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Clark County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Clark County

Place USGS Topo Map
Bear Pen Creek Paul Reservoir
Bear Trap Creek Winslow Creek
Berry Creek Monida
Big Spring Creek Tepee Draw
Blue Creek Lidy Hot Springs
Cabin Creek Indian Creek
Calf Creek Spencer North
Camp Creek Spencer North
Castle Creek Lookout Point
Chicken Creek Spencer North
Ching Creek Kilgore
Clay Creek Spencer North
Cobble Creek Spencer North
Cold Creek Fritz Peak
Coon Creek Winslow Creek
Corral Creek Gardner Lake
Corral Creek Indian Creek
Cottonwood Creek Cedar Butte
Cottonwood Creek Antelope Valley
Cow Creek Thunder Gulch
Crab Creek Idmon
Crooked Creek Shamrock Gulch
Crooked Creek Idmon
Dairy Creek Spencer North
Dead Horse Creek Indian Creek
Deep Creek Small
Disaster Creek Lookout Point
Ditch Creek Paul Reservoir
Divide Creek Fritz Peak
Dry Creek Spencer South
Dry Creek Kilgore
Dry Creek Edie Creek
East Camas Creek Idmon
East Dry Creek Spencer South
East Dry Creek Antelope Valley
East Fork Cottonwood Creek Thunder Gulch
East Fork Dry Creek Sheridan Reservoir
East Fork Indian Creek Indian Creek
East Fork Rattlesnake Creek Gardner Lake
East Fork Sheridan Creek Sheridan Reservoir
East Modoc Creek Paul Reservoir
East Steel Creek Lookout Point
East Threemile Creek Lookout Point
Edie Creek Rocky Creek
Flat Creek Spencer North
Frazier Creek Lookout Point
Fritz Creek Fritz Peak
Fryingpan Creek Kilgore
Grouse Creek Paul Reservoir
Headquarters Creek Paul Reservoir
Horse Creek Fritz Peak
Horse Creek Paul Reservoir
Howard Creek Sheridan Reservoir
Idaho Creek Spencer North
Indian Creek Indian Creek
Irving Creek Fritz Peak
Jug Creek Lookout Point
Kay Creek Kilgore
Keg Spring Creek Icehouse Creek
Kettle Creek Monida
Kick Creek Sheridan Reservoir
Lake Creek Winslow Creek
Lake Creek Tepee Draw
Larkspur Creek Kilgore
Lava Creek Thunder Gulch
Left Fork Creek Spencer North
Left Fork Middle Creek Tepee Draw
Little Ching Creek Kilgore
Little Creek Antelope Valley
Little Lake Creek Spencer North
Little Warm Creek Kilgore
Long Creek Monida
Lymans Creek Lookout Point
McNeary Creek Heart Mountain
Meadow Creek Spencer North
Medicine Lodge Creek Cedar Butte SW
Middle Creek Indian Creek
Middle Dry Creek Spencer South
Middle Fork Sheridan Creek Upper Red Rock Lake
Middle Modoc Creek Paul Reservoir
Middle Threemile Creek Lookout Point
Mill Creek Tepee Draw
Miners Creek Spencer North
Modoc Creek Corral Creek
Moose Creek Antelope Valley
Mud Creek Sheridan Reservoir
Mule Meadows Creek Winslow Creek
Myers Creek Heart Mountain
North Fork Fritz Creek Fritz Peak
Owens Creek Spencer North
Pass Creek Blue Dome
Pass Creek Lookout Point
Pasture Creek Kilgore
Patelzick Creek Thunder Gulch
Pete Creek Lookout Point
Pleasant Valley Creek Spencer North
Poison Creek Tepee Draw
Ramshorn Creek Paul Reservoir
Rattlesnake Creek Spencer South
Robbins Creek Spencer North
Rock Creek Thunder Gulch
Rocky Creek Indian Creek
Salamander Creek Winslow Creek
Salt Creek Thunder Gulch
Saw Creek Idmon
Scalp Creek Antelope Valley
Schneider Creek Icehouse Creek
School Section Creek Spencer North
Sheep Creek Spencer North
South Fork Deep Creek Rocky Creek
South Fork Fritz Creek Fritz Peak
South Fork Webber Creek Scott Peak
Spring Creek Gardner Lake
Spring Creek Idmon
Spruce Creek Kilgore
Steel Creek Lookout Point
Stoddard Creek Spencer North
Stump Creek Lookout Point
Taylor Creek Sheridan Reservoir
Telephone Creek Spencer North
The Bull Pen Edie Creek
Threemile Creek Spencer South
Trail Creek Winslow Creek
Twin Creek Upper Red Rock Lake
Warm Creek Kilgore
Warm Creek Fritz Peak
Warm Springs Creek Lidy Hot Springs SE
Webber Creek Rocky Creek
West Camas Creek Idmon
West Dry Creek Spencer South
West Dry Creek Antelope Valley
West Fork Cottonwood Creek Thunder Gulch
West Fork Indian Creek Indian Creek
West Fork Rattlesnake Creek Gardner Lake
West Fork Sheridan Creek Upper Red Rock Lake
West Modoc Creek Paul Reservoir
West Steel Creek Lookout Point
West Threemile Creek Spencer South
Willow Creek Icehouse Creek

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Clark County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Clark County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.