Volusia County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Volusia County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbott Lake Lake Helen
Acorn Fish Lake Osteen
Adams Lake Lake Woodruff
Angela Lake Lake Helen
Angeles Lake Orange City
Anne Marie Lake Lake Helen
Baker Pond Welaka SE
Banks Lake Daytona Beach NW
Bass Lake Orange City
Basswood Lake Orange City
Beany Pond Osteen
Big Lake Osteen
Big Whirl Sanford
Black Lake Osteen
Blue Lake DeLand
Blue Peter Lake Lake Woodruff
Bonita Lake Orange City
Bonnet Lake Osceola
Bonnet Lake Daytona Beach NW
Bonnet Lake Daytona Beach NW
Briarwood Lake Lake Helen
Broken Arrow Lake Osteen
Buzzards Roost Lake Lake Ashby
Cain Lake Pierson
Caraway Lake Lake Dias
Castle Lake Lake Helen
Clear Lake Lake Helen
Clearwater Lake Lake Helen
Coon Pond Daytona Beach NW
Cow Pond Seville
Cowarts Lake Seville
Cypress Lake DeLand
Dan George Lake Lake Dias
Danny Hole Daytona Beach NW
Davis Lake Welaka SE
Diana Lake Lake Helen
Dixon Lake Osteen
Drudy Lake Pierson
Dupont Lake Lake Helen
Echo Lake Lake Helen
Elizabeth Lake Lake Helen
Evans Lake Lake Helen
Felton Lake Lake Helen
Fieldstone Lake Lake Helen
Gator Lake Lake Woodruff
Gem Lake Orange City
Giddings Lake Lake Helen
Goose Lake Orange City
Haverhill Lake Lake Helen
Heley Lake Lake Helen
Hokey Lake Seville
Horseshoe Lake DeLand
Indian Lake Daytona Beach NW
Jacksons Bay Osteen
Jenkins Pond Osteen
Johnson Lake Lake Dias
King Pond Lake Helen
Konomac Lake Sanford
Lago Lindo Orange City
Lake Anna Marie Orange City
Lake Ashby Lake Ashby
Lake Beresford Orange City
Lake Bethel Osteen
Lake Butler Chain Osteen
Lake Byron DeLand
Lake Charles DeLand
Lake Clifton Lake Dias
Lake Clough Lake Helen
Lake Colby Lake Helen
Lake Crystal DeLand
Lake Daugharty De Land
Lake Daytona DeLand
Lake Dexter Lake Woodruff
Lake Diamond DeLand
Lake Dias Lake Dias
Lake Doyle Osteen
Lake Emerald Orange City
Lake Emporia Pierson
Lake Eulalia Osteen
Lake George Welaka SE
Lake Gertie DeLand
Lake Gleason Orange City
Lake Hammock DeLand
Lake Harlan Lake Helen
Lake Harney Osceola
Lake Helen Lake Helen
Lake Hires DeLand
Lake Hutchinson Osteen
Lake Juanita Seville
Lake Lapanocia Orange City
Lake Lindley DeLand
Lake Louise DeLand
Lake Mamie DeLand
Lake Marie Orange City
Lake Molly DeLand
Lake Monroe Sanford
Lake Moore DeLand
Lake Odom Lake Dias
Lake of the Woods Orange City
Lake Olivia Lake Helen
Lake Pierson Pierson
Lake Purdom Pierson
Lake Reeser DeLand
Lake Roberts Seville
Lake Ruby DeLand
Lake Skull Lake Dias
Lake Susan Orange City
Lake Winnemisett DeLand
Lake Winona Lake Dias
Lake Woodruff Lake Woodruff
Lehigh Lake Lake Helen
Little Lake Osteen
Little Lake X Maytown
Lorraine Lake Lake Helen
Louise Lake Lake Helen
Lower Lake Louise Welaka SE
McGarity Lake Lake Helen
Miller Lake DeLand
Mirror Lake Lake Dias
Muck Lake Lake Helen
Mud Lake Osteen
Mullet Lake Sanford
North Lake Talmadge DeLand
Norwood Lake Lake Helen
Outlook Lake Osteen
Painters Pond DeLand
Panama Lake Osteen
Park Lake DeLand
Pearl Lake Lake Helen
Pioneer Lake Lake Helen
Quincy Lake Lake Helen
Randolph Lake Lake Helen
Saint Johns Lake Osteen
Salerno Lake Lake Helen
Sand Lakes Lake Helen
Sand Pond Lake Helen
Scoggin Lake Lake Woodruff
Scoggin Lake Daytona Beach NW
Shaw Lake Pierson
Shelby Lake Lake Helen
Sidney Lake Lake Helen
South Lake Talmadge DeLand
Spring Garden Lake DeLand
Stone Pond Pierson
Tanner Lake Osteen
Tedder Lake Lake Dias
The Lagoon Orange City
The Savannah Osteen
Theresa Lake Lake Helen
Thompson Lake Osteen
Thormpson Pond Osteen
Thornhill Lake Osteen
Three Island Lakes Lake Helen
Tick Island Mud Lake Lake Woodruff
Tivoli Lake Lake Helen
Tropic Lagoon Orange City
Trout Lake Orange City
Twin Lakes Lake Woodruff
Twin Lakes DeLand
Twin Oak Lake Lake Helen
Tyler Lake Osteen
Upper Lake Louise Welaka SE
Vivian Lake Lake Helen
Wash Pond Lake Helen
Waterman Lakes Lake Helen

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Volusia County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Volusia County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.