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Latah County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Latah County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arson Creek Princeton
Bedbug Creek Park
Bergs Creek Moscow Mountain
Big Bear Creek Juliaetta
Big Creek Harvard
Big Meadow Creek Troy
Big Sand Creek Sand Mountain
Blakes Fork West Dennis
Bluejacket Creek Sand Mountain
Bonami Creek Sand Mountain
Boulder Creek Texas Ridge
Boulder Creek Harvard
Brush Creek Deary
Camas Creek Princeton
Cedar Creek Texas Ridge
Chambers Creek Aldermand Ridge
Chelsey Creek Harvard
Corral Creek Bovill
Cougar Creek Abes Knob
Cow Creek Harvard
Crane Creek Princeton
Crumarine Creek Robinson Lake
Deep Creek Potlatch
Disalto Creek Sand Mountain
Dry Creek Little Bear Ridge
Dry Fork Harvard
Dual Creek Sand Mountain
Duffield Creek Palouse
East Fork Big Bear Creek Deary
East Fork Big Creek Harvard
East Fork Corral Creek Bovill
East Fork Deep Creek Mission Mountain
East Fork Flat Creek Harvard
East Fork Gold Creek Princeton
East Fork Little Hawk Creek Stanford
East Fork Meadow Creek Harvard
East Fork Potlatch River Bovill
East Fork Rock Creek Potlatch
Feather Creek Abes Knob
Felton Creek Moscow Mountain
Fern Creek Abes Knob
Flannigan Creek Potlatch
Flat Creek Harvard
Flat Creek Abes Knob
Fourmile Creek Viola
Fry Creek McGary Butte
Gnat Creek Potlatch
Gnat Creek Moscow East
Gold Creek Princeton
Graves Creek Sand Mountain
Grouse Creek Princeton
Hatter Creek Princeton
Head Creek Bechtel Butte
Headlong Creek Sand Mountain
Hidden Creek Bechtel Butte
Highline Creek Abes Knob
Hog Meadow Creek Bovill
Hope Creek Harvard
Hoteling Creek Princeton
Howard Creek Robinson Lake
Howell Creek Stanford
Hyaak Creek Harvard
Idlers Rest Creek Robinson Lake
Ipsoot Creek Sand Mountain
Jackson Creek McGary Butte
Jerome Creek Harvard
Johnson Creek Sand Mountain
Kauder Creek Park
Kiwa Creek Harvard
Klawa Creek Harvard
Laguna Creek Abes Knob
Lamb Creek Bechtel Butte
Last Chance Creek Harvard
Lemman Creek Princeton
Leopold Creek Park
Little Bear Creek Little Bear Ridge
Little Bear Creek Stanford
Little Boulder Creek Bovill
Little East Fork Emerald Creek Bechtel Butte
Little Hawk Creek Stanford
Little Sand Creek Harvard
Little Thorn Creek Uniontown
Long Creek Moscow Mountain
Lost Creek Harvard
Mannering Creek Harvard
Maple Creek Harvard
McGary Creek Aldermand Ridge
Meadow Creek Harvard
Middle Fork Big Bear Creek Deary
Middle Fork Deep Creek Mission Mountain
Middle Potlatch Creek Juliaetta
Missouri Flat Creek Viola
Mizpah Creek Abes Knob
Moose Creek Bovill
Morrisey Creek Princeton
Mount Deary Creek Deary
Nat Brown Creek Abes Knob
Nelson Creek Princeton
Nora Creek Little Bear Ridge
North Fork Palouse River Sand Mountain
North Fork Pine Creek Farmington
Olevan Creek Princeton
Papoose Creek Sanders
Pardus Creek Sand Mountain
Pasture Creek Bechtel Butte
Piah Creek West Dennis
Piccolo Creek Sand Mountain
Pig Creek Park
Pine Creek Texas Ridge
Pittwood Creek Abes Knob
Poorman Creek Sand Mountain
Porcupine Creek Abes Knob
Post Creek Abes Knob
Prospect Creek West Dennis
Pup Creek Harvard
Purdue Creek Abes Knob
Quartz Creek Harvard
Queener Creek Harvard
Randall Flat Creek Moscow Mountain
Reservoir Creek Princeton
Riswold Creek Aldermand Ridge
Rock Creek Texas Ridge
Rock Creek Potlatch
Round Meadow Creek Aldermand Ridge
Ruby Creek Harvard
Ruby Creek Bovill
Schwartz Creek Deary
Secunda Creek Sand Mountain
Sheep Creek Abes Knob
Slate Creek Sand Mountain
South Fork Pine Creek Farmington
Spring Valley Creek Little Bear Ridge
Stephens Creek Sand Mountain
Strychnine Creek Harvard
Swamp Creek Abes Knob
Sypah Creek Harvard
Talapus Creek Abes Knob
Thorn Creek Uniontown
Three Bear Creek Aldermand Ridge
Torpid Creek Sand Mountain
Triplet Creek Sand Mountain
Twin Creek Robinson Lake
Waterhole Creek Princeton
Wepah Creek West Dennis
West Fork Big Bear Creek Deary
West Fork Corral Creek Deary
West Fork Deep Creek Mission Mountain
West Fork Flannigan Creek Robinson Lake
West Fork Little Bear Creek Little Bear Ridge
West Fork Little Hawk Creek Stanford
West Fork Potlatch River Abes Knob
West Fork Rock Creek Potlatch
White Pine Creek West Dennis
Wolf Creek Abes Knob
Yakala Creek Sand Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Latah County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Latah County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.