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Kauai County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Kauai County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aakukui Stream Hanapepe
Anahola Stream Anahola
Anini Stream Hanalei
Awaawapuhi Stream Makaha Point
Awini Stream Waimea Canyon
Elekeniiki Stream Haena
Elekeniui Stream Haena
Halaulani Stream Hanalei
Halehaha Stream Waimea Canyon
Halehaka Stream Lihue
Halekua Stream Waimea Canyon
Halemanu Stream Waimea Canyon
Halenanahu Stream Koloa
Halepaakai Stream Waimea Canyon
Halii Stream Waialeale
Hanakapiai Stream Haena
Hanakoa Stream Haena
Hanalei River Hanalei
Hanamaulu Stream Lihue
Hanapepe River Hanapepe
Hauhili Stream Waialeale
Hiaupe Stream Haena
Hiloa Stream Hanapepe
Hoinakaunalehua Stream Lihue
Homaikawaa Stream Anahola
Hoolulu Stream Haena
Huleia Stream Lihue
Iliiliula Stream Waialeale
Iole Stream Waialeale
Kaalula Stream Anahola
Kaapahu Stream Hanalei
Kaapoko Stream Waialeale
Kaehulua Stream Kapaa
Kahana Stream Waimea Canyon
Kahiliholo Stream Anahola
Kahoopulu Stream Anahola
Kaiwa Stream Hanalei
Kalai Stream Koloa
Kalalau Stream Haena
Kalama Stream Kapaa
Kalaoa Stream Honuaula Valley
Kalihi Wai River Hanalei
Kaluaa Stream Anahola
Kaluamakua Stream Anahola
Kamalomaloo Stream Anahola
Kamooloa Stream Koloa
Kapaa Stream Kapaa
Kapahi Stream Kapaa
Kapohakukilomanu Stream Waimea Canyon
Kauaikinana Stream Haena
Kaulu Stream Waialeale
Kaumoku Stream Hanalei
Kawaikoi Stream Haena
Kawaipuua Stream Waimea Canyon
Kawi Stream Kapaa
Keahua Stream Kapaa
Kealia Stream Kapaa
Keaoopu Stream Anahola
Kilauea Stream Anahola
Koaie Stream Waimea Canyon
Koholoina Stream Waimea Canyon
Kokee Stream Waimea Canyon
Konohiki Stream Kapaa
Koula River Hanapepe
Kuia Stream Koloa
Kulihaili Stream Anahola
Kumukumu Stream Kapaa
Lawai Stream Koloa
Limahuli Stream Haena
Loli River Waimea Canyon
Lumahai River Hanalei
Maiakii Stream Anahola
Makaleha Stream Kapaa
Makawea Stream Haena
Makaweli River Hanapepe
Maluapopoki Stream Haena
Manoa Stream Haena
Manuahi Stream Hanapepe
Maunahina Haena
Mimino Stream Kapaa
Moalepe Stream Kapaa
Mohihi Stream Waimea Canyon
Mokihana Stream Hanapepe
Mokuone Stream Waimea Canyon
Moloaa Stream Anahola
Nawaimaka Stream Waimea Canyon
Nawiliwili Stream Lihue
Noe Stream Haena
North Fork Wailua River Kapaa
Nualolo Stream Makaha Point
Olokele River Waimea Canyon
Omao Stream Koloa
Opaekaa Stream Kapaa
Palikea Stream Waialeale
Paohia Stream Koloa
Papaa Stream Anahola
Papakolea Stream Lihue
Papuaa Stream Koloa
Pekoa Stream Hanalei
Poeleele Stream Koloa
Pohakuhonu Stream Unknown
Poomau Stream Waimea Canyon
Pouli Stream Hanalei
Puakukui Stream Koloa
Puali Stream Lihue
Puhi Stream Lihue
Puu Ka Ele Stream Anahola
Puukumu Stream Hanalei
South Fork Wailua River Kapaa
Uhauiole Stream Kapaa
Wahiawa Stream Hanapepe
Waiahi Stream Waialeale
Waiahuakua Stream Haena
Waiahulu Stream Waimea Canyon
Waiaka Stream Waialeale
Waiakanaio Stream Niihau North
Waiakoali Stream Haena
Waialae Stream Waimea Canyon
Waianuenue Stream Waimea Canyon
Waiau Stream Waimea Canyon
Waieli Drain Kekaha
Waihohonu Stream Koloa
Waikoko Stream Waialeale
Waikomo Stream Koloa
Wailapa Stream Anahola
Wailua River Kapaa
Waimea River Hanapepe
Waineke Swamp Haena
Wainiha River Hanalei
Wainonoia Stream Hanapepe
Waioli Stream Hanalei
Waipa Stream Hanalei
Waipake Stream Anahola
Waipunaea Stream Waialeale
Weoweopilau Stream Koloa

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Kauai County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Kauai County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.