Lincoln County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Lincoln County

Place USGS Topo Map
Antelope Reservoir Senter
Bacon Lake Wagon Butte
Bailing Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Banner Reservoir Owinza
Big Draw Reservoir Mammoth Cave
Bill Reservoir Owinza Butte
Blackbird Reservoir Laidlaw Lake
Border Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Bugler Reservoir Laidlaw Lake
Carlotta Reservoir Laidlaw Lake
Cliff Lake Wagon Butte
Corner Reservoir Dietrich Butte
Corral Reservoir Senter
Cottontail Lake Shale Butte
Cottonwood Reservoir Shoshone Ice Cave
Crater Lake Pagari
Crater Reservoir Dietrich Butte
Crater Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Cross Road Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Crossroad Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Crossroads Reservoir Star Lake
Cut Off Reservoir Wagon Butte
Daves Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Deadeye Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Deer Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Dry Gulch Reservoir Mammoth Cave
Dry Rock Lake Wagon Butte
Duck Lake Owinza Butte
East Monument Reservoir Owinza
Elden Reservoir Owinza Butte
Flat Top Reservoir Community Lake
Gooding Reservoir Thorn Creek SE
Green Spring Reservoir Mammoth Cave
Greybull Reservoir Mammoth Cave
Halfway Lake Halfway Lake
Hansen Lake Community Lake
Hillside Reservoir Mammoth Cave
Horseshoe Reservoir Star Lake
Hunt Waterhole Dietrich Butte
Iest Reservoir Kinzie Butte
Jack Reservoir Owinza Butte
Johnson Reservoir Tapper Lake
Jones Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Kimama Marsh Reservoir Community Lake
Kinzie Butte Reservoir Kinzie Butte
Lake Reservoir Mammoth Cave
Landmark Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Little Cottonwood Reservoir Kinzie Butte
Little Draw Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Mac Rae Lake Laidlaw Lake
Mallard Lake Owinza Butte
Martin Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Meadowlark Reservoir Owinza Butte
Montrose Reservoir Kimama Butte
Monument Reservoir Owinza
Mud Flat Lake Halfway Lake
Mule Shoe Lake Owinza Butte
Mustard Lake Shale Butte
Mustard Reservoir Kimama Butte
New Road Lake Shale Butte
New Years Lake Owinza Butte
Nipple Reservoir Mammoth Cave
Northwest Pasture Reservoir Shoshone Ice Cave
One Shot Lake Owinza Butte
Owinza Butte Lake Owinza Butte
Pintail Reservoir Star Lake
Portuguese Reservoir Thorn Creek Reservoir
Raft Reservoir Kinzie Butte
Rattler Reservoir Wagon Butte
Reed Lake Owinza Butte
Rock Lake Owinza
Rocks Reservoir Thorn Creek Reservoir
Ruiz Lake Dietrich Butte
Sand Lake Owinza Butte
Schrike Reservoir Kimama
Section Twenty-Eight Reservoir Community Lake
Seeding Reservoir Star Lake
Seep Reservoir Mammoth Cave
Seven Hundred Reservoir Mammoth Cave
Shale Butte Lake Shale Butte
Shoshone Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Sid Lake Number One Senter
Sid Lake Number Two Senter
Sid Reservoir Kimama Butte
Slick Reservoir Owinza Butte
South Wildhorse Lake Halfway Lake
Spray Reservoir Number Two Summit Reservoir
Star Lake Star Lake
Stewart Reservoir Owinza Butte
Teal Reservoir Star Lake
Texas Lake Owinza Butte
Three Point Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Thrush Reservoir Kimama Butte
Tom Gooding Lake Mammoth Cave
Trinity Lake Owinza Butte
Tumbleweed Reservoir Owinza Butte
Twin Oaks Reservoir Thorn Creek Reservoir
Unique Reservoir Tapper Lake
Upper Seven-Hundred Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Wally Reservoir Laidlaw Lake
Water Reservoir Summit Reservoir
West Monument Reservoir Dietrich Butte
West Wildhorse Lake Halfway Lake
Wildcat Reservoir Summit Reservoir
Zero Lake Star Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lincoln County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Lincoln County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.