lake Sanford SW
Rock Lake Casselberry
Ross Lake Sanford SW
Round Lake Oviedo
Sand Lake Forest City
Sawyer Lake Sanford
Secret Lake Casselberry
Silver Lake Sanford
Spring Lake Forest City
Still Lake Geneva
Sylvan Lake Sanford SW
Taylor Lake Geneva
Triplet Lake Casselberry
Trout Lake Forest City
Trout Lake Sanford
Trout Lake Casselberry
Trues Lake Sanford
Twin Lakes Oviedo
Twin Lakes Sanford
Twin Lakes Casselberry
West Lake Casselberry
Yankee Lake Sanford SW

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Seminole County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Seminole County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.