Washington County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Washington County

Place USGS Topo Map
A Bar H Ranch Pond Caryville
Alligator Pond Bennett
Anderson Pond Millers Ferry
Bait Lake Vernon
Baptising Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Baptizing Pond Vernon
Bear Hammock Lakes Vernon
Becton Pond Poplar Head
Bee Coat Pond Bennett
Beetree Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Bells Mill Pond Wausau
Big Blue Lake Crystal Lake
Big Blue Lake Red Head
Big Brushy Lake Millers Ferry
Big Morrell Lake Bruce
Bird Lake Crystal Lake
Black Lake Millers Ferry
Black Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Black Pond Vernon
Black Pond Vernon
Blackhole Pond Vernon
Blackwater Slough Gap Lake
Blue Homestead Lake Gap Lake
Blue Lake Wausau
Boat Lake Gap Lake
Bob Russ Lakes Millers Ferry
Boggy Lake Gap Lake
Bonnet Lake Millers Ferry
Bonnet Pond Poplar Head
Bonnet Pond Vernon
Bonnet Pond Alford
Bowen Lake Vernon
Bradford Pond Wausau
Brock Lake Hinsons Crossroads
Brunner Pond Poplar Head
Brunson Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Bryant Pond Millers Ferry
Buck Bend Lake Vernon
Bull Hole Gap Lake
Burke Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Calf Lake Crystal Lake
Carl Pond Red Head
Chain Lake Vernon
Chub Pond Redbay
Cindy Hole Vernon
Clair Pond Vernon
Cobb Bay Pond Wausau
Compass Lake Crystal Lake
Corbin Pond Wausau
Corkwood Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Cox Pond Vernon
Cravy Lakes Millers Ferry
Crawford Lake Redbay
Crews Lake Bruce
Crooked Pond Vernon
Crystal Lake Crystal Lake
Cypress Pond Redbay
Cypress Pond Millers Ferry
Cypress Pond Vernon
Daddy Hole Gap Lake
Dallas Pond Gap Lake
Deep Edge Lake Millers Ferry
Deep Edge Pond Vernon
Ditch Pond Vernon
Ditch Pond Gap Lake
Dog Hole Gap Lake
Dog Lake Vernon
Double Branch Pond Vernon
Double Pond Gap Lake
Double Ponds Vernon
Dry Lake Vernon
Dry Pond Vernon
Duck Pond Wausau
Dunford Lake Vernon
Dykes Mill Pond Vernon
Earnest Owen Pond Wausau
Everett Camp Lake Gap Lake
Flat Ponds Gap Lake
Foll Lake Poplar Head
Ford Pond Bennett
Fortune Lake Millers Ferry
Fox Pond Bennett
Gannet Pond Redbay
Gap Lake Gap Lake
Gator Hole Vernon
Gator Pond Crystal Lake
Gin Lake Gap Lake
Golf Lake Gap Lake
Goose Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Grassy Lake Vernon
Grassy Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Graveyard Pond Vernon
Green Lake Vernon
Griffin Mill Pond Gap Lake
Grisset Pond Bennett
Gully Lake Bennett
Gum Pond Redbay
Hamlin Lake Bennett
Hamlin Pond Bennett
Hammock Lake Bennett
Hammond Lake Compass Lake
Henry Lee Pond Millers Ferry
Hicks Lake Vernon
Hogpen Pond Millers Ferry
Homestead Pond Vernon
Horselot Pond Vernon
Horseshoe Lake Redbay
Hudson Pond Vernon
Jim Pond Millers Ferry
Jock Pond Gap Lake
Joiner Lake Vernon
Kaiser Lake Alford
Kolmetz Pond Millers Ferry
Lake L Rancho Wausau
Lassiter Lake Redbay
Leavins Lake Hinsons Crossroads
Lighter Log Pond Gap Lake
Little Blue Pond Red Head
Little Brushy Pond Millers Ferry
Little Ditch Pond Gap Lake
Little Golf Pond Gap Lake
Little Grassy Pond Vernon
Little Morrell Lake Bruce
Little Porter Lake Bennett
Little River Lake Gap Lake
Little Spring Lake Vernon
Live Oak Pond Millers Ferry
Live Oak Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Log Cart Pond Crystal Lake
Log Creek Pond Millers Ferry
Long Lake Millers Ferry
Long Lake Crystal Lake
Long Lake Vernon
Lower Spring Ponds Crystal Lake
Lucas Lake Vernon
Mabel Porter Pond Bennett
Major Lake Crystal Lake
Martin Lake Vernon
Marvin Pond Gap Lake
McDaniel Lake Vernon
Menge Pond Redbay
Menge Pond Millers Ferry
Mercer Pond Wausau
Mill Lake Millers Ferry
Mill Pond Millers Ferry
Morrow Lake Bruce
Moss Pond Vernon
Mule Pond Vernon
North Bonnet Pond Vernon
North Spring Lake Crystal Lake
Open Lake Crystal Lake
Otter Pond Vernon
Owens Lake Wausau
Parish Pond Vernon
Pate Lake Poplar Head
Payne Lake Vernon
Payne Pond Bennett
Perch Lake Gap Lake
Pettis Pond Poplar Head
Pettis Pond Gap Lake
Pike Pond Alford
Pine Log Lake Vernon
Piney Lake Crystal Lake
Porter Lake Gap Lake
Potter Pond Vernon
R B Spires Pond Bruce
Reason Lakes Bruce
Reeves Pond Millers Ferry
Rice Machine Pond Gap Lake
Riley Pond Gap Lake
River Lake Crystal Lake
Roach Lake Vernon
Running Lake Millers Ferry
Russ Pond Vernon
Sand Lake Crystal Lake
Sand Mountain Pond Gap Lake
Sand Pond Gap Lake
Sand Pond Bennett
Sand Pond Alford
Sewell Lake Bennett
Sharpless Pond Gap Lake
Shaw Pond Bennett
Sheep Pen Pond Bennett
Shumold Lake Vernon
Silver Lake Gap Lake
Smooth Iron Pond Gap Lake
South Bonnet Pond Vernon
Sparkleberry Lake Bennett
Spring Pond Gap Lake
Stewart Lake Vernon
Still Pond Millers Ferry
Still Pond Millers Ferry
Still Pond Bennett
Sunk Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Surveyor Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Sweet Gum Landing Bennett
Sweetwater Lake Vernon
Swift Creek Swamp Bennett
Swindle Lake Gap Lake
Swindle Lake Gap Lake
Tanyard Pond Vernon
Tea Pond Vernon
The Black Holes Vernon
The Bob Russ Pond Millers Ferry
The Deadening Gap Lake
Thrasher Nest Pond Vernon
Tiller Mill Lake Red Head
Tiller Pond Vernon
Trout Pond Gap Lake
Turkey Pond Crystal Lake
Turnip Pond Compass Lake
Valley Long Pond Millers Ferry
Wages Pond Gap Lake
Warmouth Lake Millers Ferry
Wash Pond Gap Lake
Wash Pond Crystal Lake
Watering Lake Gap Lake
Watson Pond Redbay
Watts Pond Chipley
White Lake Gap Lake
Whitewater Lakes Bennett
Wickers Pond Hinsons Crossroads
Windsor Pond Vernon
Woody Pond Crystal Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Washington County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Washington County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.