Harris County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Harris County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Lake Cataula
Allens Lakes Cataula
Avery Lake Whitesville
Beal Juniors Lake Lanett South
Beal Lake Lanett South
Bickerstaff Lake Mulberry Grove
Bickerstaff Lake South Mulberry Grove
Bishop Lake Bartletts Ferry Dam
Bluebird Lake Pine Mountain
Bobolink Lake Pine Mountain
Braketts Lakes Cataula
Callaway Enterprises Lake Whitesville
Casselberry Lake Mulberry Grove
Concharty Lake Shiloh
Cunningham Lake Midland
Davis Lake Pine Mountain
Davis Pond Bartletts Ferry Dam
Day Lake Bartletts Ferry Dam
Deer Run Lake Midland
Delano Lake Dam Pine Mountain
East Braketts Lake Cataula
Falls Creek Lake Pine Mountain
Faulkner Lake Midland
Favors Lake Waverly Hall
Fieldcrest Lake Midland
Foundation Lake Pine Mountain SW
Gallops Lakes Pine Mountain
Ginns Lake Cataula
Ginns Old Lake Cataula
Glenn Lake Cataula
Horton Lake Pine Mountain
Hummingbird Lake Pine Mountain
Illges Pond Shiloh
James Lakes Mulberry Grove
Jordans Lakes Cataula
Lake Asa Mulberry Grove
Lake Cora Midland
Lake Delano Pine Mountain
Lake Florence Pine Mountain SW
Lake Florence Pine Mountain SW
Lake Franklin Pine Mountain
Lake Ida Pine Mountain SW
Lake Katchanapee Cataula
Lake Kick-Ann-Rick Cataula
Lake Kokoloe Fortson
Lake Kokoloe Fortson
Lake Lorraine Pine Mountain
Lake Lucy Cataula
Lake Manderly Smiths Station
Lake Marmosa Cataula
Lake Milt-Ann Shiloh
Lake Olive Cataula
Lake Rebel Bartletts Ferry Dam
Lake Walter Richards Bartletts Ferry Dam
Lake Williams Bartletts Ferry Dam
Long Lake Waverly Hall
Lower Casselberry Lake Mulberry Grove
Mahaffey Lake Midland
McGills Lake Cataula
Middle Huston Lake Bartletts Ferry Dam
Mirror Lake Fortson
Mobleys Lake Mulberry Grove
Mockingbrid Lake Pine Mountain
Mountain Creek Lake Pine Mountain
Nelson Lake Mulberry Grove
Palmetto Creek Structure Number 10 La Pine Mountain
Palmetto Creek Structure Number One Lak Pine Mountain
Palmetto Creek Structure Number Six Lak Pine Mountain
Parker Lake Pine Mountain
Peeds Lakes Waverly Hall
Peterson Lake Bartletts Ferry Dam
Phillips Lake Pine Mountain
Pine Lake Whitesville
Pine Mountain Chalet Lake Pine Mountain SW
Riley Lake Bartletts Ferry Dam
Robin Lake Pine Mountain
Ruckers Lake Cataula
Saunders Lake Cataula
Silver Lake Waverly Hall
Simpson Lake Fortson
Ski Lake Waverly Hall
South Huston Lake Bartletts Ferry Dam
Spring Head Lake Midland
Storey Lake Waverly Hall
Swifts Lake Fortson
Upper Falls Creek Lake Pine Mountain
Waller Lake Smiths Station
Weathers Lake Shiloh
West Braketts Lake Cataula
Whippoorwill Lake Pine Mountain
Whispering Pines Lake Waverly Hall
White Lake Pine Mountain
Willis Lake Midland
Woodruff Lake Midland
Wren Lake Pine Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Harris County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Harris County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.