Irwin County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Irwin County

Place USGS Topo Map
Big Bend Lake Irwinville
Big Mud Lake Waterloo
Bisbin Lake Waterloo
Bone Lake Irwinville
Bowen Lake Irwinville
Boykin Ponds Irwinville
Brown Lake Irwinville
Bryan Lakes Irwinville
Burnt Island Lake Irwinville
Bussell Pond Fitzgerald West
Cat Lake Waterloo
Cat Lake Waterloo
Chiles Lake Waterloo
Clements Lake Irwinville
Coleman Pond Irwinville
Cook Lake Ocilla East
Dark Lake Irwinville
Davis Lake Fitzgerald East
Deserter Lake Tifton East
Dominy Lake Enigma
Double Lake Waterloo
Duck Pond Irwinville
Duren Lake Ocilla West
E Paulk Lake Ocilla East
E Paulk Lake Ocilla West
Evans Lake Ambrose
Evans Lake North Ambrose
Ewing Lake Fitzgerald East
Faulkner Lake North Osierfield
Faulkner Lake South Osierfield
Flat Lake Waterloo
Flat Lake Irwinville
Fletcher Pond Waterloo
Fletchers Lake Waterloo
Ford Lake Waterloo
Freeman Lake Ocilla East
Fuller Lake Irwinville
Graveyard Lake Waterloo
Graveyard Lake Waterloo
Gray Lake Ocilla West
Gun Lake Waterloo
Hall Lake Waterloo
Hammock Lake Enigma
Harper Lake Ocilla East
Harper Lake Ocilla East
Hogan Lake Fitzgerald West
Hopkins Lake Fitzgerald East
Horse Ford Lake Waterloo
Jacobs Well Irwinville
Jowers Lake North Osierfield
Jowers Lake South Ambrose
Lake Bettie Ocilla West
Land Lake Irwinville
Lathon Lake Waterloo
Lathon Lake North Waterloo
Lige Lake Waterloo
Little Joe Lake Irwinville
Little Lake Ocilla West
Log Lake Irwinville
Log Pond Irwinville
Long Lake Irwinville
Lower Reedy Branch Lake Waterloo
McDaniel Lake Waterloo
McIntyre Lake Irwinville
Mcwhorter Lake Ambrose
Mudcat Lake Waterloo
Old Diz Mucke Pond Fitzgerald West
Paulk Lake North Ambrose
Paulk Lake South Ambrose
Pope Lake Ambrose
Redbug Lake Waterloo
Roberts Lake Waterloo
Roberts Lake Irwinville
Round Lake Irwinville
Sams Hole Irwinville
Sand Hill Lake Waterloo
Sand Hill Pond Irwinville
Shikel Lake Waterloo
Shiver Lake South Ocilla East
Shivers Lake North Fitzgerald East
Smith Lake Waterloo
Spurlock Lake Enigma
Steep Bank Lake Waterloo
Stewart Lake Fitzgerald West
Stripling Lake Irwinville
Sumner Lake Fitzgerald East
Taylor Lake Fitzgerald West
Tenmile Trail Lake Irwinville
Tifton Fishing Club Lake Waterloo
Turk Lake North Ocilla West
Turk Lake South Ocilla West
Turner Lake Irwinville
Upper Reedy Branch Lake Waterloo
Veal Lake Ocilla East
Walker Lake Irwinville
Walker Lake Fitzgerald West
Walters Lake Fitzgerald West
Weaver Pond Fitzgerald West

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Irwin County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Irwin County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.