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Valley County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Valley County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Lake Fitsum Summit
Anns Lake Victor Peak
Artillery Lake Artillery Dome
Bear Creek Lake Tyndall Meadows
Bear Lake Pony Meadows
Bear Lake Edwardsburg
Bernard Lake Bernard Mountain
Bills Lake Blackmare
Black Lake McCall
Black Lake Chilcoot Peak
Blackmare Lake Blackmare
Blackwell Lake McCall
Blue Lake Tripod Peak
Blue Lake Pony Meadows
Boulder Lake Paddy Flat
Boulder Meadows Reservoir Paddy Flat
Box Lake Box Lake
Browns Pond Fitsum Summit
Brush Lake Box Lake
Buck Lake Big Chief Creek
Buck Lakes Big Chief Creek
Buckhorn Lake Fitsum Peak
Buckhorn Mountain Lake Fitsum Summit
Burnside Lake Box Lake
Calendar Reservoir Eagle Nest
Catherine Lake Edwardsburg
Caton Lake Caton Lake
Chilcoot Lake Chilcoot Peak
Cly Lakes Box Lake
Corral Creek Reservoir Skunk Creek Summit
Cougar Lakes Blackmare
Cow Lake Enos Lake
Crater Lake Profile Gap
Cruickshank Reservoir McCall
Cruzen Pond Lake Fork
Crystal Lake Fitsum Summit
Curtis Lake Oro Mountain
Davis Reservoir Eagle Nest
Deadwood Reservoir Deadwood Reservoir
Deep Lake Victor Peak
Dismal Lake Blackmare
Duck Lake Box Lake
East Lake Box Lake
East Mountain Reservoir Skunk Creek Summit
Ellis Lake Black Tip
Enos Lake Enos Lake
Fish Lake Profile Gap
Fogg Lake Paddy Flat
Frog Lake Victor Peak
Golden Lake Fitsum Summit
Granite Lake Granite Lake
Hait Reservoir No Business Mountain
Heart Lake Box Lake
Herrick Reservoir Sixmile Point
Hidden Lake Alpha
Hidden Lake High Valley
Honeymoon Lake Honeymoon Lake
Horsethief Reservoir Eagle Nest
Horton Lake Black Tip
Hum Lake Box Lake
Idler Lakes Fitsum Summit
Jemima K Reservoir Cascade
Jungle Lake Enos Lake
Kennally Lakes Paddy Flat
Knox Lake Landmark
Koskella Reservoir Donnelly
Lake Cascade Cascade
Lick Lake Edwardsburg
Little Payette Lake McCall
Little Summit Lake Victor Peak
Logan Lake Edwardsburg
Long Lake Wild Buck Peak
Long Lake Box Lake
Loon Lake Loon Lake
Lost Lake Cache Creek
Lost Lake Alpha
Lost Lakes Cache Creek
Louie Lake Paddy Flat
Lower Jug Creek Reservoir Lake Fork
Maki Lake Fitsum Summit
Malony Lake Paddy Flat
Marge Lake Box Lake
Marion Lake Caton Lake
Meadow Creek Lake Big Chief Creek
Melton Reservoir Lake Fork
Middle Fork Lake Fitsum Summit
Middle Lake Profile Gap
Milk Lake Monument
Molony Lake Fitsum Summit
Morehead Lake Big Soldier Mountain
Mud Lake Pistol Lake
North Lake Victor Peak
Norton Lake Shellrock Peak
Papoose Lakes Big Chief Creek
Payette Lake McCall
Payette Lake Meadows
Pearl Lake Box Lake
Petes Lake Blackmare
Pistol Lake Pistol Lake
Poison Lake Lone Tree
Pot Lake Box Lake
Potters Pond Tripod Peak
Profile Lake Profile Gap
Raft Lake Alpha
Rainbow Lake Log Mountain
Rainbow Lakes Fitsum Peak
Rapid Lake Paddy Flat
Rice Lake Rice Peak
Riordan Lake Chilcoot Peak
Roaring Lakes Warm Lake
Rock Lake Parks Peak
Rock Lake Cold Spring Ridge
Rock Lake Parks Peak
Roosevelt Lake Rainbow Peak
Shaw Twin Lakes Fitsum Summit
Shaw Twin Lakes Upper Fitsum Summit
Sheepherder Lake Bernard Mountain
Shell Rock Lake Log Mountain
Shirts Lake Tripod Peak
Sisters Lakes Box Lake
Skein Lake Alpha
Smalley Reservoir Cascade
Snowslide Lake Fitsum Summit
South Lake Box Lake
Square Top Lake Blackmare
Squaw Lake McCall
Steamboat Lake Pony Meadows
Storm Peak Lake Victor Peak
Stump Lake Blackmare
Summit Lake Box Lake
Summit Lake Landmark
Summit Lake Paddy Flat
Summit Lake Victor Peak
Teardrop Lake Box Lake
Thirtythree Lake Box Lake
Tom J Reservoir Cascade
Trail Lake Victor Peak
Tripod Reservoir Smiths Ferry
Tule Lake Warm Lake
Twentymile Lakes Box Lake
Upper Jug Creek Reservoir Lake Fork
Upper Payette Lake Black Tip
Vics Lake Paddy Flat
Victor Lake Victor Peak
Warm Lake Warm Lake
Warner Pond Skunk Creek Summit
Willow Creek Reservoir Alpha

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Valley County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Valley County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.