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Henry County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Henry County

Place USGS Topo Map
Applebutter Creek Lewisville
Aqua Run New Castle East
Baker Branch New Castle West
Bat Run New Castle East
Batson Drain New Castle East
Battle Brook New Castle East
Bell Creek Muncie West
Bell Run Hagerstown
Bench Run Knightstown
Bethel Brook Sulphur Springs
Bone Run New Castle West
Boulder Run New Castle East
Brave Run Mount Pleasant
Brown Run New Castle East
Brown Run Mount Pleasant
Buck Creek Gilman
Buck Creek Knightstown
Cadiz Run New Castle West
Candy Brook Middletown
Castle Run New Castle West
Cemetery Run Mount Pleasant
Central Creek Knightstown
Chief Run Mount Pleasant
Clear Spring New Castle West
Colony Creek New Castle East
Coo Run New Castle East
Corn Run Shirley
Dark Run New Castle West
Deer Creek Middletown
Down Run New Castle West
Dry Fork New Castle West
Duck Creek Dunreith
Egg Run New Castle West
Elliott Cemetery Run New Castle West
Elliott Run New Castle West
Fair Brook Middletown
Feather Fork New Castle West
Gander Run New Castle West
Glen Run Knightstown
Glue Run Cambridge City
Goose Run New Castle West
Goslin Creek New Castle West
Grain Creek Shirley
Grant Run Knightstown
Gravel Run New Castle East
Green Run New Castle East
Grove Run New Castle West
Harvey Run Mount Pleasant
Hatch Brook New Castle West
Hendricks Brook Shirley
Hillcrest Brook New Castle East
Hillside Brook Sulphur Springs
Honey Creek Middletown
Jakes Branch New Castle West
Knox Run Knightstown
Lake Branch Sulphur Springs
Lavender Run New Castle East
Lick Branch New Castle East
Little Blue River New Castle East
Little Buck Creek Mount Pleasant
Little Stoney Creek Modoc
Mechanicsburg Drain Middletown
Memorial Creek New Castle West
Middletown Drain Middletown
Million Brook Knightstown
Millville Drain New Castle East
Mont Branch Shirley
Moon Brook Mount Pleasant
Moonshine Run New Castle East
Mound Run New Castle West
Mount Lawn Brook New Castle West
Mount Run Sulphur Springs
Mud Creek Middletown
Mud Run New Castle East
Number Four Arm Hagerstown
Number One Arm New Castle East
Number Two Arm New Castle East
Oats Run Shirley
Owner Run Shirley
Painter Run Middletown
Pebble Run New Castle East
Penns Run New Castle East
Perry Brook Knightstown
Pink Creek New Castle West
Port Run Sulphur Springs
Quack Run New Castle West
Quaker Run New Castle West
Quill Run New Castle West
Red Brook Mount Pleasant
Red Run New Castle East
Ring Run Knightstown
Road Run Middletown
Roy Run Cambridge City
Saint Creek New Castle West
Saint Johns Drain New Castle West
Shallow Run Middletown
Sharp Run Sulphur Springs
Sky Run New Castle West
Slo Run New Castle East
Small Branch Sulphur Springs
Spring Run Sulphur Springs
Stone Branch Mount Pleasant
Stone Branch New Castle East
Sugar Creek Middletown
Sugar Drain New Castle West
Ten Creek Dunreith
Web Run New Castle West
West Leg Westwood Run New Castle West
Westwood Run New Castle West
Wilbur Wright Creek Hagerstown
Williams Creek Sulphur Springs
Wind Run Hagerstown
Wood Brook New Castle West
Yellow Run New Castle East
York Run New Castle West

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Henry County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Henry County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.