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Cassia County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Cassia County

Place USGS Topo Map
A H Creek Trapper Peak
Almo Creek Jim Sage Canyon
Amos Creek Connor Ridge
Aspen Creek Lyman Pass
Aspen Creek Cache Peak
Badger Creek Mahogany Butte
Barnes Creek Chokecherry Canyon
Bath Rock Creek Almo
Bear Flat Creek Trapper Peak
Beatty Creek Timber Butte
Beaverdam Creek Blue Hill
Big Rocky Creek Kenyon
Billys Hole Creek Severe Spring
Birch Creek Basin
Birch Creek Blue Hill
Birch Creek Strevell
Black Creek Cache Peak
Blacksmith Creek Connor Ridge
Blind Creek Pike Mountain
Blue Hill Creek Blue Hill
Buck Corral Creek Severe Spring
Buck Creek Timber Butte
Buckhorn Creek Buckhorn Canyon
Cabin Spring Creek Trapper Peak
Calder Creek North Chapin Mountain
Carlson Creek Ibex Peak
Cassia Creek Malta
Center Creek Elba
Center Creek Almo
Cherry Creek Mahogany Butte
Chokecherry Creek Elba
Circle Creek Jim Sage Canyon
Clear Creek Bridge
Clyde Creek Elba
Coal Banks Creek Blue Hill
Coal Pit Creek Rams Horn Ridge
Coe Creek Idahome
Cold Creek Blue Hill
Cold Spring Creek Murtaugh
Cold Spring Creek Mount Harrison
Connor Creek Connor Ridge
Cotton Creek Trapper Peak
Cottonwood Creek Bridge
Cottonwood Creek Connor Ridge
Cottonwood Creek Cotton Thomas Basin
Cow Creek Albion
Coyote Creek Blue Hill
Coyote Creek Rams Horn Ridge
Coyote Creek Trapper Peak
Cross Creek Elba
Dayley Creek View
Deer Creek Grand View Peak
Dry Creek Elba
Dry Fork Rams Horn Ridge
Dry Fork Severe Spring
Dry Fork Severe Spring
Dry Fork Buckhorn Canyon
Dry Fork Trapper Peak
Dry Fork Little Cottonwood Creek Severe Spring
Duck Creek Rupert
East Fork Dry Creek Rams Horn Ridge
East Fork Thoroughbred Creek Mahogany Butte
Ecklund Creek Trapper Peak
Edwards Creek Jim Sage Canyon
Elison Hole Creek Timber Butte
Elk Basin Creek Mahogany Butte
Emery Creek Blue Hill
F S Spring Creek Pike Mountain
First Fork Rock Creek Trapper Peak
Fish Creek Basin
Flat Canyon Creek Mount Harrison
Flatiron Creek Trapper Peak
Fourth Fork Rock Creek Rams Horn Ridge
George Creek Jim Sage Canyon
Goose Creek Burley
Graham Creek Almo
Granite Creek Cotton Thomas Basin
Grape Creek Jim Sage Canyon
Gray Creek Albion
Green Creek Elba
Green Pine Creek Mount Harrison
Harrington Fork Grand View Peak
Heath Creek Cache Peak
Holt Creek Naf
Howell Creek Albion
Humphrey Creek Mahogany Butte
Indian Camp Spring Creek Timber Butte
Indian Fork North Heglar Canyon
Jay Creek Nile Spring
Johnson Creek Jim Sage Canyon
Johnson Creek Cache Peak
Jones Creek Timber Butte
Lake Creek Basin
Lake Fork Sublett Reservoir
Land Creek Marion SE
Land Creek Albion
Left Hand Fork Beaverdam Creek Ibex Peak
Little Cottonwood Creek Marion
Little Cove Creek Jim Sage Canyon
Little Fork Third Fork Rock Creek Trapper Peak
Little Goose Creek Timber Butte
Little Piney Creek Timber Butte
Little Squaw Creek Severe Spring
Little Willow Creek Mahogany Butte
Lone Cedar Creek Oakley
Lone Rock Creek Almo
Lunch Creek View
Marsh Creek Rupert
Martindale Fork Trapper Peak
Meadow Creek Malta
Medley Creek Rams Horn Ridge
Middle Fork Dry Creek Rams Horn Ridge
Middle Fork Third Fork Rock Creek Pike Mountain
Mill Creek Marion SE
Mountain Meadow Creek Milner Butte
Mountain View Creek Pike Mountain
N E Creek Ibex Peak
Narrows Creek Pike Mountain
New Canyon Creek Mount Harrison
Nibbs Creek Nibbs Creek
North Carson Creek Basin
North Creek Almo
North Fork Narrows Creek Pike Mountain
Onemile Creek Chokecherry Canyon
Owens Corral Creek Blue Hill
Palmer Creek Timber Butte
Parks Creek Nibbs Creek
Pickett Spring Creek Trapper Peak
Pine Creek Connor Ridge
Pole Creek Pole Creek
Pole Creek Trapper Peak
Porter Creek Strevell
Quaking Asp Creek Connor Ridge
Raft River North Chapin Mountain
Rattlesnake Creek Timber Butte
Rice Creek Nibbs Creek
Rice Creek Strevell
Right Hand Fork Beaverdam Creek Ibex Peak
Robinson Creek Kenyon
Rodeo Creek Severe Spring
Rose Creek Connor Ridge
Round Mountain Creek Naf
Sawmill Creek Oakley
Sawmill Creek Trapper Peak
Second Fork Rock Creek Trapper Peak
Shirley Creek Malta NE
Sibley Creek Connor Ridge
Slide Creek Mount Harrison
Smith Creek View
South Cottonwood Creek Oakley
South Creek Elba
South Creek Almo
South Fork Little Piney Creek Timber Butte
South Fork Narrows Creek Pike Mountain
Spring Creek Rupert
Spring Creek Blue Hill
Spring Creek Basin
Squaw Creek Severe Spring
Stines Creek Almo
Stinson Creek Mount Harrison
Sublett Creek Sublett
Summit Creek Basin
Summit Creek Albion
Summit Creek Elba
Summit Station Creek Basin
Swanty Creek Mahogany Butte
Taters Creek Jim Sage Canyon
Terrells Corral Creek Severe Spring
Third Fork Rock Creek Rams Horn Ridge
Thoroughbred Creek Fivemile Gulch
Trail Creek Trapper Peak
Trail Creek Lyman Pass
Trapper Creek Oakley
Van Camp Creek Sublett Reservoir
Walters Creek Lyman Pass
Warm Creek Malta NE
Waterfall Creek Elba
West Fork Dry Creek Rams Horn Ridge
West Fork Thoroughbred Creek Mahogany Butte
White Creek View
White Stump Creek Trapper Peak
Wildcat Creek Buck Hollow
Willow Creek Kenyon
Willow Creek Mahogany Butte
Winecup Creek Timber Butte
Wooden Shoe Creek Grand View Peak

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Cassia County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Cassia County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.