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Union County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Union County

Place USGS Topo Map
Akins Creek Coosa Bald
Allison Branch Coosa Bald
Anderson Creek Coosa Bald
Arkaqua Creek Coosa Bald
Baker Branch Suches
Bald Creek Jacks Gap
Barnes Creek Nottely Dam
Betty Cove Branch Jacks Gap
Big Branch Coosa Bald
Big Creek Suches
Bitter Creek Hiawassee
Blackwell Creek Suches
Board Camp Creek Coosa Bald
Bob Branch Jacks Gap
Bony Branch Coosa Bald
Brackett Branch Mulky Gap
Brackett Creek Nottely Dam
Brookshire Branch Suches
Bryant Creek Mulky Gap
Buckhorn Branch Mulky Gap
Burnett Branch Coosa Bald
Burnett Creek Suches
Burnett Creek Mulky Gap
Burnett Creek Neels Gap
Butternut Creek Coosa Bald
Caldwell Branch Hiawassee
Calf Stump Branch Coosa Bald
Canada Creek Suches
Casteel Branch Nottely Dam
Charlie Brown Branch Nottely Dam
Chastain Branch Nottely Dam
Clements Branch Mulky Gap
Cochran Creek Suches
Collins Branch Nottely Dam
Conley Branch Nottely Dam
Conley Creek Nottely Dam
Cooks Cove Branch Coosa Bald
Cooper Branch Jacks Gap
Coosa Creek Coosa Bald
Cross Mountain Branch Jacks Gap
Cunningham Branch Nottely Dam
Davis Creek Suches
Deep Cove Branch Mulky Gap
Dixon Creek Mulky Gap
Dockery Branch Blairsville
Dooley Creek Nottely Dam
Duck Branch Jacks Gap
East Fork Coosa Creek Coosa Bald
East Gumlog Creek Blairsville
East Seabolt Creek Neels Gap
Edmondson Branch Noontootla
Fain Creek Jacks Gap
Fields Branch Coosa Bald
Flat Creek Mulky Gap
Flowers Cove Branch Suches
Fortenberry Creek Coosa Bald
Frady Branch Coosa Bald
Frank Creek Suches
Garrett Creek Coosa Bald
Gillam Branch Jacks Gap
Gillespie Branch Coosa Bald
Gilreath Creek Suches
Gooch Creek Suches
Grassy Gap Branch Suches
Green Branch Hiawassee
Grizzle Creek Suches
Hatchet Creek Coosa Bald
Headtown Creek Suches
Helton Creek Jacks Gap
Helton Creek Mulky Gap
Hicks Gap Branch Mulky Gap
Hitchcock Branch Nottely Dam
Hogpen Branch Coosa Bald
Indian Camp Creek Jacks Gap
Ivy Thicket Branch Jacks Gap
Ivylog Creek Nottely Dam
Jack Creek Nottely Dam
Jarrard Creek Neels Gap
Jones Branch Coosa Bald
Jones Creek Mulky Gap
Justus Creek Suches
Kelley Branch Nottely Dam
Kennedy Creek Suches
Kiutuestia Creek Mulky Gap
Knight Branch Suches
Lance Branch Nottely Dam
Lance Branch Coosa Bald
Lance Branch Neels Gap
Laughter Branch Jacks Gap
Lawrence Branch Coosa Bald
Ledford Branch Nottely Dam
Lee Branch Jacks Gap
Left Fork Nottely River Cowrock
Left Prong Brasstown Creek Hiawassee
Little Creek Blairsville
Little Youngcane Creek Mulky Gap
Logan Creek Coosa Bald
Long Branch Coosa Bald
Long Branch Mulky Gap
Low Creek Nottely Dam
Lower Youngcane Creek Mulky Gap
Mason Branch Mulky Gap
Mauldin Creek Suches
McClure Branch Nottely Dam
Miller Cove Branch Coosa Bald
Millshoal Creek Mulky Gap
Moccasin Creek Nottely Dam
Morgan Branch Coosa Bald
Mount Airy Creek Suches
Muddy Branch Suches
Mulky Creek Mulky Gap
Mulky Gap Branch Mulky Gap
Mull Creek Culberson
Noah Branch Jacks Gap
Noble Creek Jacks Gap
North Fork Kiutuestia Creek Mulky Gap
Odom Creek Nottely Dam
Otter Branch Jacks Gap
Payne Branch Mulky Gap
Payne Creek Mulky Gap
Pink Davis Creek Suches
Polly Branch Jacks Gap
Poteete Branch Nottely Dam
Powell Valley Creek Jacks Gap
Pretty Branch Mulky Gap
Rayburn Branch Mulky Gap
Reece Creek Nottely Dam
Reynolds Branch Mulky Gap
Rhodes Branch Nottely Dam
Richland Creek Neels Gap
Right Fork Arkaqua Creek Hiawassee
Right Fork Notely River Cowrock
Right Prong Butternut Creek Blairsville
Roaring Fork Coosa Bald
Rogers Branch Blairsville
Rough Branch Jacks Gap
Rough Creek Jacks Gap
Russell Branch Blairsville
Sally Spillers Branch Suches
Sawmill Branch Mulky Gap
Shanty Branch Neels Gap
Shoal Branch Jacks Gap
Shooting Tree Branch Jacks Gap
Slaughter Creek Neels Gap
Smell Creek Jacks Gap
Soapstone Branch Mulky Gap
South Fork Baker Branch Suches
South Fork Kiutuestia Creek Mulky Gap
Spiva Branch Coosa Bald
Spruce Pine Creek Jacks Gap
Stephens Branch Nottely Dam
Stephens Branch Hiawassee
Stewart Creek Coosa Bald
Stewart Spring Branch Cowrock
Stillhouse Branch Nottely Dam
Stillhouse Branch Mulky Gap
Stink Creek Coosa Bald
Suches Creek Suches
Thomas Branch Nottely Dam
Thomas Branch Nottely Dam
Tigue Branch Coosa Bald
Tom Branch Jacks Gap
Tom Jones Branch Mulky Gap
Totherow Branch Mulky Gap
Town Creek Coosa Bald
Townsend Branch Jacks Gap
Trackrock Branch Coosa Bald
Turkey Creek Suches
Walker Branch Mulky Gap
Wash Branch Nottely Dam
Watts Creek Mulky Gap
Wellborn Creek Blairsville
West Fork Coosa Creek Coosa Bald
West Fork Wolf Creek Coosa Bald
West Gumlog Creek Blairsville
West Seabolt Creek Neels Gap
White Oak Stamp Branch Cowrock
Wildcat Branch Coosa Bald
Wildhog Creek Suches
William Branch Mulky Gap
Williams Creek Suches
Wilson Branch Coosa Bald
Wimpy Branch Jacks Gap
Wolf Creek Coosa Bald
Wolfpen Branch Jacks Gap
Youngcane Creek Nottely Dam

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Union County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Union County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.