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Towns County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Towns County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Mill Creek Macedonia
Bare Branch Hiawassee
Bearmeat Creek Macedonia
Beech Creek Hightower Bald
Beech Flats Branch Macedonia
Beegum Branch Tray Mountain
Bell Creek Hiawassee
Berry Branch Macedonia
Berry Branch Hiawassee
Big John Creek Hightower Bald
Big Net Branch Tray Mountain
Brier Creek Tray Mountain
Brown Branch Tray Mountain
Burch Branch Hiawassee
Burnt Cabin Branch Hightower Bald
Buzzard Branch Tray Mountain
Byers Creek Hiawassee
Carter Branch Hightower Bald
Cave Branch Macedonia
Charlies Creek Hightower Bald
Cherry Cove Branch Macedonia
Corbin Creek Tray Mountain
Corn Creek Hiawassee
Crane Creek Blairsville
Crocket Branch Jacks Gap
Crooked Creek Blairsville
Cynth Creek Macedonia
Davenport Branch Shooting Creek
Denton Creek Hightower Bald
Dick Branch Jacks Gap
Dills Branch Jacks Gap
Double Branch Tray Mountain
Emerson Branch Hiawassee
England Branch Tray Mountain
Fall Branch Macedonia
Fall Branch Macedonia
Fall Branch Hightower Bald
Fall Branch Macedonia
Fiat Branch Jacks Gap
Flat Branch Hightower Bald
Flat Branch Hightower Bald
Fodder Creek Macedonia
Garrett Branch Jacks Gap
Gizzard Branch Lake Burton
Gumlog Creek Blairsville
Gurley Branch Tray Mountain
Gurley Creek Jacks Gap
Hall Creek Macedonia
Henson Creek Jacks Gap
Henson Creek Jacks Gap
High Shoals Creek Tray Mountain
Hightower Creek Macedonia
Hog Creek Hiawassee
Hogpen Branch Tray Mountain
Hooper Branch Hiawassee
Jack Branch Hightower Bald
Jack Hooper Creek Macedonia
Jane Rabun Branch Macedonia
Joel Creek Jacks Gap
Johnson Branch Hiawassee
Jones Branch Hiawassee
Kendall Branch Tray Mountain
Keys Branch Hiawassee
Kirby Branch Hiawassee
Ledford Branch Macedonia
Lee Ledford Branch Macedonia
Little Hightower Creek Macedonia
Little Net Branch Tray Mountain
Long Bullet Branch Hiawassee
Long Bullet Creek Hiawassee
Lovell Branch Macedonia
Maney Branch Macedonia
Maney Branch Macedonia
Maple Spring Branch Tray Mountain
Mill Creek Tray Mountain
Mill Creek Hightower Bald
Miller Branch Tray Mountain
Mossy Cove Branch Tray Mountain
Naked Mountain Branch Jacks Gap
Norton Branch Hiawassee
Owl Creek Tray Mountain
Patton Branch Tray Mountain
Pheasant Branch Tray Mountain
Phillips Branch Macedonia
Polecat Branch Tray Mountain
Puncheon Camp Branch Hiawassee
Queen Branch Tray Mountain
Reed Branch Hiawassee
Right Fork Fodder Creek Hiawassee
Rocky Branch Hiawassee
Rocky Branch Macedonia
Rocky Branch Macedonia
Rogers Branch Tray Mountain
Sassafras Branch Tray Mountain
Scataway Creek Macedonia
Shake Rag Branch Macedonia
Shoal Branch Macedonia
Shoal Branch Hightower Bald
Shook Branch Macedonia
Shook Branch Hightower Bald
Silas Branch Tray Mountain
Sims Branch Macedonia
Sneaking Creek Hiawassee
Soapstone Creek Tray Mountain
Sorrels Branch Tray Mountain
South Fork Moccasin Creek Lake Burton
Spaniard Branch Tray Mountain
Sparks Branch Macedonia
Stable Branch Tray Mountain
Stillhouse Branch Tray Mountain
Stroud Creek Macedonia
Sutton Branch Hiawassee
Swallow Creek Macedonia
Tate Branch Hightower Bald
Taylor Branch Jacks Gap
Tripp Branch Tray Mountain
Upper Bell Creek Macedonia
Walls Creek Macedonia
Watkins Branch Jacks Gap
Wheeler Branch Tray Mountain
Wike Branch Tray Mountain
Will Creek Macedonia
Wilson Cove Creek Hiawassee
Wimpy Branch Tray Mountain
Winchester Creek Blairsville
Woodring Branch Hiawassee
Woods Branch Tray Mountain
Woods Creek Hiawassee
Yewell Branch Hiawassee

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Towns County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Towns County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.