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Fremont County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Fremont County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arange Creek Island Park Dam
Bear Creek Warm River Butte
Beaver Creek Porcupine Lake
Blind Creek Island Park Dam
Blind Creek Icehouse Creek
Blue Creek Warm River
Blue Creek Blue Creek Reservoir
Blue Creek Island Park Dam
Blue Spring Creek Last Chance
Boone Creek Porcupine Lake
Bootjack Creek Big Springs
Buffalo River Island Park Dam
Bunkhouse Creek Icehouse Creek
Canyon Creek Big Springs
Cascade Creek Buffalo Lake
Chick Creek Island Park
Coffee Pot Creek Island Park Dam
Cold Spring Creek Blue Creek Reservoir
Conant Creek Ashton
Crooked Creek Big Springs
Crow Creek Island Park Dam
Dewitt Creek Blue Creek Reservoir
Dog Creek Sheep Falls
Dry Creek Lamont
Dry Creek Island Park Dam
Dry Creek Big Springs
Dry Creek Icehouse Creek
Dry Fork Blue Creek Reservoir
Dry Fork Targhee Pass
Dry Robinson Creek Warm River Butte
Duck Creek Targhee Peak
East Fork Hotel Creek Island Park Dam
East Fork Pine Creek Blue Creek Reservoir
East Fork Targhee Creek Targhee Pass
East Thurmon Creek Last Chance
Elk Creek Sheep Falls
Elk Creek Island Park
Elk Springs Creek Island Park Dam
Enget Creek Big Springs
Fish Creek Warm River
Gillan Creek Targhee Peak
Granite Creek Porcupine Lake
Henrys Lake Outlet Island Park
Hope Creek Sawtell Peak
Hotel Creek Island Park Dam
Howard Creek Big Springs
Icehouse Creek Icehouse Creek
Ingals Creek Sawtell Peak
Jerry Creek Icehouse Creek
Jesse Creek Big Springs
Jones Creek Big Springs
July Creek Blue Creek Reservoir
Kelly Creek Targhee Peak
Little Robinson Creek Bechler Falls
Lucky Dog Creek Island Park
Meadow Creek Big Springs
Middle Fork Split Creek Latham Spring
Middle Thurmon Creek Last Chance
Mill Creek Island Park Dam
Moose Creek Snake River Butte
Moose Creek Island Park
Myers Creek Icehouse Creek
North Fork Duck Creek Sawtell Peak
North Fork Fish Creek Fitsum Peak
North Fork Fish Creek Warm River Butte
North Fork Partridge Creek Big Grassy
North Fork Split Creek Latham Spring
North Fork Teton River Drummond
Partridge Creek Hatchery Butte
Pine Creek Blue Creek Reservoir
Pine Creek Big Springs
Porcupine Creek Porcupine Lake
Rattlesnake Creek Ashton
Reas Pass Creek Big Springs
Rising Creek Porcupine Lake
Robinson Creek Warm River
Rock Creek Warm River
Rock Creek Sawtell Peak
Sand Creek Lemon Lake
Sawmill Creek Porcupine Lake
Sawtell Creek Big Springs
Shaefer Creek Porcupine Lake
Sheep Creek Island Park Dam
Sheridan Creek Icehouse Creek
Snow Creek Lemon Lake
Snow Creek Warm River Butte
South Fork Duck Creek Sawtell Peak
South Fork Partridge Creek Big Grassy
South Fork Split Creek Latham Spring
Split Creek Island Park
Spring Creek Lemon Lake
Spring Creek Porcupine Lake
Squirrel Creek Warm River
Stephens Creek Big Springs
Strong Creek Ashton
Targhee Creek Targhee Peak
Thirsty Creek Island Park
Thurmon Creek Last Chance
Timber Creek Targhee Peak
Tin Cup Creek Mount Jefferson
Tom Creek Icehouse Creek
Toms Creek Island Park
Twin Creek Big Springs
Tygee Creek Big Springs
Tyler Creek Island Park Dam
Warm River Warm River
West Fork Hotel Creek Island Park Dam
West Targhee Creek Targhee Pass
West Thurmon Creek Last Chance
Willow Creek Ashton
Wyoming Creek Porcupine Lake
Yale Creek Island Park Dam

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Fremont County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Fremont County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.