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Idaho County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Idaho County

Place USGS Topo Map
American Hill Lake Elk City
Andys Lakes Coolwater Mountain
Appendix Lake He Devil
Bald Mountain Lake Holly Creek
Baldy Lake He Devil
Basin Lake He Devil
Basin Lake Cottonwood Butte
Battle Lake Saddle Mountain
Bear Lake Johnson Butte
Bear Lake Buffalo Hump
Bear Pete Lake Burgdorf
Beaver Lake Ranger Peak
Bell Lake El Capitan
Big Fog Lake Fenn Mountain
Big Hazard Lake Hazard Lake
Big Sand Lake Jeanette Mountain
Bigfoot Lake Hunter Peak
Bilk Lake Running Lake
Bills Lake Mount Paloma
Bitch Lake Moose Ridge
Black Lake Cottonwood Butte
Black Lake Hazard Lake
Bleak Creek Lake Spread Creek Point
Boston Mountain Lake Boston Mountain
Boyd Lake Jeanette Mountain
Brandon Lakes Buffalo Hump
Brown Lake Sheep Hill
Brushy Fork Lake Mount Paloma
Buck Lake Hazard Lake
Buck Lake Running Lake
Burnt Knob Lakes Sabe Mountain
California Lake Fish Lake
California Lake War Eagle Mountain
Canyon Lake Mount Jerusalem
Center Creek Lakes Sheep Hill
Center Lake Black Tip
Chimney Lake Chimney Peak
Coffee Cup Lake Hazard Lake
Colt Lake Grave Peak
Cooks Lake Warren
Coolwater Lake Coolwater Mountain
Coquina Lake El Capitan
Corky Lake Jeanette Mountain
Corral Lake Brundage Mountain
Cottonwood Lake Cottonwood Butte
Cove Lakes Fenn Mountain
Crater Lake Kessler Creek
Crescent Lake Buffalo Hump
Crystal Lake Fenn Mountain
Crystal Lake North Pole
Cub Lake El Capitan
Cutthroat Lake Sheepeater Mountain
Dan Lake White Sand Lake
Deer Lake Buffalo Hump
Dennis Lakes Dennis Mountain
Diamond Lake Hunter Peak
Disappointment Lake Hazard Lake
Dishpan Lake Fenn Mountain
Dodge Lake Hungry Rock
Dodge Lake White Sand Lake
Doe Lake Mink Peak
Dog Lake He Devil
Dry Lake Carey Dome
Duck Lake Jeanette Mountain
Duck Lake Brundage Mountain
Eagle Mountain Lake Fish Lake
East Gospel Lake Sawyer Ridge
East Peak Lake Fenn Mountain
Echo Lake He Devil
Eden Lake Hazard Lake
Elizabeth Lake Fenn Mountain
Elk Lake Green Mountain
Elk Lake Patrick Butte
Elk Track Lakes Magruder Mountain
Emerald Lake Mount Paloma
Emerald Lake Hanover Mountain
Fawn Lake Running Lake
Fawn Lake Buffalo Hump
Fire Lake Coolwater Mountain
Fish Lake Fish Lake
Fish Lake Silver Spur Ridge
Fish Lake Sheepeater Mountain
Flea Lake Chimney Peak
Florence Lake Fenn Mountain
Flossie Lake Sheepeater Mountain
French Creek Lakes Black Tip
Frog Lake Blodgett Mountain
Frog Lake Hazard Lake
Frog Lake Sheepeater Mountain
Frog Pond Sheepeater Mountain
Garnet Lake White Sand Lake
Gay Lake Patrick Butte
Gem Lake He Devil
Goat Lake Patrick Butte
Goat Lake Running Lake
Goat Lake Sheep Hill
Goat Lakes Jeanette Mountain
Gold Pan Lake Magruder Mountain
Gospel Lakes Sawyer Ridge
Granite Lake West Fork Butte
Granite Lake Saddle Mountain
Grass Mountain Lakes Hazard Lake
Greystone Lake Greystone Butte
Grimes Lake Saint Joseph Peak
Grouse Lake Grave Peak
Haas Lake He Devil
Half Acre Lake Buffalo Hump
Hamilton Lakes Stripe Mountain
Hanson Lakes He Devil
Hard Butte Lake Patrick Butte
Hard Creek Lake Hazard Lake
Hazard Lake Hazard Lake
He Devil Lake He Devil
Heslip Lake Fish Lake
Hidden Lake Jeanette Mountain
Hidden Lake Hazard Lake
Hidden Lake Marble Butte
Hidden Lake Square Top
Highline Lakes Fog Mountain
Hjort Lake Fenn Mountain
Hoodoo Lake Cedar Ridge
Horse Heaven Lake He Devil
Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake Buffalo Hump
Hump Lake Buffalo Hump
Hungry Lake Hungry Rock
Hurst Lake Buffalo Hump
Indian Lake Wahoo Peak
Indian Postoffice Lake Indian Postoffice
Indigo Lake Hanover Mountain
Isaac Lake Hungry Rock
Jeanette Lake Jeanette Mountain
John Lake Patrick Butte
Josephine Lake Victor Peak
Kelly Lake North Pole
Kenneth Lake Black Tip
Kettle Lake Fenn Mountain
Kidney Lake Cedar Ridge
Knob Lakes Sawyer Ridge
Lake Creek Lakes Sheep Hill
Lake Rock Lake Victor Peak
Lake Serene Hazard Lake
Lava Butte Lakes Hershey Point
