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Fannin County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Fannin County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alec Branch Noontootla
Bailey Creek Noontootla
Barker Mill Creek Epworth
Bear Branch Hemp Top
Beck Branch Culberson
Beech Creek Hemp Top
Betty Creek Dyer Gap
Big Branch Blue Ridge
Big Creek Wilscot
Birch Creek Dyer Gap
Black Ankle Creek Noontootla
Board Branch Wilscot
Brawley Branch Wilscot
Brickyard Branch Wilscot
Brock Branch Wilscot
Brown Mill Creek Suches
Bryan Creek Culberson
Buck Creek Epworth
Buckeye Creek Wilscot
Buckeye Creek Noontootla
Callahan Branch Epworth
Camp Creek Nottely Dam
Chapel Branch Wilscot
Charlie Creek Blue Ridge
Chester Creek Noontootla
Chestnut Creek Dyer Gap
Conasauga Creek Hemp Top
Cook Creek Culberson
Cooper Creek Suches
Cowpen Creek Dyer Gap
Crawford Creek Wilscot
Creaseman Branch Mineral Bluff
Crenshaw Branch Dyer Gap
Crooked Branch Mineral Bluff
Cutcane Creek Mineral Bluff
Daley Creek Mineral Bluff
Davis Creek Noontootla
Devilsden Branch Cashes Valley
Dickey Mill Creek Mineral Bluff
Doff Branch Suches
Double Branch Wilscot
Dry Creek Mineral Bluff
Dunn Creek Epworth
Falling Down Branch Culberson
Farmer Branch Mineral Bluff
Fightingtown Creek Epworth
Five Mile Cove Branch Epworth
Flat Creek Blue Ridge
Foster Branch Hemp Top
Frick Creek Noontootla
Frozen Branch Noontootla
Galloway Branch Culberson
Grant G Branch Wilscot
Grassy Creek Epworth
Grusher Branch Epworth
Hemptown Creek Mineral Bluff
Higdon Creek Epworth
Horse Branch Hemp Top
Hothouse Creek Mineral Bluff
Hunter Branch Culberson
Hurricane Branch Hemp Top
Jackcove Branch Mineral Bluff
John Dick Branch Noontootla
Jones Branch Culberson
Jones Creek Mulky Gap
Kingtown Branch Epworth
Kirby Creek Noontootla
Knight Creek Mulky Gap
Laurel Creek Wilscot
Little Creek Blue Ridge
Little Fightingtown Creek Epworth
Little Rock Creek Noontootla
Little Skeenah Creek Wilscot
Little Sugar Creek Mineral Bluff
Long Branch Blue Ridge
Long Cove Creek Mulky Gap
Long Creek Mineral Bluff
Long Creek Noontootla
Lost Branch Hemp Top
Lost Cove Branch Hemp Top
Lovinggood Creek Noontootla
Madola Mill Creek Epworth
McClure Creek Epworth
Mill Branch Culberson
Mill Branch Hemp Top
Mill Creek Mineral Bluff
Mill Creek Noontootla
Mineral Springs Creek Blue Ridge
Mitchell Branch Culberson
Murray Creek Hemp Top
Noontootla Creek Wilscot
North Fork Thomas Creek Hemp Top
Oliver Branch Noontootla
Pack Creek Epworth
Panther Creek Hemp Top
Patterson Creek Epworth
Penitentiary Branch Hemp Top
Persimmon Creek Wilscot
Pigeon Creek Wilscot
Pleasant Hill Creek Mineral Bluff
Polecat Branch Cashes Valley
Poplar Camp Creek Hemp Top
Poplar Springs Branch Dyer Gap
Postelle Creek Cashes Valley
Potatopatch Creek Dyer Gap
Pounding Mill Branch Hemp Top
Pounding Mill Branch Culberson
Reservoir Branch Mineral Bluff
Rice Camp Branch Hemp Top
Rich Knob Branch Dyer Gap
Richards Branch Culberson
Ride-A-Horse Branch Suches
Ritchie Creek Epworth
Rock Creek Noontootla
Rockwall Branch Hemp Top
Rogers Branch Nottely Dam
Rough Creek Hemp Top
Sawmill Branch Wilscot
Sea Creek Mulky Gap
Seabolt Branch Wilscot
Seabolt Creek Wilscot
Silvermine Creek Epworth
Simmons Branch Hemp Top
Skeenah Creek Wilscot
South Fork Jacks River Hemp Top
South Fork Rapier Mill Creek Persimmon Creek
Stanley Creek Blue Ridge
Star Creek Wilscot
Stillhouse Creek Mineral Bluff
Stillhouse Creek Blue Ridge
Stover Creek Noontootla
Sugar Cove Branch Hemp Top
Sugar Creek Mineral Bluff
Synacia Creek Mineral Bluff
Tarpley Branch Culberson
Tearbritches Creek Hemp Top
Toccoa River Mineral Bluff
Trammel Branch Blue Ridge
Tumbling Creek Epworth
Underwood Creek Noontootla
Walnut Creek Hemp Top
Watkins Branch Noontootla
Watson Creek Epworth
Weaver Creek Mineral Bluff
Weece Mill Creek Mineral Bluff
Weeks Branch Wilscot
Weeks Creek Wilscot
West Fork Beech Creek Hemp Top
West Fork Jacks River Hemp Top
Wildcat Creek Wilscot
Williams Branch Culberson
Wilscot Creek Wilscot
Wilson Branch Hemp Top
Wilson Creek Noontootla
Wolf Branch Blue Ridge
Wolf Creek Mineral Bluff
Woody Branch Wilscot
Wright Mill Branch Culberson
Young Stone Creek Mineral Bluff

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Fannin County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Fannin County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.