Legend Lake Fenn Mountain
Lemhi Lake Sheepeater Mountain
Lily Lake West Fork Butte
Lily Pad Lake He Devil
Line Lake Blue Joint
Little Sheepeater Lake Fivemile Bar
Lizard Lakes Fenn Mountain
Lloyd Lake Fenn Mountain
Lloyds Lake Hazard Lake
Lone Lakes Fenn Mountain
Lonesome Lake Wylies Peak
Long Lake Greenside Butte
Lost Lake North Pole
Lottie Lake Huckleberry Butte
Louse Lake Chimney Peak
Lower Bear Lake El Capitan
Lower Cannon Lake He Devil
Lower Gospel Lake Sawyer Ridge
Lower Knob Lake Sawyer Ridge
Lower Trilby Lake Sabe Mountain
Lower Twin Lake Patrick Butte
Mac Han Lake Black Tip
Macarthur Lake Sabe Mountain
Maple Lake Hungry Rock
Marsh Lake Sabe Mountain
Marshall Lake Burgdorf
Mary Lake Patrick Butte
Maud Lake White Sand Lake
Maude Lake Huckleberry Butte
May Lake Hungry Rock
Middle Knob Lake Sawyer Ridge
Middle Trilby Lake Sabe Mountain
Mirror Lake Buffalo Hump
Mirror Lake He Devil
Moe Lake Hunter Peak
Moores Lake Hanover Mountain
Moose Lake Tenmile Lake
Moose Lake Saint Joseph Peak
Morgan Lake Hazard Lake
Mosquito Lake Mosquito Peak
Mud Lake Wylies Peak
Mud Lake Greenside Butte
Nethker Lake Victor Peak
North Lone Lake Fenn Mountain
North Three Links Lakes Fenn Mountain
Nut Basin Lake John Day Mountain
Old Man Lake Fenn Mountain
Oregon Butte Lake Buffalo Hump
Papoose Lake Freeman Peak
Papoose Lake Kessler Creek
Papoose Lake Papoose Peak
Parachute Lake White Sand Lake
Paradise Lake Patrick Butte
Park Lake Saddle Mountain
Parsons Lake Fenn Mountain
Partridge Creek Lake Patrick Butte
Piper Lake Patrick Butte
Pollywog Lake Fish Lake
Porphyry Lake Hungry Rock
Purgatory Lake He Devil
Quad Lake He Devil
Quartzite Lake Buffalo Hump
Rainbow Lake North Pole
Rainbow Lake Fenn Mountain
Rainbow Lake Patrick Butte
Ranger Lake Ranger Peak
Rattlesnake Lake Sheep Hill
Red Lake Running Lake
Rock Island Lake He Devil
Rock Lake Greenside Butte
Rocky Ridge Lake Weitas Butte
Round Lake Greenside Butte
Round Lake Buffalo Hump
Ruby Lake Buffalo Hump
Rudd-Moore Lakes Ranger Peak
Running Lake Running Lake
Saddle Lake Spread Creek Point
Scribner Lake Hershey Point
Seven Devils Lake He Devil
Seven Lakes Greenside Butte
Shasta Lake Greenside Butte
Sheep Lake He Devil
Sheep Spring Lake Sheep Hill
Sheepeater Lake Sheepeater Mountain
Shelf Lake He Devil
Shining Lake Buffalo Hump
Siah Lake Ranger Peak
Sid Lake Wahoo Peak
Skookum Lake Dick Creek
Slate Lake Hanover Mountain
Slate Lakes Hanover Mountain
Slide Rock Lake He Devil
South Lone Lake Fenn Mountain
South Three Links Lakes Fenn Mountain
Sponge Lake Fish Lake
Spread Point Lake Spread Creek Point
Spruce Creek Lakes Ranger Peak
Spruce Lake Hunter Peak
Square Lake Buffalo Hump
Square Mountain Lake Marble Butte
Square Rock Lake Running Lake
Stillman Lake Sabe Mountain
Stingray Lake Mount Paloma
Stoddard Lake Cottonwood Butte
Storm Lake Saint Joseph Peak
Swamp Angel Lake Cottonwood Butte
Swamp Lake Grave Peak
Swartz Pond White Bird
Swet Lake Stripe Mountain
Swet Lake Pond Stripe Mountain
Tadpole Lake Blodgett Mountain
Thirteen Lakes Stripe Mountain
Tolo Lake Grangeville West
Triangle Lake He Devil
Trilby Lakes Sabe Mountain
Triple Lakes Tin Cup Lake
Twentymile Lake North Pole
Twin Lakes Sourdough Peak
Twin Lakes Cottonwood Butte
Twin Lakes Marble Butte
Two Lakes Greenside Butte
Upper Bear Lake El Capitan
Upper Cannon Lake He Devil
Upper Gospel Lake Sawyer Ridge
Upper Hazard Lake Hazard Lake
Upper Knob Lake Hanover Mountain
Upper Slate Lake Hanover Mountain
Upper Trilby Lake Spread Creek Point
Upper Twin Lake Patrick Butte
Walton Lakes Grave Peak
White Cap Lakes Tin Cup Lake
White Sand Lake White Sand Lake
Whitehouse Pond Cayuse Junction
Wildhorse Lake North Pole
Wind Lakes Grave Peak
Wiseboy Lakes North Pole
Wood Lake Chimney Peak

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Idaho County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Idaho County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.